Wednesday, July 17, 2013

American Home Shield is Owned By Servicemaster & Their CEO Rob Gillette Was President of 1st Solar - OMG I Can't Complain About Bad Customer Service in Reference to American Home Shield Without Finding MORE Haslam Elitist Cronyism..

So it looks like Cronyism

is killing the middle class...

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Subject: Chicagoland Mom Starts Blog Dedicated to American Home Shield President Mark Barry - Heatwave & Bad Customer Service Don't Mix - Is the Haslam Family Connected to Servicemaster? Or is the Heat Getting to Me…..
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Hello Servicemaster Communications....
Please read

The Writer of This blog is EXPOSING Cronyism in the Haslam Family....

  1. The President of Service-master was the President of 1st Solar?
    American Home Shield is Based in Tennessee....Coincidence or Conspiracy?
    Or it's just the heat?   Someone treat me with RESPECT!!!!

"..First Solar would say only that Gillette was "no longer serving as chief executive officer."  ...  His exit comes, however, as some of the highest-profile companies in the sector find themselves under a congressional microscope...."  Green Corruption Files.

This is an expamle of "insider" investing....    The Haslam's like their friends "understand" Wall Street....  I was told that the "odds are"  were gonna be in ANOTHER recession. Due to ALL the fraud. One guy (former VP of Bank of America) told me in 2 years a possible DEPRESSION.... Too many old people that relayed on their investments had to draw from princible and soon well see grandma and grandpa "living on the streets"..... Thanks Wealthy Elite!!!!

Please watch Rep. Mike Kelly for PA in actions at a committee hearing.. That congressman UNLIKE Congresswoman Diane Black from Tennessee CARES about Average Americans...

Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary: OMG!!! Is ...

Jul 7, 2013 - US Congresswoman Diane Black Linked to Haslam Money Sources: A Woman Who Was a Nurse for 40 Years is NOW Worth Over 40 Million.

  1. So it looks like Cronyism is killing the middle class...


    Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary: Cleveland ...

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