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Reid Weingarten: Cronyism, Abortion and Unsolved Murders Come Into Play in Haslam Issues. Did Congresswoman Diane Black WANT NISSAN Out of Her District? Pinnicle Financial Partners is Connected to Haslam Fraud- Can Someone Investigate? I Was Told the Bond Issues Will Be the Smoking Gun.

"To discredit me as a whistleblower people connected to NISSAN & the Haslam family said I was gay, I was a bimbo, I was crazy, I was greedy, I was a 'femi-nazi' .... OMG!!! I've been called so many things... NOW I'm known as a former member of the IC community. NOW I'm known as the whistleblower that 'had the courage' to NOT flee the country & Haslam Elite the tide is changing and I hope to catch the wave that leads me OUT OF THIS MESS...  I want to feel safe again"  Sharyn Bovat

"...Nashville will build a spur to the plant. And Rutherford County, where Smyrna is, will sell at least $450 million in low-interest industrial bonds that Nissan will pay back over a period of years...."  1981 New York Times article

"NISSAN now has 3.95 BILLION in Rutherford County IDB debt.  They have only made "1" payment since 1982  and basically just 'rolled over' the credit cards..."  Sharyn Bovat

Sharyn Bovat told that the Haslam issue is linked to the NISSAN bond issue and EVERYONE knows that Jimmy Haslam used Bonds to get the cash for the Cleveland Browns.....

Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary: The Haslam ...

Lots of "iffy" things happen in Rutherford County. That is where Congresswoman Diane Black is from: Recently NISSAN was "shifted" out of her district & into that of Scott Desjarlais- I learned that was done "on purpose"....   
Mr. Desjarlais is the congressman who some say is hypocritical on the abortion issue.  

Abortion is an issue i too have dealt with.  I had to have an abortion because of the Cold War and my mom told me I could NOT be tied down to a kid NOBODY knew why I had it until NOW.  ONLY I'm I writing this because I want the record straight.  I do NOT want my child to hear I was a baby killer.  Abortion 20+ years ago was common and even so I had told people I was pregnant because I wanted to "keep it"....  Later- I was talked into the abortion because I was needed to "travel"... America needed me to help build democracies.  Looking back on it it seems bizarre but the Cold War was a long and tough battle... People wanted it to end.  
  My last word on abortion is that had I had to endure a sonogram that Bob McDonnell has made into law... it would have been cruel.  ***Suggestion... make the fathers of the babied get one up their butts the "same time"  That's the last I will blog about that***

NOW back to the Haslam-Cronyism in Tennessee issue.  

PINNACLE Financial Needs to be investigated

Also that Pinnacle Financial connected to the NEW IDB board member and Tennessee State Senator Jack Johnson needs a "strip search".....

Again - Research Rutherford County and see a LOT of issues of cronyism in the police dept.
Now someone investigate the unusual amount of deaths at NISSAN:  I was told 1 was a MURDER. Renault- had a series of suicides a while back and 1 of them was murders...

Oddly a new suicided was supposed to happen and one of my former clients who is NOT Carlos Ghosn's chief of Staff did a press release about a suicide  that did NOT happen. I was told that Ghosn "most likely" wants me dead.  That scares me.  The ONLY way for me to stay alive is to let people know that I exist.  

That is WHY I blog.

At least one of these deaths was "most likely" murder:
Nissan Motor Co. is stepping up safety procedures at U.S. manufacturing facilities after three accidental deaths in 18 months at its Smyrna, Tenn., assembly plant.

At least one of these deaths was "most likely" murder:
Nissan Motor Co. is stepping up safety procedures at U.S. manufacturing facilities after three accidental deaths in 18 months at its Smyrna, Tenn., assembly plant.
A maintenance worker was killed in an accident in the plant's body assembly area at 1:30 a.m. CDT on June 16. Nissan identified the employee as Michael Hooper, 43, a 21-year veteran of the automaker.
A supplier worker, whom Nissan has not identified, was killed in an accident inside the plant's paint operation on April 25.
A contract driver for the operation was killed in a trucking accident on the property on Jan. 27, 2012.
Read more: 

Earlier at NISSAN's partner Renault I was told that "at least one" Renault suicide was MURDER:

“We put $5 billion on the table,” said “If this goes wrong, we are dead.”   Francois Bancon, chief strategist at Nissan. 

 The whistleblower that spoke out agains the EV in America was jailed 3 times on "trumped up" charges the CEO of NISSAN Carlos Ghosn.

At the same time 3 men that spoke out about the EV in Renault faced "trumped up" spy allegations. the CEO of Renault Carlos Ghosn. 

The faux French spies are connected to Sharyn Bovat the former Co War researcher.  How weird is that.... what's the common link.....GHOSN!!!!

Click the link - Connect the dots and ask NISSAN to mediate with the Whistleblower.  Sharyn Bovat deserves RESPECT!!!

In Europe the Renault Spy scandal was BIG..... I'm

BBC NewsRenault spy scandal risks denting carmaker's reputation

In October I blogged this:  The Chief of staff of Renault a former NISSAN exec did prepared statements about the suicides of the 3 men that were FALSELY accused of being spies.  These are the men that I led the "viral" effort to vindicate. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Frederique Le Greves Former Client of Sharyn Bovat Did Suicide Press Release.... Sharyn Bovat is TERRIFIED!!!

The person that did the Renault communication in reference to the "future" suicides" is Frederique LeGraves and she used to work at NISSAN North America and was a former client of mine.  NOW she's the Chief of Staff to Carlos Ghosn...  

Frederique Le Greves is a former client of mine from 2008.  She lived in a home that she rented (using taxpayer money as part of the NISSAN 193 million state of Tennessee relo deal) for 3200 a month, normal rent for the neighborhood 2400.  The deposit for the home was (taxpayer money about 15K) the owners said NISSAN did not deserve the money back... the house was in good condition... I was told by Marlin Chapman the director of HR to NOT complain..  On my own I did research on "who" owned the LLC of that home... It was "vendors" from NISSAN....One connected to Jim Morton who's connected to Jim Demint.... and was on the same board as Randy Martinez the former CEO of World Airways. What's really outrageous is in 2008 I was asked to find a spa for Oxygen Facials and the money was from a cost center "funded" by the taxpayer.

How can this get weirder also I'm terrified.... the people here scare me

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America Deserves Better From Companies They Fund: It's TIme for RESPECT

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    3 Arrest & Jailed 3 Times & 
    4th Warrant put into System AFTER She Spoke Up at School Board Meeting About Diversity.  She endured 19+ Months is Court Appearance

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    NISSAN Titan Trucks Followed Her Too Closely
    with Her Child in the Car.

    NISSAN Cars and Trucks Circled Her Child's Home

    NISSAN Employees Told to NOT Communicate With Her: It's a SMALL Town NOBODY Communicated to Her.  

    NISSAN Isolated Sharyn from The Community.

    NISSAN employees told people in the community Sharyn was gay. They knew that she would be bullied by doing this.

    NISSAN Knew that Sharyn Had Multiple Death Threats

    NISSAN Slandered Sharyn Bovat to Stop Politicians from Asking Questions About the Excessive IDB Bond Debt.

    NISSAN Gave Goodies to Journalist to NOT Report the Story.
    The American Taxpayer are Victims Too..
    There is SO MUCH MORE!!!

    Sharyn Told the TRUTH!!!
    On Oct 12, 2012, at 3:00 PM, Sharyn Bovat <> wrote:

    I have to get a lawyer NOT connected to Al Gore and That's impossible in Tennessee..  This state got a LOT of money for project connected to Iberdrola.... 

    If the only way to expose the fraud is a "he said -she said" involving Al Gore then OK...I  can prove that he read my blog and that a staffer asked me if I wanted to date him....I thought it was a joke... NOTHING happened.  Then Silverman told me "if" I had dated him the charges would have been dropped. At that same time a Judge delayed indicting me... it's BIZARRE..  The only reason why I've had to blog about it so much is because EVERYONE has ignored me.... including GOP group aligned with special interest too like the Center of Public Integrity.   

    "....Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn was eventually forced into an embarrassing climb-down after it emerged that at least four employees had been fired over false claims that they had received bribes or sold secrets. None committed suicide....."

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