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*** Clarification*** MITT ROMNEY Does Business with IRAN Via His Haslam Connections.... I'm Glad He LOST!!!! Pilot Flying J 's Board member Mike Loya from Vitol Partners is owns Blueknight - that's ALSO owned by Charlesbank Capital Partners... which is a "vehicle" that Mitt Romney profits from. I was told his son was "dirty" but I did NOT know which one... He has a lot. Looks like it's TAGG...

".....Our general partner, Blueknight Energy Partners GP., L.L.C., is jointly owned by affiliates of Vitol Holdings, B.V., one of the world's largest independent energy traders, and Charlesbank Capital Partners, a leading private equity firm....."  The Blueknight website

Pilot Flying J 's Board member Mike Loya from Vitol Partners owns Blueknight - that's ALSO  owned by  Charlesbank Capital Partners... which is a "vehicle" that Mitt Romney profits from.

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I was told that Paul Ryan could NOT use "Crony Capitalism" on the campaign trail because Mitt's son was "dirty" but I did NOT know which one... He has a lot.  Looks like it's TAGG...

Someone Should INVESTIGATE????

Tagg Romney co-founded Solamere Capital with Spencer Zwick in 2008. Eric Scheuermann is a third partner in the firm. The junior Romney also cultivated a rich variety of experiences before launching Solamere. Among his other roles has been chief marketing officer for the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team and vice president for “on-field” marketing at Reebok.
A 2010 Buyouts profile of the firm’s $255 million debut fund disclosed that the fund-of-funds had invested in the vehicles of several prominent private equity and venture firms, including SCF Partners, Bain Capital, Battery Ventures and Charlesbank Capital Partners. Fund commitments ranged in size from $5 million to $20 million, and roughly two-thirds of the money was invested in commingled funds and one-third in co-investments.

John Chiebowski the CEO of Bluenight is ALSO on the board of NRG...

Hey- that's a company that takes a lot of taxpayer money...

No wonder WHY lot of people thought Mitt
was a hypocrite

In April, 2009, former FBI director Louis Freeh released a report on the circumstances surrounding the SemGroup bankruptcy.[8] In July, Catsimatidis and the company reached a settlement, pursuant to which Catsimatidis acquired a piece of SemGroup's asphalt business and dropped his competing plan for the company's proposed reorganization.[9][10]
On December 1, 2009, SemGroup exited bankruptcy under a new corporate structure, eliminating its master limited partnership and becoming a publicly traded company focused on asphalt manufacture and marketing and on oil and natural gas storage and transport, with about 140 employees in Tulsa and 1,000 overall.[11] On the same day, the former SemGroup Energy Partners LP adopted a new name, Blueknight Energy Partners LP; Blueknight is now separate in ownership and assets (although sharing a pipeline system with SemGroup).[12]
The President of Blueknight... is the former Director of NRG... that has "taken a LOT of taxpayer money"...

**********This was sent to me from a VERY well respected Green Industry Energy Analysis  a LONG time ago ***************
Halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, on a former cattle ranch and gypsum mine, NRG Energy is building an engineering marvel: a compound of nearly a million solar panels that will produce enough electricity to power about 100,000 homes. The project is also a marvel in another, less obvious way: Taxpayers and ratepayers are providing subsidies worth almost as much as the entire $1.6 billion cost of the project. Similar subsidy packages have been given to 15 other solar- and wind-power electric plants since 2009.

The Green Corruption Files : BREAKING: NRG Energy on the DOE ...

Below is from the Green Corruption Files
NRG has many, or are connected to green projects that are being funded by taxpayer green cash.  
  • NRG Energy is part of a project dubbed Project Amp, which in September 2011 received a partialDOE loan guarantee for a whopping $1.4 billion. As reported by Forbes last June, Project Amp will be built over four years and financed by Bank of America Merrill Lynch and owned by industrial real estate firm Prologis. NRG Energy will invest in the first 15-megawatt phase of the rollout with an option on the remaining phases. Also, Project Amp’s application was submitted by the lender-applicant, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, under the Financial Institution Partnership Program (FIPP).  Keep in mind that Project Amp was also on the "DOE junk bond portfolio" with a BB rating by Fitch in Sept 2011. 
  • "NRG Energy is building an engineering marvel... The project (set between LA and San Francisco) is a compound of nearly a million solar panels that will produce enough electricity to power about 100,000 homes," whereas "taxpayers and ratepayers are providing subsidies worth almost as much as the entire $1.6 billion cost of the project.
  • In fact, according to The Boston Globe November 2011 piece, Clean energy projects powered by massive subsidies –– "NRG, along with partners, ultimately secured $5.2 billion in federal loan guarantees plus hundreds of millions in other subsidies for four large solar projects."  
  • Also, according the Green Street Journal in October 2010, "NRG Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NRG), through its wholly owned subsidiary, NRG Solar, executed a letter of intent to partner with BrightSource Energy to construct, finance, own and operate the largest solar thermal project in the world, the 392-megawatt (MW) Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in southeastern California’s Mojave Desert. NRG Solar plans to become the lead investor in Ivanpah, investing up to $300 million over the next three years." This is the same project that belongs to BrightSource Energy –– complete with a long list ofmeaningful political ties that I exposed just last week in another BREAKING story –– was also on the "DOE Junk bond portfolio" (BrightSource Energy, Inc with three projects; two Rating BB+ by Fitch and the other Rating BB by Fitch; Apr 2011) that snagged a whopping $1.6 billion taxpayer funded "bailout," and is also expected to receive Treasury grants once the project is complete.
With over eleven projects listed at NRG Solar alone, and NRG Energy with over 50 "Generation Assets" across the nation that not only include solar, but also natural gas, wind, coal, nuclear, and oil,  the full count of government subsidies that have gone to NRG Energy are probably still unclear. As a Citizen Watchdog, this is what I have uncovered at this time, however, the political connections are damaging to the Obama administration.

Their unmatched size and experience will drive our future growth. We know the importance of optimizing commercial opportunities for our customers, starting with the consistent delivery of safe and reliable solutions. Our customers include independent oil and gas producers, petroleum product wholesalers and distributors, refiners and energy traders...."
Mike Loya, president and CEO of the Vitol Group’s North and South American operations, is another board member. Vitol owns the company seeking coal mining permits in the Catoosa Wildlife Management Area near Crossville. Haslam adviser Ingram is also a lobbyist for the coal company.

".... A new board was also announced, to be chaired by John F. Chlebowski, a director of NRG Energy, Inc. and previously president/CEO of GATX Terminals...."

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