Monday, March 19, 2018

Jeff Sessions DOJ, Leslie Caldwell DOJ, David Bowdich FBI Please Indict Jimmy Haslam & Help End the Era of Cronyism

I've blogged for 8+ years about a lot of stuff & my blogs were vetted to be 85-90% true and 5% isn't verifiable. The MSM will use a CIA source if it's 65-75% true. I've asked what's not true so i can clarify and i was told i can't know cause then i'd know what's true. URGH!!!!!I

Once a Special Council is appointed I was told i have to be able to tell my story without getting emotional. I'm dyslexic and this is really hard. Also i can't hold back anything cause that is how i'd get discredited.

****My Uncle called me after i started blogging and told me he loved me. I know he wants a fair world. *****

I'm NOW ready to say why i left California in 1993. It's painful BUT my grandfather was right. The Clinton DOJ was on a "witch hunt".... my Uncle was the chief pilot for Pan Am.

From my letter to Victims Ombudsman

"......Buck Revell sent me an email telling me to shut up and cc’d the entire Lockerbie cover-up team.. Buck Revell is a former FBI #2 just like McCabe & he manipulated investigations. In the 90’s the special agent at the DOJ in charge of organized crime tried to pressure me to testify
against my Uncle for drug trafficking. MY UNCLE WAS A PILOT i didn’t know anything & I believe they wanted a “head on a platter” i believed that cause that’s what my grandfather told me. He said if they need your testimony to get a Grand Jury to indict then then have NO CASE & i was to shut up. I was quiet BUT then i was told to FLEE and had to leave California in 1993 with two suitcases and i couldn’t see my friends again. THAT was painful. ….. Then i made new friends was doing jobs the FBI got for me in NYC then when TWA got hit by a missile my grand father told me to “get away from them, they’re crazy”……So twice i had to flee from bogus FBI/DOJ investigations that were POLITICAL....."

He was well respected and I told a CIA guy "there's NO WAY in hell i'll let anyone destroy my family with all the post WW2 bull shit"...... the fact is my family is not a wealthy family. My family was Deep State. Not all Deep State ppl were corrupt. Many were "go along to get along"..... Ppl that followed the narratives got new mercedes cars. Ppl that followed got promotions. My grandfather must be smiling from heaven cause he was a man who rubbed his hands a LOT ... mostly out of frustration. Today I'm telling Papa "thank you" cause he gave me the gift of patients & finally it's time to say WHY i left California in 1993... I emailed it to the DOJ's Victim ombudsman and to several IC lawyers. I'm ready to FIGHT to help end the era of POLITICAL WITCH HUNTS

To: Victims Services
From: Sharyn Bovat