Monday, July 1, 2013

To My Hungarian Viewers..... NOTE for Aubry Harwell, Tom Ingram, Reid Weingarten & the Russian Mafia Based Near Budapest.

Please - Don't Hurt Me....I Don't Want to Stop You From Doing What Your Doing.  My ONLY Task is to Ask for FAIRNESS in the Tennessee Courts and for the Hardworking Taxpayers in Tennessee.  I'm NOT Trying to Break Up the Russian Mafia... Your Too Tough- I Respect That YOU Have YOUR Turf.       Please Just Tell your Allies That I do NOT want to be at war with ya'll.

Heck I met a FORMER member of the NYC based Italian mafia and they had respect for all people....  Never would someone like me get harassed- it's against their ethics. For any group to succeed you have to have a "code of ethics".....   The theory of "protect your neighbor but SCREW everyone else is not a good code.  Someone tell Ingram, Harwell and Weingarten that.  

The Good Ole Boys in Tennessee "hit below the belt" and that's wrong.  

Also I've been to Budapest it's beautiful.... I did not eat the horse meat though.... Sorry my tastebuds are still quite American:):)   

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