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Haslam's Putin's Allies Linked to Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express "Allegedly Poisened NISSAN Whistleblower Who OUTED the Haslam Family for Doing Business with Iran Via CVC Capital Partners.... Person Connected to Colin Powell Told Sharyn She Was Being Possibly Poisoned. Person Linked to American Crossroad Gave Her "Safe" Place to Park at RNC Convention...

Sharyn Bovat communicated with the Globe About Sonny Bono's Murder Linked to CIA- NISSAN below the EMAILS Included… 

Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express (think Sarah Palin) Can Be Linked to Obama's CIA and to HASLAM Fraud…   & They Really Did Try to Kill Me…. 

Thank You Colin Powell..Good News I Lost Weight!!!   Oh Yeah…. Haslam's Putin's Allies Linked to My "Alleged" Poisening.  

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Subject: RE: Sonny bono was murdered
Thanks Sharyn,
I'll mention it to my editor. In a couple of brief sentences are you able to 
tell me what happened and how you know what you know?
Bob Burns 
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Subject: Sonny bono was murdered
My name is sharyn bovat
People that killed Mr. Bono connected to Lockerbie cover up
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See more emails to/ from Bob Burns below....

I was "most likely"  poisoned with an arsenic substance... I have people that will testify to my symptoms... My weight loss was dramatic- which is actually a positive side effect  I'm now a size 4:):)  For a while i was a ZERO and I really thought I was gonna die.  I was hospitalized a few years ago and was NOT told why.  

Somebody connected to Colin Powell who told me I was being POISONED and I took preventative actions....  I drank only sealed beverages, are a lot of prepackaged nuts and ate from buffets.  When I went to the RNC convention I had to make sure I NEVER left my drink alone.  I stayed at a hotel that housed the Florida state police.

To "whoever" at American Crossroads who let my car safely park at the Tampa Club.. THANK YOU!!!!

Here's a picture of me at the RNC convention United Health Care Bus...I had blood pressure issues.  Look at The blue wristband I'm wearing it allowed me into the Tampa Club parking lot- that's where American Crossroads had it's Secret meetings...  that were written about in Businessweek

i did go up to the club... once:):)

Exclusive: Inside Karl Rove's Billionaire Fundraiser - Businessweek

Anyway - Today I "feel" pain from the side effects of being poisoned  I was told my life will be shorter due to strain.  I want the feds to investigate. Also I want someone to tell NISSAN to mediate with me.  ALL I want is to be able to work and I want my reputation back.  I'm scared!!!

Below is an email from Bob Burns of the Globe.

  1. Sonny Bono Assassinated? How Many Others Are Being Intimidated ...

I Don't Think Sal Russo Murdered Andrew Breitbart. He Could Have

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Subject: RE: Sonny bono was murdered
Date: March 20, 2012 2:34:07 PM CDT

Thanks. I’m still on deadline on the other tale, but what you say re Sonny Bono appears to fit in with a story I wrote for GLOBE in 2008. Here it is, just for your personal records.
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Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 12:40 PM
To: Burns, Bob
Subject: Fwd: Sonny bono was murdered

I was told he was murdered: FYI- I used to do research for CIA/Political operatives.
Dean Lesher got me involved in 1984.  He was friends with Ronald Reagan.  I was just a "friendly fixture".    My mom's boyfriend in the mid 80's was known as the gun runner.  He was a 747 pilot (Iran Contra). 
When I whistle blew at NISSAN corporate security identified me as the #2 security risk.  The CEO used former CIA (Nixon era) to assist corporate security.  People that I knew back then have disappeared, dead or high up in politics.  Not many people knew that I did the research but Sonny Bono did. I don't know how he knew. 
Anyway the NISSAN CEO used to work at Michelin and the CIA was connected big time to the French Tire maker during the Vietnam war.  The use of Agent Orange (a weed killer) ordered by President Kennedy hurt the crops and also helped Michelin and the country of Brazil establish a "cash crop."
OK too much info.
Sharyn Bovat

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Apr 29, 2012 - Officials said he might have died of poisoning, but they have not provided further information. .... The heart attack guns the CIA uses are much better...hmmm maybe ... ill...remember now..a Med Student,Ex-FD-Paramedic, showcased in the .... Physalis longifolia: The Common Ground Cherry / Wild Tomatillo ...

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