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Reid Weingarten- Maybe We Can Have Lunch on My Next Visit... You Can Bring Will Drake He Seems Like a Good Guy:):)

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Obama's DOD Appointee Stephen Preston Connection to Pro Assad Supporter Needs To Be Investigated: Issues Include Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam's Connections to IRAN and Putin Allies Linked to Russian Mafia
Date: July 26, 2013 8:48:26 AM CDT
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Yesterday I personally spoke to Dan Gilbert- Nice guy (we both spent time in Honduras) he did not associate with locals connected to CIA backed drug cartels like I did.  Still I have a feeling he knew what I was saying was "real"......

FYI- I was vetted by very credible people in the mainstream media & I know my story is NOT told due to "cover ups".... This week I told several staffers that Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam's family profited from his connections to people associated with the Russian mafia & that Haslam's family Pilot Flying J does business with Iran via CVC Capital Parters (Evonik). I'm cc'ing Reid Weingarten and his associate.  They're doing an "independent" investigation.

That said I want to prevent FUTURE cover ups & LOTS of questions need to be asked to Stephen Preston.

Also I stopped by the Office of Senator Menendez of New Jersey- He seems to be concerned about the Lockerbie Truth.  'If" he really wants the truth his staffer will sincerely try to have my concerns heard.  After all I'm the niece of Pan Am's  Chief Pilot & I traveled to the middle east and spent time with a man that is "most likely" the Palestinian money launderer that helped the Iranian National guard.  I have DIRECT proof that a cover up happened & my testimony will lead to other testimony that will expose the truth.  This has to happened BEFORE those 2nd and 3rd layers involved with the cover up die of old age (or are murdered- The week before French President Sarkozy lost his election the "hit" of the former Libyan Oil minister happened in Vienna. Ex CIA connected 'most likely' also CIA were connected to Strauss Kahn's issue in NYC-I can explain that to people too).  Already too many mysterious deaths in reference to cover ups that are done by a global group, it' bipartisan. 

Also- The issue of Freddie Woodruff's murder/ cover up needs to be asked to Mr. Preston - He was the DOD top lawyer (acting) during the Aldrich Ames Era.  James Clapper was the head of the DIA-I Sharyn Bovat was asked to go to Georgia in 1993- I'm glad I did not go (this is funny- when asked my first thought was ' I get to go to the coca cola museum ):) A few years ago a man linked to the NTSB met with me.... for the record I only worked on the Pan Am cover up and not the one of TWA.   Still a Boeing exec told me he was mad that they had to take the blame and Boeing was guaranteed DOD contracts to build helicopters during the next war. That said people have tried to tell me things that have happened in reference to 9-11 and I REFUSE to listen or research.  I want to live a long life.

For the record I was just a "low level" friendly fixture.  A person that could fly under the radar and spend time with people in embassies and I had access to gun runners from Operation Cyclone. Oliver North approached me as I was walking up a driveway in the 80's & lectured me on loyalty to my county.  Recently I learned that people connected to a man I admire Dean Lesher used me to "spy" on my family.  Evidently my Uncle Bill was very ethical and my grandfather a DOD triple dipper lawyer never took money from anyone.  He never accepted gifts.  It looks like the abuse I've received after whistleblower is due to my DNA....ouch!!!!  

Why am I doing this:  NISSAN outed me after I whistle-blew... They made me unemployable and I need health insurance and I want to work. I cannot get a lawyer to help me due to the CIA stuff and my families connections to too many cover ups.   At the age of 14 I was sent to boarding school to be the roommate of a girl from El Salvador- He family led death squads... remember the whacked priest in 1980.  Recently I was asked in an interrogatory question from a man who told me he's related to Stephen Preston to list who I worked for in the Government in 1980.  I was 14 years old.  How can someone be asked that question.  Kline Preston threatened o make a judge force me to answer.  I fear I'll be jailed.   ALready I've been jailed on charges that proved to be "trumped up".... I'm scared.  I do not want to flee the country like Edward Snowden and some tell my I'm courages for fighting this while living in America BUT I spent a lot of time trying to get help in DC.  This is my 19th trip.  Still I'm waiting for my country to treat me with respect.  All I want is to work - have health care & I want my reputation back.  

I'll be back to DC next month & I hope that on that visit the Senate Intelligence Committee will formally take my testimony.  A guy gave me a number and told me to "try" to get put on the calendar.   

Thank you for listening,

Sharyn Bovat

ALL that I blog about and have on my website has "vetted" to be 85-90% true. To make someone credible they only need to be 75% accurate & credible in things connected to the CIA you only have to be 60% accurate.

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