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Dan Gilbert of Senator Joe Manchin office Maybe Be Can Meet with Will Drake of Reid Weingarten's Office Next Time I'm In DC UNTIL THEN Ask Stephen Preston to Answer Some Questions. Reid Weingarten PLEASE Tell Your Friend Eric Holder That I Spoke to One of His Deputies at the DOJ About a Year Ago. Still No Resolution. NOW Haslam is Linked to Stephen Preston Via Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn By The President of Her PAC Kline Preston... It's COMPLICATED. I Need the FEDS to Investigate My Pancreatitus That Could Be Linked to the Lockerbie Bombers Release?

I sent an email similar to this today to Reid Weingarten & the Ingram family. I want RESPECT.  I want federal investigations.  The World deserves the Lockerbie Truth.  Stephen Preston the CIA's top lawyer should NOT get confirmed UNTIL he talks about issues that relate to the Haslam family, Russia  and IRAN. 

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@yahoo.com>
Subject: President of Marsha Blackburn's PAC -Linked to the Haslam Family Said He was Related to Stephen Preston is REALLY Concerned About My Lockerbie Info…..
Date: July 30, 2013

Kline Preston.... Has NEVER given me an affidavit saying he's NOT a relative of Stephen Preston.

On Dec 26, 2012, at 11:47 AM, Kline Preston <kpreston@klinepreston.com> wrote:

I told you he is not my brother. I want an affidavit from you that you are connected to the three men at Renault and how, I want an affidavit that states under oath all of the things you have told me including your source of money. Then and only then will I give you an affidavit stating what you already know to be true.

On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 11:38 AM, Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@yahoo.com> wrote:

 Even if Stephen Preston were my brother, what would it matter? You have really crossed the line here  (your email)
respectfully if Stephen Preston is YOUR brother they YOU crossed the line!!!

Kline Preston "really wanted to know" about money I got in the late 2000's .... He has NEVER signed an affidavit saying he's NOT related to Stephen Preston whose up for the top DOD job.

In 2008 I got Acute Pancreatitus and was hospitalized for over a week.  Oddly Dee Kelly the wife of NISSAN Motors board-member Greg Kelly arranged for meals to be brought to me AFTER I left the hospital. 

AFTER I whistle-blew I had more attacks of vomiting and diarrhea .  I believe it's linked to the Lockerbie Cover up. Evidently being poisoned by Arsenic is one of the causes of Pancreatitus.   I was told that my Uncle who was the Chief Pilot for Pan Am and testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee has had a "similar" mystery illnesses to mine.  

You'll see that Kline Preston in an Interrogatory questions is VERY interested in knowing about a settlement I received. ***************************************************and I can't say who it was or who they worked for UNLESS the Feds or the US Senate Intelligence committee asks me to testify.  

FYI- I wanted back then to have a criminal investigation BUT .**************************************************************************************... Because of the agreement I signed I NEVER told Kline Preston Who it was or "how much" the settlement was for (or if there was even a settlement).  I did tell him that something "odd" happened just so he'd use the information that I gave him in 2010 about Iran being involved with the Lockerbie bombing.  I told him back then that is WHY the "trumped up" charges done to discredit me.   NISSAN was committing fraud and people in the government "let it happen"

 NOW Kline's Interrogatory questions are on file.   He sent me an email saying he'd have a judge "make me answer" the questions.  I fear a Tennessee judge will jail me for "contempt of court"....Look at the questions... Read he's emails... He wants to know WHO my sources are.  Why?  Is he related to Stephen Preston &/or work for the CIA?

(look at the "dates" he was VERY specific?) 

Today I talked to a friend and because I'm alive I'm OK... The fact is "if" they wanted me dead - I'd be dead.  My blogging has saved my life and that is why I do it.  The people that most likely poisoned me in 2008 can't kill me without the good political and Military Industrial types asking questions. 

Stephen Preston NEEDS to be asked if he's related in ANYWAY to Kline Preston before he becomes the top DOD lawyer.
If he is then he's linked to Sal Russo types that are the sleaziest on the planet.   It's important for society to expose this element.  If Stephen Preston is NOT related to Kline Preston and Sal Russo then "I'm Sorry" and I want a job and he can hire me.  I'm talented and can help with National Security.  I NEVER would have had death threats and "attempts to kill me" had I not made people nervous.   I can have people testify to my mysterious illnesses that happened after I whistle blew.  PLEASE someone help me.  Also I have to tell a Dr. ALL this because I want medical tests.  It's NOT easy..

Also I've come up with a Covert Operatives Family Protection Act... to help with people like me who are bullied and abused because of what people fear they know from being raised CIA..

Begin forwarded message:

From: Kline Preston <kpreston@klinepreston.com>
Subject: Re: NISSAN Whistleblower Sharyn Bovat's Lawyer Status Change - Effective Immediatly.
Date: December 26, 2012 12:21:19 PM CST
To: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@yahoo.com>

I mean the claim you said you got paid hacking into your email that the *************  lawyer got you a big settlement on. I would like specifics on everything. How much, when , what etc. including for whom you have worked, what you did, when, etc.

On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 12:15 PM, Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@yahoo.com> wrote:

On Dec 26, 2012, at 11:47 AM, Kline Preston <kpreston@klinepreston.com> wrote:

I told you he is not my brother. I want an affidavit from you that you are connected to the three men at Renault and how, I want an affidavit that states under oath all of the things you have told me including your source of money. Then and only then will I give you an affidavit stating what you already know to be true. 


OK.... To protect the confidentially of a source of money that I obtained legally & paid taxes on I will offer to testify in a closed door Senate intelligence committee hearing. By being able to share confidentially that information with Senators Feinstein and McCain they can quickly start asking questions that will get the the truth about the crash of Pan Am Flight 103.  Iran did it. (that is my opinion and I have facts to back it up. I hope I'm allowed to testify)

FYI- I've already told a DOJ guy that my family was connected to Operations Condor.  That connection was very indirect.  

The airline people in the 50's were a tight knit group.My family were just PILOTS.  They did what they were told. We never became rich and never used connections to profit.  Once again I do not know details about what they did.  I know my dad flew flights in Laos & I met a Condor pilot when I was a child. I was with Ed Daly my dad's boss when he and "Ford's guy" were talking about the Vietnam war.   Mr. Daly had bought a lot of planes.  My mom would make me sit with him and watch him do business when ever the opportunity occurred.   They needed the war extended because of "equipment" that was purchased. Bills had to be paid. 

I will do an affidavit saying that when I was in DC a man that used to & might still work for Boeing told me the NISSAN CEO's father was part of operation Condor too....     

We'll swap affidavits. Make sure you state if your related to Stephen Preston in anyway and your connection to the CIA. I will state the facts that I believe to be true. I've offered to take a lie detector test.  All I want is to feel safe and to STOP blogging!!!   

Because I'm scared due to all that's happened to me I will communicate my willingness to clarify and do affidavits on my blog.


On Dec 26, 2012, at 11:47 AM, Kline Preston <kpreston@klinepreston.com> wrote:

I told you he is not my brother. I want an affidavit from you that you are connected to the three men at Renault and how, I want an affidavit that states under oath all of the things you have told me including your source of money. Then and only then will I give you an affidavit stating what you already know to be true.

On Wed, Dec 26, 2012 at 11:38 AM, Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@yahoo.com> wrote:

 Even if Stephen Preston were my brother, what would it matter? You have really crossed the line here  (your email)
respectfully if Stephen Preston is YOUR brother they YOU crossed the line!!!

Numerous times I have said to you and it's in writing that I will take it ALL references to you and Stephen Preston down as soon as you send me a signed notarized affidavit saying that he is not your brother (I'm now adding relative & for you to disclose how your connected to the CIA). All I want is the truth.  The CIA's motto is "...Ye shall know the truth and it shall set you free." that's what I want.  Freedom from this mess. I have told the truth & have been terrorized. I've never mentioned the names of other lawyers I have consulted with on blogs.  

ONLY did I blog about you AFTER I had evidence that you provided me showing that you did not represent me to the best of your ability. YOU never filed against the state. Yet would pacify by telling me you would. Numerous emails and communications and NOTHING.  Also you served the case via certified letter and did not track the postcard... that was my wake up call to start monitoring your commitment to my case.

Since winter 2011 I told you multiple times how I was connected to the 3 men at Renault accused of being spies and you never followed up. Carlos Tavares my former client knows that I'm innocent of the charges and YOU did not make that argument at the pre trial hearing. When my most valuable witnesses were quashed that hurt my case.  Carlos Tavares emailed me directly after NISSAN named me the #2 security risk. YOU know that.  I sent you the email.  I told you in the fall of 2010 in the parking lot of the courthouse I feared the charges were because of Lockerbie. I have emails to you saying that ex CIA working at NISSAN that Ghosn met via Michelin wanted me discredited. Mark Silverman of Gannett did.  He did some research and I told the truth. 

Those men from Renault got vindicated because of my blogging. I sent you a detailed account of how that happened and the compensation they received.  You know that I'm not greedy all I wanted when filing the malicious prosecution was what was fair.  The lack of effort on your part has been extremely frustrating. Upon looking at the big picture I would be an idiot to think that you were looking out for my best interest.  

The statue of limitations is going to expire. I must start filing motions and requests for investigations.  What NISSAN executives did with taxpayer money was criminal. The discrimination really happened. I was bullied, I had death threats & now all I want is RESPECT!!!    

More important I told you before my trial WHY I wanted Carlos Ghosn subpoenaed and you did not make the argument in court. I have a dozen examples of how I feel that my case ( a first time misdemeanor) was not represented to the best of your ability. 
Based on your connections I fear you could be working against me.  I don't know.  I'm encouraging the DOD/CIA to investigate. 

What happened to me in Tennessee makes NO sense. To have this issue clarified and resolved is the best for all of us.  

I hope you enjoy the week.


Sharyn Bovat

On Dec 26, 2012, at 10:43 AM, Kline Preston <kpreston@klinepreston.com> wrote:

Dear Sharyn:

   I have asked you more than once to take down your malicious, false emails about me. For whatever reason, you continue to publish information that you know to be false and you have continued to attack me. I told you I was kidding about that text you sent to  me inquiring about Stephen Preston being my brother ; a text which was so ludicrous that I thought you were kidding. You have been on notice that he is not my brother and yet you continue to make false allegations on the internet. I like you and I have enjoyed representing you, but this is really too much. You have now communicated directly to Nissan's counsel and given them fuel to discredit you. You have essentially ruined any chance of prevailing on your malicious prosecution case. Even if Stephen Preston were my brother, what would it matter? You have really crossed the line here. You may not know this, but when you publicize  or reveal communications between you and your legal counsel you destroy the attorney-client privilege and this means that confidences you share with your attorney can be discovered by your adversaries. You may not have thought about the effect of attacking your own attorney publicly on your case, but I can assure you that it will not be good for your case. You can rest assured that Nissan will use this against you.
  I am asking you again to take down all emails, youtube posts, blogs, etc. that mention me. Thank you and I hope you have a happy new year!

Best regards,

On Tue, Dec 25, 2012 at 1:44 PM, Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@yahoo.com> wrote:
To:  Brigid Carpenter (Baker Donelson)
       Kline Preston 

This is to inform you that Sharyn Bovat is suspending the attorney relationship with Kline Preston until investigations or explanations have occurred.
I will be representing myself but will have access to legal advisors.  Baker Donelson- from the day forward communicate only me in reference to the malicious prosecution case. 

For the record for OVER 2 years I did NOT blog about my lawyer (you) UNTIL I had the text messages that showed major deception &/or what looks to the "average" eye as horrible professional behavior. It's important that the issue be examined by authorities. 

My rights as an American have been tampered with Freedom of Speech is the American right that I hope will lead to truth & justice.   

Also, I have put in a request to the DOD for verification and I'm requesting the IGO investigate.  I'm waiting to file an official complaint with the Bar Association.  That will happen once the relationship between Kline Preston and the CIA is confirmed.

FYI- A motion will be made to add the state BUT I will make a very effective argument that the NISSAN paid former Williamson County DA Joe Baugh was an active participant & the representative for NISSAN during the entire "malicious prosecution" of my client "me"  also its been relayed to me that external pressure from NISSAN to prosecute my client was made to ADA Terry Wood: That will be brought to light through depositions.  

The Baker Donelson Motion that NISSAN is not rightfully a defendant is one that I look forward to arguing the facts to a judge (January 14th?).  If Kline Preston and I workout our differences It will be communicated to you. Until then I Sharyn Bovat am the person to speak to.

Do to my loss of faith in the American legal system I will be sharing this email with members of the media.  After this email ALL other emails will not be sent to reporters or put on blogs.  They will be between you and my client "me." Still updates will be posted on the web: It's important for society to see transparency in the courts and government.  

Merry Christmas,

Sharyn Bovat

<Screen Shot 2012-12-24 at 1.04.10 AM.png>

Below was posted on my blog that reached out to Senator Dianne Feinstein.  A certified copy of this posting will go the the DOD- IGO
I'm cc'ing the DOE IGO (that office is already aware of the situation).  

I've expressed that I will clarify what's on my blogs if people communicate and inaccuracies.  As you yet only a few times in 3 years have people told me about issues and clarifications were made.  My blog is a tool to find out the truth.  It was set up to be a tool to expose a good ole boy network that was discriminating at NISSAN. Women in management went from 20.9% in 2006 to 10% in 2009 the year I whistle blew. 

Members of the Media: I will scan and have available the transcripts of the jury trial to members of the media that request. 

Sadly it's my personal opinion and experience that the constitution is only for those "connected" and the rights of average America have been sacrificed.   and 3 years ago NISSAN could have been respectful to me after I whistle blew was bullied by NISSAN, the TN Courts, & the CIA.  On January 14th the courts will decide if NISSAN is a valid participant in the malicious prosecution case.   i will urge members of the media to attend.  

The CIA might say they wanted me discredited due to National Security issues: f so that's sad because I told the truth - isn't that the mission of the CIA?

NISSAN has a lot of "ex CIA" and they could say their part of the intelligence community BUT they support the Iranian regime by helping their economy.   I was told that auto parts are used in weapons systems.  

So is congress helping the Iranian intelligence/defense community?  

The vagueness of the law needs to be changed. It looks like it could harm America.

***Sharyn Bovat's Update ***


2 years AFTER working with my lawyer fighting "trumped up" charges that I told him stemmed from my "previous" CIA research and the cover up of the Lockerbie Bombing ( 2010 I told Kline Preston that Iran was responsible for the crash). I found out LAST WEEK that my attorney's brother was the TOP lawyer (Stephen Preston) of the CIA.


Michael Vickers the man being considered to take the CIA Chief's job (formally Petraeus) might be related to Cal VIckers. Earlier I had gotten word from a friend of the the late Marvin Runyon who was a past President of NISSAN North America, former post master general and connected to the CIA that Cal Vickers of NISSAN (he reported to one of my former clients) was connected to the "creepy people" what I call the ex CIA who profit from the illegal stuff. 



I have a request to the DOD to confirm the relationships of Cal Vickers and Michael Vickers & Stephen Preston and Kline Preston. It's been over 2 days. I was told it would be 24 hours. I was told if their not related I would get a quick "no"... the silence from the DOD press office is very telling.

 G. Kline Preston, IV
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in any part of the same series of emails), such advice was not intended or written by the sender or by

Kline Preston Law Group, PC to be used, and cannot be used, for the purpose of
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Haslam's Putin's Allies Linked to Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express "Allegedly Poisened NISSAN Whistleblower Who OUTED the Haslam Family for Doing Business with Iran Via CVC Capital Partners.... Person Connected to Colin Powell Told Sharyn She Was Being Possibly Poisoned. Person Linked to American Crossroad Gave Her "Safe" Place to Park at RNC Convention...

Sharyn Bovat communicated with the Globe About Sonny Bono's Murder Linked to CIA- NISSAN below the EMAILS Included… 

Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express (think Sarah Palin) Can Be Linked to Obama's CIA and to HASLAM Fraud…   & They Really Did Try to Kill Me…. 

Thank You Colin Powell..Good News I Lost Weight!!!   Oh Yeah…. Haslam's Putin's Allies Linked to My "Alleged" Poisening.  

-----Original Message-----
From: Burns, Bob <bobburns@globefl.com>
To: Sharynbovat@aol.com <sharynbovat@aol.com>
Sent: Tue, Mar 20, 2012 9:30 am
Subject: RE: Sonny bono was murdered
Thanks Sharyn,
I'll mention it to my editor. In a couple of brief sentences are you able to 
tell me what happened and how you know what you know?
Bob Burns 
-----Original Message-----
From: Sharynbovat@aol.com [mailto:sharynbovat@aol.com] 
Sent: Friday, March 16, 2012 8:20 PM
To: Burns, Bob
Subject: Sonny bono was murdered
My name is sharyn bovat 
People that killed Mr. Bono connected to Lockerbie cover up
Sent from my iPad

See more emails to/ from Bob Burns below....

I was "most likely"  poisoned with an arsenic substance... I have people that will testify to my symptoms... My weight loss was dramatic- which is actually a positive side effect  I'm now a size 4:):)  For a while i was a ZERO and I really thought I was gonna die.  I was hospitalized a few years ago and was NOT told why.  

Somebody connected to Colin Powell who told me I was being POISONED and I took preventative actions....  I drank only sealed beverages, are a lot of prepackaged nuts and ate from buffets.  When I went to the RNC convention I had to make sure I NEVER left my drink alone.  I stayed at a hotel that housed the Florida state police.

To "whoever" at American Crossroads who let my car safely park at the Tampa Club.. THANK YOU!!!!

Here's a picture of me at the RNC convention United Health Care Bus...I had blood pressure issues.  Look at The blue wristband I'm wearing it allowed me into the Tampa Club parking lot- that's where American Crossroads had it's Secret meetings...  that were written about in Businessweek

i did go up to the club... once:):)

Exclusive: Inside Karl Rove's Billionaire Fundraiser - Businessweek


Anyway - Today I "feel" pain from the side effects of being poisoned  I was told my life will be shorter due to strain.  I want the feds to investigate. Also I want someone to tell NISSAN to mediate with me.  ALL I want is to be able to work and I want my reputation back.  I'm scared!!!

Below is an email from Bob Burns of the Globe.

  1. Sonny Bono Assassinated? How Many Others Are Being Intimidated ...


I Don't Think Sal Russo Murdered Andrew Breitbart. He Could Have

Begin forwarded message:

From: "Burns, Bob" <bobburns@globefl.com>
Subject: RE: Sonny bono was murdered
Date: March 20, 2012 2:34:07 PM CDT

Thanks. I’m still on deadline on the other tale, but what you say re Sonny Bono appears to fit in with a story I wrote for GLOBE in 2008. Here it is, just for your personal records.
From: sharynbovat@aol.com [mailto:sharynbovat@aol.com]
Sent: Tuesday, March 20, 2012 12:40 PM
To: Burns, Bob
Subject: Fwd: Sonny bono was murdered

I was told he was murdered: FYI- I used to do research for CIA/Political operatives.
Dean Lesher got me involved in 1984.  He was friends with Ronald Reagan.  I was just a "friendly fixture".    My mom's boyfriend in the mid 80's was known as the gun runner.  He was a 747 pilot (Iran Contra). 
When I whistle blew at NISSAN corporate security identified me as the #2 security risk.  The CEO used former CIA (Nixon era) to assist corporate security.  People that I knew back then have disappeared, dead or high up in politics.  Not many people knew that I did the research but Sonny Bono did. I don't know how he knew. 
Anyway the NISSAN CEO used to work at Michelin and the CIA was connected big time to the French Tire maker during the Vietnam war.  The use of Agent Orange (a weed killer) ordered by President Kennedy hurt the crops and also helped Michelin and the country of Brazil establish a "cash crop."
OK too much info.
Sharyn Bovat

www.dailypaul.com › Forums › Gardening, Homesteading + Livestock

Apr 29, 2012 - Officials said he might have died of poisoning, but they have not provided further information. .... The heart attack guns the CIA uses are much better...hmmm maybe ... ill...remember now..a Med Student,Ex-FD-Paramedic, showcased in the .... Physalis longifolia: The Common Ground Cherry / Wild Tomatillo ...

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Reid Weingarten- Maybe We Can Have Lunch on My Next Visit... You Can Bring Will Drake He Seems Like a Good Guy:):)

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>
Subject: Obama's DOD Appointee Stephen Preston Connection to Pro Assad Supporter Needs To Be Investigated: Issues Include Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam's Connections to IRAN and Putin Allies Linked to Russian Mafia
Date: July 26, 2013 8:48:26 AM CDT
To: dan_gilbert@manchin.senate.gov, "mike.reynard@mail.house.gov" <mike.reynard@mail.house.gov>, "richard.vaughn@mail.house.gov" <richard.vaughn@mail.house.gov>, jenipher_CaminoGonzalez@menendez.senate.gov, Jonathan Collegio <jacollegio@americancrossroads.org>, "4msilverman@gmail.com" <4msilverman@gmail.com>, Blake Farmer <bfarmer@wpln.org>
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>, rweingarten@steptoe.com, "wdrake@steptoe.com" <wdrake@steptoe.com>

Yesterday I personally spoke to Dan Gilbert- Nice guy (we both spent time in Honduras) he did not associate with locals connected to CIA backed drug cartels like I did.  Still I have a feeling he knew what I was saying was "real"......

FYI- I was vetted by very credible people in the mainstream media & I know my story is NOT told due to "cover ups".... This week I told several staffers that Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam's family profited from his connections to people associated with the Russian mafia & that Haslam's family Pilot Flying J does business with Iran via CVC Capital Parters (Evonik). I'm cc'ing Reid Weingarten and his associate.  They're doing an "independent" investigation.

That said I want to prevent FUTURE cover ups & LOTS of questions need to be asked to Stephen Preston.

Also I stopped by the Office of Senator Menendez of New Jersey- He seems to be concerned about the Lockerbie Truth.  'If" he really wants the truth his staffer will sincerely try to have my concerns heard.  After all I'm the niece of Pan Am's  Chief Pilot & I traveled to the middle east and spent time with a man that is "most likely" the Palestinian money launderer that helped the Iranian National guard.  I have DIRECT proof that a cover up happened & my testimony will lead to other testimony that will expose the truth.  This has to happened BEFORE those 2nd and 3rd layers involved with the cover up die of old age (or are murdered- The week before French President Sarkozy lost his election the "hit" of the former Libyan Oil minister happened in Vienna. Ex CIA connected 'most likely' also CIA were connected to Strauss Kahn's issue in NYC-I can explain that to people too).  Already too many mysterious deaths in reference to cover ups that are done by a global group, it' bipartisan. 

Also- The issue of Freddie Woodruff's murder/ cover up needs to be asked to Mr. Preston - He was the DOD top lawyer (acting) during the Aldrich Ames Era.  James Clapper was the head of the DIA-I Sharyn Bovat was asked to go to Georgia in 1993- I'm glad I did not go (this is funny- when asked my first thought was ' I get to go to the coca cola museum ):) A few years ago a man linked to the NTSB met with me.... for the record I only worked on the Pan Am cover up and not the one of TWA.   Still a Boeing exec told me he was mad that they had to take the blame and Boeing was guaranteed DOD contracts to build helicopters during the next war. That said people have tried to tell me things that have happened in reference to 9-11 and I REFUSE to listen or research.  I want to live a long life.

For the record I was just a "low level" friendly fixture.  A person that could fly under the radar and spend time with people in embassies and I had access to gun runners from Operation Cyclone. Oliver North approached me as I was walking up a driveway in the 80's & lectured me on loyalty to my county.  Recently I learned that people connected to a man I admire Dean Lesher used me to "spy" on my family.  Evidently my Uncle Bill was very ethical and my grandfather a DOD triple dipper lawyer never took money from anyone.  He never accepted gifts.  It looks like the abuse I've received after whistleblower is due to my DNA....ouch!!!!  

Why am I doing this:  NISSAN outed me after I whistle-blew... They made me unemployable and I need health insurance and I want to work. I cannot get a lawyer to help me due to the CIA stuff and my families connections to too many cover ups.   At the age of 14 I was sent to boarding school to be the roommate of a girl from El Salvador- He family led death squads... remember the whacked priest in 1980.  Recently I was asked in an interrogatory question from a man who told me he's related to Stephen Preston to list who I worked for in the Government in 1980.  I was 14 years old.  How can someone be asked that question.  Kline Preston threatened o make a judge force me to answer.  I fear I'll be jailed.   ALready I've been jailed on charges that proved to be "trumped up".... I'm scared.  I do not want to flee the country like Edward Snowden and some tell my I'm courages for fighting this while living in America BUT I spent a lot of time trying to get help in DC.  This is my 19th trip.  Still I'm waiting for my country to treat me with respect.  All I want is to work - have health care & I want my reputation back.  

I'll be back to DC next month & I hope that on that visit the Senate Intelligence Committee will formally take my testimony.  A guy gave me a number and told me to "try" to get put on the calendar.   

Thank you for listening,

Sharyn Bovat

ALL that I blog about and have on my website has "vetted" to be 85-90% true. To make someone credible they only need to be 75% accurate & credible in things connected to the CIA you only have to be 60% accurate.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Reid Weingarten: Cronyism, Abortion and Unsolved Murders Come Into Play in Haslam Issues. Did Congresswoman Diane Black WANT NISSAN Out of Her District? Pinnicle Financial Partners is Connected to Haslam Fraud- Can Someone Investigate? I Was Told the Bond Issues Will Be the Smoking Gun.

"To discredit me as a whistleblower people connected to NISSAN & the Haslam family said I was gay, I was a bimbo, I was crazy, I was greedy, I was a 'femi-nazi' .... OMG!!! I've been called so many things... NOW I'm known as a former member of the IC community. NOW I'm known as the whistleblower that 'had the courage' to NOT flee the country & Haslam Elite the tide is changing and I hope to catch the wave that leads me OUT OF THIS MESS...  I want to feel safe again"  Sharyn Bovat

"...Nashville will build a spur to the plant. And Rutherford County, where Smyrna is, will sell at least $450 million in low-interest industrial bonds that Nissan will pay back over a period of years...."  1981 New York Times article

"NISSAN now has 3.95 BILLION in Rutherford County IDB debt.  They have only made "1" payment since 1982  and basically just 'rolled over' the credit cards..."  Sharyn Bovat

Sharyn Bovat told that the Haslam issue is linked to the NISSAN bond issue and EVERYONE knows that Jimmy Haslam used Bonds to get the cash for the Cleveland Browns.....


Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary: The Haslam ...

Lots of "iffy" things happen in Rutherford County. That is where Congresswoman Diane Black is from: Recently NISSAN was "shifted" out of her district & into that of Scott Desjarlais- I learned that was done "on purpose"....   
Mr. Desjarlais is the congressman who some say is hypocritical on the abortion issue.  

Abortion is an issue i too have dealt with.  I had to have an abortion because of the Cold War and my mom told me I could NOT be tied down to a kid NOBODY knew why I had it until NOW.  ONLY I'm I writing this because I want the record straight.  I do NOT want my child to hear I was a baby killer.  Abortion 20+ years ago was common and even so I had told people I was pregnant because I wanted to "keep it"....  Later- I was talked into the abortion because I was needed to "travel"... America needed me to help build democracies.  Looking back on it it seems bizarre but the Cold War was a long and tough battle... People wanted it to end.  
  My last word on abortion is that had I had to endure a sonogram that Bob McDonnell has made into law... it would have been cruel.  ***Suggestion... make the fathers of the babied get one up their butts the "same time"  That's the last I will blog about that***

NOW back to the Haslam-Cronyism in Tennessee issue.  

PINNACLE Financial Needs to be investigated

Also that Pinnacle Financial connected to the NEW IDB board member and Tennessee State Senator Jack Johnson needs a "strip search".....

Again - Research Rutherford County and see a LOT of issues of cronyism in the police dept.
Now someone investigate the unusual amount of deaths at NISSAN:  I was told 1 was a MURDER. Renault- had a series of suicides a while back and 1 of them was murders...

Oddly a new suicided was supposed to happen and one of my former clients who is NOT Carlos Ghosn's chief of Staff did a press release about a suicide  that did NOT happen. I was told that Ghosn "most likely" wants me dead.  That scares me.  The ONLY way for me to stay alive is to let people know that I exist.  

That is WHY I blog.

At least one of these deaths was "most likely" murder:
Nissan Motor Co. is stepping up safety procedures at U.S. manufacturing facilities after three accidental deaths in 18 months at its Smyrna, Tenn., assembly plant.



At least one of these deaths was "most likely" murder:
Nissan Motor Co. is stepping up safety procedures at U.S. manufacturing facilities after three accidental deaths in 18 months at its Smyrna, Tenn., assembly plant.
A maintenance worker was killed in an accident in the plant's body assembly area at 1:30 a.m. CDT on June 16. Nissan identified the employee as Michael Hooper, 43, a 21-year veteran of the automaker.
A supplier worker, whom Nissan has not identified, was killed in an accident inside the plant's paint operation on April 25.
A contract driver for the operation was killed in a trucking accident on the property on Jan. 27, 2012.
Read more: http://www.autonews.com/article/20130624/OEM01/130629947#ixzz2a1c4E025 

Earlier at NISSAN's partner Renault I was told that "at least one" Renault suicide was MURDER:


“We put $5 billion on the table,” said “If this goes wrong, we are dead.”   Francois Bancon, chief strategist at Nissan. 

 The whistleblower that spoke out agains the EV in America was jailed 3 times on "trumped up" charges the CEO of NISSAN Carlos Ghosn.

At the same time 3 men that spoke out about the EV in Renault faced "trumped up" spy allegations. the CEO of Renault Carlos Ghosn. 

The faux French spies are connected to Sharyn Bovat the former Co War researcher.  How weird is that.... what's the common link.....GHOSN!!!!

Click the link - Connect the dots and ask NISSAN to mediate with the Whistleblower.  Sharyn Bovat deserves RESPECT!!!

In Europe the Renault Spy scandal was BIG..... I'm

BBC NewsRenault spy scandal risks denting carmaker's reputation

In October I blogged this:  The Chief of staff of Renault a former NISSAN exec did prepared statements about the suicides of the 3 men that were FALSELY accused of being spies.  These are the men that I led the "viral" effort to vindicate. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Frederique Le Greves Former Client of Sharyn Bovat Did Suicide Press Release.... Sharyn Bovat is TERRIFIED!!!

The person that did the Renault communication in reference to the "future" suicides" is Frederique LeGraves and she used to work at NISSAN North America and was a former client of mine.  NOW she's the Chief of Staff to Carlos Ghosn...  

Frederique Le Greves is a former client of mine from 2008.  She lived in a home that she rented (using taxpayer money as part of the NISSAN 193 million state of Tennessee relo deal) for 3200 a month, normal rent for the neighborhood 2400.  The deposit for the home was (taxpayer money about 15K) the owners said NISSAN did not deserve the money back... the house was in good condition... I was told by Marlin Chapman the director of HR to NOT complain..  On my own I did research on "who" owned the LLC of that home... It was "vendors" from NISSAN....One connected to Jim Morton who's connected to Jim Demint.... and was on the same board as Randy Martinez the former CEO of World Airways. What's really outrageous is in 2008 I was asked to find a spa for Oxygen Facials and the money was from a cost center "funded" by the taxpayer.

How can this get weirder also I'm terrified.... the people here scare me

Have a Great Weekend!


America Deserves Better From Companies They Fund: It's TIme for RESPECT

    1. Watchdog who signed off on Obama energy loans also an an Obama donor
    2. Deseret News‎ - 5 hours ago
      In this June 24, 2009, file photo, Herb Allison testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington. Allison, a veteran businessman and Washington hand ...

    3 Arrest & Jailed 3 Times & 
    4th Warrant put into System AFTER She Spoke Up at School Board Meeting About Diversity.  She endured 19+ Months is Court Appearance

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    NISSAN Titan Trucks Followed Her Too Closely
    with Her Child in the Car.

    NISSAN Cars and Trucks Circled Her Child's Home

    NISSAN Employees Told to NOT Communicate With Her: It's a SMALL Town NOBODY Communicated to Her.  

    NISSAN Isolated Sharyn from The Community.

    NISSAN employees told people in the community Sharyn was gay. They knew that she would be bullied by doing this.

    NISSAN Knew that Sharyn Had Multiple Death Threats

    NISSAN Slandered Sharyn Bovat to Stop Politicians from Asking Questions About the Excessive IDB Bond Debt.

    NISSAN Gave Goodies to Journalist to NOT Report the Story.
    The American Taxpayer are Victims Too..
    There is SO MUCH MORE!!!

    Sharyn Told the TRUTH!!!
    On Oct 12, 2012, at 3:00 PM, Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com> wrote:

    I have to get a lawyer NOT connected to Al Gore and That's impossible in Tennessee..  This state got a LOT of money for project connected to Iberdrola.... 

    If the only way to expose the fraud is a "he said -she said" involving Al Gore then OK...I  can prove that he read my blog and that a staffer asked me if I wanted to date him....I thought it was a joke... NOTHING happened.  Then Silverman told me "if" I had dated him the charges would have been dropped. At that same time a Judge delayed indicting me... it's BIZARRE..  The only reason why I've had to blog about it so much is because EVERYONE has ignored me.... including GOP group aligned with special interest too like the Center of Public Integrity.   

    "....Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn was eventually forced into an embarrassing climb-down after it emerged that at least four employees had been fired over false claims that they had received bribes or sold secrets. None committed suicide....."