Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Cleveland.com, KnoxNews & Plain Dealer Reporters Start Getting Makeovers.... You Could Be on Prime Time Soon: Why Would the a Man Whose Family Company is in the GAS Business Keep Funding an Electric Car.... One Built with OUTDATED Technology. I Was Told teh NISSAN Leaf Was a FALSE FLAG... Someone Should Investigate.... Oops Maybe the Feds Already Are? *** UPDATE*** In reference to yesterdays post... The Hungarians viewers "most likely" work for AUDI.... what a relief. I love the A4

I was told ONCE the Haslam story REALLY comes out people will forget about Snowden - I think the reporters that have been reporting this story will be on the Pierce Morgan Show...   It's gonna be BIG... real big.


*** UPDATE***  
In reference to yesterdays post... The Hungarians viewers "most likely" work for AUDI. What a relief.  I love the A4

Anyway -The NISSAN CEO does deals with those connected to the Russian Mafia & I have reason to believe so does the Tennessee governor & it has to do with gas prices...   commodities.  I was told people wanted the EV to fail because they wanted to secure America's dependence on OIL....  That has been on my blog for a LONG time.

Carlos Ghosn wasted a LOT of money building a car with outdated technology.  EV chargers were built before their was a common standard.  America is "unimpressed" by the electric car.   Tesla is making one that works...Maybe the people connected to Elon Musk that spoke to me are correct and the Tesla success will overshadow the "flop" Leaf.  Everyone knows that the "primitive technology" was not worth the investment.  So WHY did America give 1.4 Billion to NISSAN.

The only answer I can come up with was it was a STEALTH Bailout.....  A scheme that Timothy Geithner knew about.  Why did a company that does business with Iran get 1.4 Billion from a bank that's part of the American Treasury Bank.  The Federal Financing bank had to fund the NISSAN Leaf because "no other" bank would do it.  The NISSAN DOE loan is backed by collateral that's a Rutherford County IDB bond for 2 Billion dollars.... Someone Investigate...PLEASE!!!

I'm tire of living in fear and I want NISSAN to be forced to give me my reputation back.
My name is Sharyn Bovat and i want RESPECT!!!

It's a Global Good Ole Boy network.

The Freddie Woodruff Mystery.....

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