Monday, July 1, 2013

Copy of Official Brief Filed with the TN Court of Appeals Filed by the Writer of This Blog; Sharyn Bovat EXPOSED a Good Ole Boy Network in Tennessee and They Want to "Bring Her Down".... Instead She Wants to Help Bring Down the Corrupt Governor That Led a Bullying Effort to Silence a Carpool Mom Just for Speaking the Truth....

After years of frustration in the Tennessee Courts Sharyn Bovat has documented the abuse of a judicial system that's fueled by a Good Ole Boy network.   She has documented "selective" prosecution issues and civil rights violations that have happened to her in Tennessee.  The American constitution has had a "vacation" in the state of Tennessee and it's time for RESPECT for all people and that starts with a fair trial for the NISSAN Whistleblower

There are 2 Technical record and they are located at the TN Appeals Courts located at:

Appellate Court Office - Nashville
Supreme Court Building
401 Seventh Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37219-1407
(615) 741-2681
FAX: (615) 532-8757

each topic mentioned in the Brief are detailed in the technical recorcord.

I = Volume 1
II = Volume 2
R. = Record followed by the Page #

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