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Reid Weingarten- Can YOU Tell Your Buddy Eric Holder to Help Earley Story of Memphis... He Was a Deputy Sheriff That Whistle-blew About a MURDER That Involved "Special Interest".... It's a CIA Drug Cover Up and This Black Guy Was Abused By the Same People That Abuse Martin Luther King.... Hey I Should Tell James Comey to Get Some "Ethical" Memphis FBI on the Case.... It's About time They Helped Blacks.. I Was Told They People That Bullied MLK Were "immune" Because They Worked for the Govt. NOW There Linked to FedEx.... Creepy!!! How SICK is That?

Below is the FBI Report & the "Outside Interest" are most likely the CIA since the stuff was suppressed.... This needs to be investigated 

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: November 24, 2013, 11:51:43 PM CST
To:, Mark Silverman <>, Blake Farmer <>,, "" <>, Jonathan Collegio <>, Arthur Brooks <>, "" <>, Anita Househam <>
Subject: Murder in Memphis Cover Up Could be Linked to DOD contractor FEdEx
Hello- New issue includes FedEx. Dod contractor & remnants of Martin Luther King Racism. I've been told FedEx "runs" Shelby County (Memphis). TN is #1 in Violent Crime too.

So I'm sent a package that includes an innocent black man who was a Sheriffs deputy who saw a murder and then was framed for drug charges- an FBI report that clears him. An FBI report that says a Shelby jailhouse murder happened - affidavits that were sealed an now unsealed - the case is 15 years old and I got a  tape recording that shows a guy whose BLACK has lost his constitutional rights & that southern judges treat black people like fesses.

The documents were sent to me by a man who wants his reputation back and of ALL the people he calls it's me- Yippie!!!!

The way for this man to get JUSTICE is for the FBI to probe the Tennessee courts on HOW he was abused for so long and not vindicated- they might want to see if MORE murders in the prisons in TN like this happen?

FYI - i was told they wanted to "stage" a suicide with me and I told this to Mark Silverman in 2011 & i was TERRIFIED back then & i'm still terrified in  Tennessee- Mark even looked for warrants in the system prior to me traveling just this Oct. it was HORRIBLE - I never want to go back!!!
For the innocent black people that can eacape Tennessee maybe Eleanor Holmes Norton & Oprah figure out HOW to give dignity back to the black people abused by TN judges that are DIRECTLY linked to the Good Ole Boy network that currently is run by Tom Ingram & Haslam's its the SAME group that bullied Martin Luther King and Haley Barbour's Brother Jeppie is a member.  I was told directly Governor Haslam promotes KKK linked judges.

This issue is connected to the Military Industrial Complex - HOW? The FBI statements/Information was suppressed by the most likely CIA & I'm not over reaching saying its a DOD  issue due to the CIA is protecting FedEx a TOP DOD client who helps in drug trafficking- some say even today-how could that be?  Didn't Afghanistan stop the poppy field stuff? People tell me weird things about FedEx and it can't be true.

The fact is ethical people in TN are bullied and Earley Story has lost 15 years of his life to the SAME people that bullied Martin Luther King and if the Memphis FBI followed up Mr. Story would have had his reputation back a decade ago.

Please Investigate FedEx

After the trumped up drug charge Earley Story lost his job at the Sheriffs office even after proven to be innocent !!!

Worse he was bullied in the courts for two reasons

1. He's a Whistleblower

2. He's BLACK

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Reid Weingarten - Did You Get the Email Linking Haslam to the JFK Cover Up... Saying Mitt Romney is Linked to Ex Johnson Era CIA Linked to Kennedy Murder/Cover Up.... No MITT Romney Did NOT Kill JFK - BUT He Will Know Who Did..

Mitt Romney named his company after LBJ


Iran Contra Good Ole Boys 
I've got MORE fun facts 

 Nov 22, 2013, at 12:32 PM, Sharynbovat <> wrote:

I sent this to Marriott execs & FBI DODIGO + Silverman & another reporter + 3 political operatives read the last paragraph….. JFK

The link between those and the JFK and abuse of Martin Luther King is BIG… I got a call… MORE tapes of "racist" comments linked to Haslam & Marsha Blackburn supporters.OUCH!!! 

My new strategy for judicial fairness in Tennessee knowing Gary Wade is almost a relative of Haslam is to get Oprah on my side and she HATES racist:):)  

How can Eric Holder NOT prosecute Jimmy Haslam when poor blacks have audio of HIS families allies using the word nigger?    I smell an indictment:):)  

America needs JUSTICE from the bigitod Good Ole Boy network that runs Tennessee… Maybe THAT would make JFK smile in his grave:):)

Howard Baker the Iran Contra era is OVER…. & someday Baker Donelson won't OWN as many judges in TN … It might be a while but eventually "it" will happen. I'm not singling out that law firm a LOT of others are corrupt too.. Baker is the ONLY one that I can prove "with probable" cause abused me -   the problem is I can't find an ethical lawyer in TN willing to take on the Good Ole Boys….. That's WHY I want a FBI RICO case….. I think I'll put this on my website….   Any company that relocated to TN is stupid.  I "used to be" the top relocation consultant used for the HIGHEST level NISSAN execs? strange?

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Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharynbovat <>
Subject: Marriott- Westin Tampa Romney Island at RNC convention Surveillance Question? 
Date: November 22, 2013 11:24:50 AM CST]

Just wanted to show you this…below

FYI- there are some fun Marriott stories… i had one just last summer at the RNC convention I parked at the Tampa Club (private building where American Crossroads had it's secret meetings) and walked toward the Marriott and a taxi  stopped & a girl in the car said "come in" 25ish, blonde, looked dressed in Hermes she took me to what I call Romney Island the Westin & there i talked to a DOD contractor… weird?   

Memory- I was told Sal Russo of the Tea Party was at the Marriott in Tampa in 2012…. in the "old days" he didn't use Marriott… In the 90's when the current head of the Tea Party Express had an operative hire a gay college prostitute to put Ariana Huffington's husband in a compromising position it was NOT Marriott.  

Anyway- I would like to know that there is NO video of me in the Marriott system?   

Think of "this" as a Foia.  Are you going to tell me NO again? 

Thanks & have a great weekend!


Mitt Romney would have STOPPED the JFK truth from being exposed…. NOW "most likely" it will be told in 2017.   I would like to be able to get a job and healthcare BEFORE that… FYI- my grandfather was a lawyer that did the cover up stuff…I was told the CIA/FBI used lawyers  as "ethical/legal advisors" in cover up issues so  I'm 95% it was JFK plus I was told it will take 14 agencies to declassify "what" he did and the JFK deal seems to be the ONLY issue still hidden.  OUCH!!! 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

***JFK Romney/Haslam Link***Reid Weingarten Please Tell Eric Holder of the DOJ and James Comey of the FBI That I'm Ranting About Buck Revell BUT Have NOTHING to Say About Fmr. FBI Chief Robert Mueller EXCEPT This "Can He Help Get Me Into Georgetown Law?" I'm Impressed with Professor Laura Donohue is Impressive - Someone Linked to Her KNOWS What the Haslam's Did By Working with Mike Loya of Vitol is ILLEGAL!!! They KNOW that Congress is Giving Technology to Putin.... STOP GLONASS GPS !!!

 the JFK Assassination Records Review Board voted to authorize the withholding of each piece of information that was postponed under Section 6 of the JFK Act. Under the Act, no information can be closed after 2017 unless approved by the President of the United States.

Yes!!! If Mitt Romney won he would have SUPPRESSED the JFK truth - The NISSAN CEO is linked to the Lockerbie crash in 1988 & Governor Haslam & his Cleveland Browns owning Brother Jimmy profits from Iran.  IT"S COMPLICATED!!!

Professor Donahue will KNOW the SOURCE that told  me what Carlos Ghosn of NISSAN & Haslam did is ILLEGAL

Profile Laura Donohue — Georgetown

Laura K. Donohue is a Professor of Law at Georgetown Law and the Director ofGeorgetown's Center on National Security and the Law. She writes on.'

 I will try to tell EVERY Senator about the Russian GPS Thing- 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Reid Weingarten: Can YOU Tell James Comey of the FBI, Leslie Caldwell (future DOJ Criminal Chief) & I'll Tell Hedy Weinberg of the ACLU That A Black Whistleblower Framed & Jailed on Drug Charge in Shelby County Tennessee Told DOD Whistleblower He Was Abused in TN Courts By Same "Good Ole Boy" Network Linked to Jimmy & Bill Haslam. In Fact One of His Judges Gary Wade was Made Chief Justice of the TN Supreme Court By Governor Haslam & I Have PROOF the Haslam's Allies in Tennessee are Racist Corrupt Tax Dodgers & I'm Gonna Tell the Black Congressional Caucus Too. People Just Told Me They WIll Ask Members of the Black Community in Tennessee to INSIST on an FBI Criminal Investigations Into "Framed" Black Men In Tennessee. It's A HATE Crime? We Have Tape Recordings of the Haslam Linked People Using the Word NIGGER & I Sharyn Bovat Find That Word DISGUSTING!!!! I Hope James Comey Also Has NO Tolorance for Racism. Oops i Forgot He Told People to Go to Martin Luther King Memorial :):) The Black Guy Said Today - I Can Finally FEEL Change:):) OK "G" Men Lets Investigate and "Book Em" .... Good Ole Boys GAME ON!!!!

Because I've been abused in the Tennessee courts people are telling me their stories... here's the link to the "latest" on my legal issue.  I lost my appeal because a document was not filed BUT I have proof my ex lawyer did NOT file it (on purpose? i do not know) and i have a document that I filed prior to the courts decison that was NEVER reviewed.  I NEVER got to have my Due Process rights.  People say NISSAN wanted to "silence" me and that is WHY I never got the opportunity to have ANY fair trials in Tennessee and Judges use "tennessee codes (laws) to muzzle whistleblowers.   This needs to be EXPOSED.   People know I was abused in the courts and JUSTICE is elusive!!!

Here's the story of Earley Story.  His was NOT Guilty but like me framed in Tennessee for being a whistleblower.  I told him I was accused by the people framing me of being a "lesbian" and perveived gays and blacks have special rights. I think it's time for the FBI to do a HATE CRIME investigation?   
You'll find out that the courts are "in bed" with the politicians. Heck Governor Haslams family is/ was in business with the guy that Bill Haslam appointed to be the Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court.  Thats the "same guy" I'm doing an application too to have my case heard.  My rights were violated and I have PROOF!!!!!  "The Haslams had served as principal owners of the Smokies. One of the ownership partners had been Gary Wade, chief justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court. "  AP    more below

Many police officers and jailers take their duty to protect and serve seriously.  Decent guards and law officers who work in corrupt correctional facilities and police departments are sometimes victimized by their co-workers and superior officers for being honest and humane.  Former Shelby County, Tennessee Deputy Jailer Sergeant Earley Story is such a man.  Story will be a special guest on the  5:00 p.m. EST, July 18, 2010 Rev.Pinkney Blogtalk Radio Show to tell how he was fired and falsely charged with a marijuana-related offense in retaliation for his refusal to help Shelby County Jail cover up the murder of a mentally ill inmate in 1995. 

Tenn. R. App. P. 3 Appeal as of Right; Judgment of the Criminal Court is Affirmed. NORMA MCGEE OGLE, J., delivered the opinion of the court, in which GARY R. WADE, P.J., and ALAN E. GLENN, J., joined.

".....Boyd said the deal awaits a letter of approval from Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig's office. Terms of the sale weren't announced.The Haslams had served as principal owners of the Smokies. One of the ownership partners had been Gary Wade, chief justice of the Tennessee Supreme Court. The Haslams will retain a security interest in the team, but Wade will no longer be a partner under the new deal" AP

Nissan WhistleblowerHedy Weinberg & the Tennessee ACLU ...

May 7, 2013 - Hedy Weinberg & the Tennessee ACLU Shame on You. The ACLU Make Big Effort to Support Whistleblowers in Reference to the Atrocity ...

I was told NISSAN does not like to hire blacks - I will take a lie detector and check this out... Last month they STILL had NO blacks in NISSAN North America Management - WHY? Bill Krueger has allowed for discrimination to happen....  his wife is not white & I got mad at some at NISSAN for calling his wife ugly names - just don't get it?  

Click link to read more:

I Was told the US Chamber is Racist... Last month I googled and found pictures of "who" on their website was in higher management... NOT one Black... Only minority is "Lily Fu" 

Below is from a VERY popular website page:

Maria De Varenne Gannett - Sharyn Bovat

Dec 5, 2011 - Maria De Varenne Gannett ... When the Tennessean reporter Maria Giordano steered away from covering "real" stories of discrimination ...

I've learned the cronyism in the Tennessee courts is linked to the Civil War. Judges & members of only a few TN Law firms "nurture" the 'Good Ole Boy' Culture in Tennessee.  This is why so much favoritism has happened.  The scary issue is that "most likely" the Good Ole Boy's I've been fighting are connected by history to the KKK- call me and I'll tell you HOW  615-944-7599. 

  Can someone investigate? Al Gore could be the "king of hypocrisy"  he and his buddy Bredesen might touted "going green" but
they have catered to those that only want  vanilla served.  Thus segregation continues in Tennessee.

I gave Mark Silverman some examples of racial/cultural/economic segregation n Williamson County and he said "it's up to the schools reporter to decide who gets quoted and what stories are told".

When the Tennessean reporter Maria Giordano  steered away from covering "real" stories of discrimination happening in reference to a school rezoning.  When I knew Gannett was about to do layoffs I told Mark Silverman it's the time to replace that reporter... he told me  "Maria has had a tough life & went through a bad divorce ....  I'm not going to fire her." 

This is a picture of my daughter's former school a few years ago her small neighborhood was the ONLY one rezoned in reference to Crockett..  For years I complained about racism in the schools. History has shown that Williamson County rezonings tended to put diversity into "certain schools" thus hurting/helping home prices.    Crockett went through an era where in 3 years they had 3 different principles.   The 2nd was black and I was told by a PTO member the parents did not like black role models.  The black principle was forced to resign (some say fired) for what could be a valid reason still I suspect race was involved.  When I pointed out to the Williamson County School administration the fact that the ONLY hispanic on the staff of Crockett Elementary was a janitor and that the ONLY black person on the staff worked in the cafeteria people got nervous.    I "hope" this year there's more diversity.   FYI-  My  child was happy at the school that harbors the majority of Brentwood's diverse children.  Thank you Kenrose for being a place of tolerance.    

 U.S. Sen. Howard Baker Jr., who is a personal friend of the Haslams. 

A guy just told me It's gonna get UGLY in Tennessee

Leslie Caldwell - are YOU Ready?

Meet Leslie Caldwell

Main Justice-Nov 11, 2013
Leslie Caldwell (Pennsylvania State University, George Washington University School of Law) has been nominated to be the Assistant Attorney ...