Sunday, July 27, 2014

***UPDATE*** Houston FBI Contacted to STOP the Smuggling of Illegal Kurd Crude - James Comey YOU Gotta Stop the Sale of Kurdish OIL Until the Situation in Iraq is Resolved... I Fear John Kerry Does NOT Have the Balls. Nobody Will Say WHO Bought the Oil BUT the Kurdish President is CLEARLY in Bed with Khomeini. This Has to Be STOPPED!!!

***UPDATE 2***

US Courts side with Iraq & US Marshalls 
to seize oil....  Owner of oil identified BUT 
not the trading company (Mike Loya Vitol?)& 

(Reuters) - U.S. authorities are set to seize a cargo of oil from 

Iraqi Kurdistan anchored off the Texas coast after a judge 

approved a request from Baghdad, raising the stakes in an oil 

sales dispute between Iraq's central 

government and the autonomous region.

CNBC News said documents showed the buyer of the oil was a British Virgin Isles-registered 
company called Talmay Trading, which has previously traded Russian crude. .


Smuggled "most likely" Haslam

- Loya - Barbour - Iranian allied 

oil finding it more difficult than 

an immigrant to get into USA

To help America i've sent an email to the Galveston Port Authority and the Houston FBI- Maybe they can stop the "supposed to be" illegal" shipment of Kurd Crude..... In the Subject i wrote....
Houston (FBI) "You" Have a Problem:):)  
America would be better if we FIRED Texas & became the Friendly 49....


How can the American Govt let Oil come into the country without knowing WHO bought it?  Guess immigrants aren't the ONLY things that get into the country "illegally"....
The FBI has 
to STOP it!!!
Trading sources in Texas, New York, London and Geneva have been unable to identify the buyer of the United Kalavrvta’s cargo. The oil could go to any one of the many refineries located along the U.S. Gulf Coast.
The ship carries approximately 1 million barrels of crude, which would fetch more than $US100 million at international prices.Any sale of Kurdish crude oil to a U.S. refinery would infuriate Baghdad, which sees such deals as smuggling, raising questions about Washington’s commitment to preventing oil sales from the autonomous region.