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Reid Weingarten- I'm on my way to your office…. Just want to see how the "independent" investigation is going? How's Jimmy Haslam is he happy Ryan Loskarn is dean. I think it's FISHY!!!

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: To Rhori Blake and Mark
Date: December 15, 2013 5:53:12 PM EST
To: Rhori Johnston <>, Blake Farmer <>, Mark Silverman <>


Below is known by the Feds and I'm telling 3 reporters - guess 2- Silverman KILLS stories not writes them:)

A week after I had met with this guy-RYAN LOSKARN of Lamar Alexander's office  he got busted for buying porn (busted last week bought porn 3 years ago) He was supposed to help me restore my reputation. It's beyond weird!

Begin forwarded message:

Below sent to 4 agencies…

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: DOE Bond Fraud Linked to Lamar Alexander… I was told that Haley Barbour connected to "sleazy" element. Mike Duncan confirmed it… He's in charge of American Crossroads.. 
Date: January 29, 2014 2:15:34 PM EST

Paul FishmanUS Attorney       
(i'm faxing this to him and have another packet going out today).

This is information about the Good Ole Boy network "linked" to Haley Barbour. I was told that American Crossroads "partnered w/Haley for the election.  (They wanted the cash he could bring in). Immediately after the election that relationship ended. You'll see it's linked to Chris Christie: Look at Brad Dayspring and Bill Murphy (former social media dir. Mitt Romney) today they are linked to Sal Russo:  

Haley Barbour was the man that was pushing for Mark Silverman to get the Washington Times Editor job…. 

 Jim Morton the former right hand man of NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn is linked to Texas A & M CIA… So is Marvin Runyon. 

Former NISSAN North America President Marvin Runyon is linked to the CIA that whacked JFK.  In 2010 a friend of Mr. Runyon's reached out to me: He told me that US Senator Lamar Alexander was part of the Good Ole Boy "leadership" in Tennessee.  I was told by Mike Duncan at an American Crossroads party in February 2012 that the Good Ole Boy network dominated TVA he said the issue that plagued TVA was "corruption" 

In 1992 I was asked to go to Sacramento CA & spend the day with Lamar Alexander Sec of Education (by a Russo Operatives) I drove him to events-he was a "surrogate" speaker for Bush.  The man that asked me to do that a few years later took an "immunity" deal. - which I won't go into details (my memory is tired) it involved State of CA Insurance Issues I have so much more!  

Sal Russo is the "link" to the Good Ole Boy network connected to Howard Baker & others in the Reagan administration that did Iran Contra deals.  Jimmy Haslam up until recently sold Iranian oil when nobody else could in America because he "had immunity" and was able to skirt sanctions by using Vitol Energy (Mike Loya) whose company deals with Khomeini & Putin.  I was told that the Peace deal with Iran is happening cause Khomeini can't sell his oil to Haslam.  Gannett is NOT reporting the issue… Why?   The Rockefeller Group that wanted to do the development deal in Hoboken is linked to the Tennessee group due their Mitsubishi Yakuza ties.  The bond money abused in the deals is linked to HOW Yakuza is "today" stealing money from the USA.  I allege that Yakuza infiltrated the EV charger market - with ChaDuMo for many reasons… one being the ultimate goal of the EV- I was told that the premature launch was a "false flag" done to protect the people in the Middle East and to ensure American dependence on oil.   Congress would not "fund" another EV/green stimulus "if" this one failed for a generation… I blogged that about 3 years ago.. It's started to prove TRUE.  I learned an economist that talked to me after an AEI forum that the bond debt created will lead us into the next recession… a former Bank of America VP told me at the Union Club in Chicago that a "Depression" is possible too… All due to the abuse of bonds… the abuser the Good Ole Boy Network that promoted projects they knew would fail. LOTS of companies in NJ were involved… many did not understand HOW they were being used… they just were.   

US Senator Lamar Alexander is ALSO linked & I told his Chief of Staff Ryan Loskarn & now he's dead…. In December 2013 I told Ryan issues involving the assassination of Martin Luther King… & "ongoing" judicial abuse in the Tennessee courts. The abuse is done by the SAME judges that denied the family of Martin Luther King justice. CIA drug trafficking done by FedEx & a week later he (Ryan Loskarn) was arrested on child porn charges that were linked to Operation Spade.  Ryan Loskarn bought porn in 2010 and the Feds KNEW in 2011 and he got the Chief of Staff job in 2012.  The chief of staff sits in on briefings and the Senator leads ENERGY…

Members of the Senate encourage whistleblowers BUT how can people linked to the intelligence committee meet with staffers about a problem if the Chiefs of Staffs do NOT have a standard background check?  I was told that easily someone could have told Senator Lamar Alexander to "not" hire Loskarn & not give details of the "ongoing" porn investigation. 

ALSO Ryan Loskarn was "set up" to be humiliated. I sent an email to his lawyer immedialty after his arrest and also sent him a message via FB… I just noticed the email to his attorney is NOW missing from my computer. I did have a cyber attack while I was in Florida in late December. 

Ryan made 169K a year he did not need to "distribute" porn for money. That charge was the one that "most likely"cause him the most stress-due to the minimum sentencing. FYI- I learned at a National Security conference that "framing people with porn is easy".... Once being accused it's hard to get back a reputation. Also the staffer was well respected in DC circles & "supposedly" heavily vetted. He was NOT a newbie to DC. 

A photographer was on standby "ready" to take the perfect "perp walk" photo outside his home …. Who arranged that?  If it's true that he bought porn because he was a "victim" of sexual abuse then the distribution charge is an "over reach"… the judge released him because his safety was guaranteed.  I was told that there's LOT of non evasive ways to watch people suspected at being suicide risks.   Loskarn's home should have had "monitoring" stations set up. Loskarn's indictment was delayed.   Was a "deal" in the works? Was Ryan Loskarn going to "rat out" people linked to Lamar Alexander- Oddly the Senator IMMEDIATELY had a replacement ready & Lamar Alexander was quoted as saying within hours of the arrest "guilty or INNOCENT he lost his job"  

Did Lamar Alexander know that he had a "compromised" chief of staff?  Was it Tom Ingram that hired him for the job?   These are questions the Senate Ethics committee needs to ask. I've emailed Barbara Boxer's office and am trying to set up a meeting. 

This is beyond scary!    

Marvin T. Runyon- bio

Marvin Runyon was raised in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and started working for Ford at its Dallas Assembly Plant in 1943, where his father also worked. 
After graduation from Texas A&M University, Runyon worked at Ford plants in Atlanta, and in Loran, OH in the 1950s. He served as a plant manager in the 1960s and in the 1970s became an executive at major operations in charge of powertrain and chassis operations. In 1981, Mr. Runyon was named chief executive of Nissan North America and supervised construction of Nissan's Smyrna assembly and engine plants. The plant Mr. Runyon's team built rolled out its first trucks in June 1983 and it now makes more then 500,000 cars, trucks and sport utility vehicles a year. When Mr. Runyon, a 37-year Ford veteran, was asked by the New York Time's for an article on the auto industry revolution of the late 1970s and early 1980s about his new job as head of a Japanese car maker in Tennessee, he said he Detroit colleagues "wish[ed] me luck, but not too much." After Nissan, he went on to lead, with great success, the Tennessee Valley Authority and United States Postal Service.  Bill Krueger( I used to scrapbook with his wife Lyn- I stood up to people at NISSAN that called her an "Asian Whore"… I stood up to people at NISSAN that called Bill Krueger's children 1/2 breeds & Bill Krueger the) vice chairman of Nissan Americas (did nothing- he let his HR bully me….) , said about Mr. Runyon, "...[he] had an extraordinary career path, but to those in the automotive industry, he will always be revered as an innovator and a pioneer."

Worse i was told my lawyer did not represent me properly cause he had a porn problem (when i was told that I thought he read too many playboys).

FYI - my ex-lawyer knows this guy - Ryan used to work for my ex congresswoman Marsha Blackburn- (a right wing loon-Oops I'm in the "loon" party). 

Anyway My ex lawyer was her treasurer and currently President of Marsha's PAC.

At least I'm learning the truth- sadly  I don't know if I can handle the truth :(:(

If anyone has the courage to report this story it will be GLOBAL- he relative could be the top lawyer at the DOD- now we know why the military lets sexual assaults happen. Remember Kline was able to ask me on an Interrogatoty ? To name "sex acts" and I complained and the State of Tennessee sent me a letter saying what Kline asked me to do was NOT unprofessional. All that will be made public ONCE Its all connected to Project SPADE. 

 Good News i spoke to a US Attorney last week and maybe Tennessee will get BUSTED for inhumanity! 

Have a great night!


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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

James Comey YOU Should Tell the FBI to Read the Dick Polman Article About Haley Barbour & GOP Freak Out… Just Wait Until Bob Dickey and Gracia Martore of Gannett Give the "Green Light" to Expose Haley Barbour's ALLIES Mitt Romney and Bill Haslam for Profiting from KHOMEINI - All Linked to the "Get Rid of Carter Days"….. I've Got So Much More,,, I'm Telling Paul Fishman the New Jersey US Attorney Too….

"The scandals suggest "something ugly inside Christie's world...either he built and tolerated this kind of political culture, or he was ignorant of it" DickPolman

The slow pace of the probes will likely bleed him further, and sow more panic within the party...

 Party regular Haley Barbour, the ex-Mississippi governor, has tried to knock down the Hoboken allegations by pointing out that "this is a lady mayor." 
 (Hence, the GOP Guide to Gender: A mayor who  to be a man is called  "mayor." A mayor who happens to be a woman is called "lady mayor.")

America needs to support Dawn Zimmer!!!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Reid Weingarten Dawn Zimmer is my New Hero & I emailed the Rockefeller Group to Ask Them About the Shadow CIA Stuff That Jimmy and Bill Haslam are Linked to I Hope James Comey at the FBI is Investigating This? I THen Emailed Ed Gillespie Wanting Him to Speak Up Against Mitt Romney Making Money From Iran..He's a Senate Candidate and Should Be Asked 'If" it's OK to Profit From Khomeini

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Media question on Yakuza Link to Rockefeller Group About Connection to Chris Christie for Article on NISSAN Dept of Energy Fraud
Date: January 19, 2014 6:54:02 PM CST
To: "" <>, "" <>, Jonathan Collegio <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, Andrea Uckele <>, Mark Silverman <>, Blake Farmer <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>

I just emailed the Rockefeller Group…. They're linked to Yakuza and so is Chris Christie - I'm TIRED of mafia's and the NISSAN CEO is linked to the Russian mafia too. if Ed Gillespie really cares about America he'll come clean on Mitt Romney- it's time America got RESPECT

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Media question on Yakuza Link to Rockefeller Group About Connection to Chris Christie for Article on NISSAN Dept of Energy Fraud
Date: January 19, 2014 6:49:53 PM CST
Hello Rockefellor Group: 

My name is Sharyn Bovat the Voice of a Moderate. I come from a family that was part of the "Shadow CIA" I was recently "outed" by NISSAN North America for being a spy & the DOJ guy told me to file a civil suit - even though I wanted a criminal investigation but the Tennessee courts were corrupt and nobody has helped me.  Attached a letter to the Tennessee Supreme Court: So NOW I'm aggressively reporting on my very successful blogs issues of corruption, fraud and discrimination.  I believe it's linked to people aligned with the CIA during Iran Contra & the Military Industrial complex - There's a BIG Japanese link too…..   

My mom lived in Tokyo in the 50's and was Chief flight attendant for Transocean Airlines and she trained women to spy for America. A Japanese man Japanese that owned a hotel in Tokyo his granddaughter Mira Yamaoka befriended and "get this" she's made a BUNDLE of money from having "insider" info on green companies..  Is the Yamaoka family known by the Rockefeller Group?

Click Here to read letter sent to Tennessee Supreme Court 
When growing up in the 70's  my mom took me to restaurants in San Francisco (Japan town) and I met people that were
missing fingers.  I learned they were linked to the American mafia too.  They had a name that reminded me of a "game" no not Yatzee... YAKUZA  Anyway they merged with legit business & I in the early 90's when Japanese were spending time buying real estate I was a "baby sitter" for a Japanese investor. I even went to a Dianne Feinstein event with a Japanese guy that was friends with "Leo" the CA LIEUTENANT governor.

In the early 90's in Pebble Beach (my family belongs to the Monterey Peninsula Country Club-same club as John McCone Kennedy's CIA Director - Leon Panetta & the guy in charge of membership was the personal assistant to Bill Casey, who was WHACKED) the Japanese  linked to the Military Industrial Complex bought a LOT of Real Estate in Pebble Beach AFTER the Lockerbie Cover up.

The Yakuza connected Japanese today are linked GREEN FRAUD and companies like NISSAN that got to use BONDS for collateral for Dept of Energy loans.  I'll CC the FBI, Treasury and DOD IGO "if" I'm wrong they can tell me. 
Anyway -Today those linked with NISSAN and Dept. of Energy fraud are the ones that I'm researching. I'll CC the DOE too. Also they're linked to Chris Christi via some of his supporters. I had a death threat that I believe is linked to a source with NJ ties. I'm waiting for the FBI to finish researching. Then I want them to research cyber attacks done to my computer. 

Anyway can you confirm any relationship the Rockefeller Group with Buck Revell &/or the Shadow CIA? It will be helpful

Also some Japanese Auto parts companies I've complained about are linked to the business Yakuza types are they
linked or your CEO or any of your executives? just curious.  My goal is to get RESPECT for ALL People Also I want the LOCKERBIE truth told.  I think I'll CC someone from the United Nations too & a guy linked to "creepy" UK types :):)  Sorry Mr. Stanbrook I'm sure your lovely. Also a memory expert I have horrible memories of people in my life talking about JONESTOWN. I'm just scared.

Thank you,

Sharyn Bovat

Check this out this is me in 2011 with a guy that was in the US mafia linked to Buck Revell-people have made a LOT of money who were friends with BUCK REVELL and they're linked to NISSAN, Chris Christie, Haley Barbour , Lamar Alexander, Howard Baker, Tom Ingram, Bill Lacy, & more.  The TIsh family is part of the club too….   A friend of the late Marvin Runyon talked to me….OUCH!!!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

James Comey Tell the FBI I'm Being a Team Player By Posting the Unclassified Version of Fax Sent Todd McCall of the Memphis FBI, Lauren Dudley of Congressman Eleanor Holmes Norton Office, Adam Elias of Congressman Bill Foster Office, Robert Holley of the Chicago FBI, & Brian Coleman of the US Attorney's Office Memphis Division


My name is Sharyn Bovat and my family was part of the "shadow" group that did stuff …. anyway when I was in my 20's I got in inkling of how "creepy" the people were that I was around. 

Today's point is about Martin Luther King and I know the mainstream media ignores the issues and I know why- like I'm sure you do. FYI- I whistle blew about fraud done by NISSAN a company that does business with IRAN & that Mitt Romney profiteered from Iran by the deals done by people linked to the Military Industrial Complex in the 80's. Since 2009 I've been bullied, harassed, jailed and more. 

I learned it was happening to me cause I "know too much" It was done because of a Good Ole Boy network that is linked to Howard Baker of the Reagan era (SAL RUSSO), Tom Ingram, Lamar Alexander, Bill Lacy, Fred Thompson, & a lot more. The problem is that the Tennessee courts are corrupt and innocent people are harmed because of ALL the immunity that is allowed. Yes!!! the evil "creepy" people that killed a President and Black leader get special treatment in the courts due to the cover up. The people that whacked MLK also whacked JFK….. oops Hope I did not spoil the 2017 surprise. 

This was confirmed *************************


A man named Earlie Story and a woman named Amy Burns are "ongoing" victims of the MLK cover up. Earlie Story STILL has sealed documents in his Tennessee court files. Amy Burns still suffers from "trumped up" charges from her money laundering future ex husband. Due to the issue of the statue of limitations on crimes done by " cover up profiteers" the people involved with those crimes (and their families/allies) know they have "card blanche" and can abuse people and the judges and prosecutors in Tennessee know they have "extra immunity" and this needs to stop NOW. 

Please lets figure out a way to give the people abused by the cover up justice. It will also give Martin Luther King justice. 

Ask Tennessee WHY Earlie Story is STILL has sealed documents? I have copies of the recently "unsealed" FBI documents so the sealed ones MUST be CIA. The fact that he has sealed documents shows that a man who was innocent and framed on charges because he whistle blew at the Memphis County jail that man was wronged and it's time for the FBI to make it right. 

Also I have some documents that show that the Congressman from ********* is linked to those that profited from CIA drug trafficking. Maybe you should ask ********** some questions? He went on a trip to Russia with ************** & the Boston Bombing is linked to the Haslam FBI raid (according to one of my sources). So I would think that the FBI would want to investigate the issues. OK - it's complicated. 

Has the CIA stopped drug trafficking ? I think not…. maybe ya'll should inspect the ****** planes a bit more and look into Congress************ husbands business. The contracts were a political kickback. 

Call me if you want information. I hope the Chicago FBI is planning on inspecting my computer that had a cyber attack.. if not tell me. Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599

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Voice of a Haslam Supporter

Reid Weingarten Do YOU Know Tony Poma of Michigan? Maybe YOU Should Question Him for Your Independent Investigations? Better- Maybe James Comey of the FBI Can Investigate? Seems Like the Williamson County DA Kim Helper Has "Dropped the Ball"

  1. Kim Helper Williamson County DA .... WHY?
    Jan 5, 2014 - The Haslam/Iranian alliance has be to exposed. ... ALL connected toHaslam. NOW a ... Subject: Emailed issue to DOD IGO (they're investing issues that are linked to Troy Burns)… Troy most likely has been helping the FBI
    You've visited this page many times. Last visit: 1/9/14
  2. Judge Timothy Easter - Kim Helper Williamson County DA .... WHY?
    Oct 12, 2013 - Troy Burns Got Millions of Dollars in Checks Each Year and Declared.... Labels: comdata, haslam fbi, judge jeff bivins, judge robbie beal, judge ...
    You +1'd this
  3. Kim Helper Williamson County DA .... WHY?: Haslam Family Has ...
    Apr 17, 2013 - A day after the FBI locked down the Knoxville, Tenn., headquarters of Pilot .... Troy Burns Got Millions of Dollars in Checks Each Year and ...

Reid Weingarten - I'm Getting Ready To POUNCE…. Was Told People are Scared-Tell Fred Smith at FedEx NOT to Worry & He'll Have 'Product Placement" in My Movie…. OPERATION AIRHEAD:):) Like OMG the 80's are in …. It's TOTALLY Cool…GAME ON!!!

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Reid Weingarten DID YOU get the email? Hope you had a great weekend & are we on for lunch?

Begin forwarded message:  

From: Sharyn Bovat <> 
Subject: Fwd: Packet going to LARRY FLYNTS Office….. If Gannett won't publish NISSAN fraud they will… I'll have to SPICE it Up with TRUE "Bad Boy" Behavior - Sorry Silverman  
Date: January 12, 2014 4:37:57 PM CST To: "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>  

I'm TIRED of being abused by Tennessee… 

I"m gonna tell ALL to Larry Flynt

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Reid Weingarten - Why Don't you Talk to Jon T. Rymer the DOD Inspector General.... He Might Help YOU On Your "Independent" Haslam Investigation Maybe He Know Howard Baker &/or Tom Ingram?

Mr. Rymer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of Tennessee and a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

I have NOT heard anything bad about the DOD IGO Mr. Rymer but there is that saying "birds of a feather 'flock' together"...  Also I'm STILL waiting to see corruption in Tennessee linked to DOD contracts and for the Iranian "profiteering" to end.   It's time for America to get healthy... that starts with REAL investigations. 

Sharyn Bovat the DOD whistleblower wants Mr. Rymer to tell her if he's investigating Good Ole Boy issues in Tennessee, seems like those that profit from the DOD's #2 vendor get "priority-preferrred" treatment.  

Kim Helper Williamson County DA .... WHY?
4 days ago - Kim Helper STOP the Corruption in Tennessee The FBI Knows the Courts are CORRUPT and I Pray to God That James Comey Will Clean Up ...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Reid Weingarten - Are YOU Too Busy to Represent Haslam... I Was RIGHT About Employees of General Motors Being CORRUPT in Tennessee Thank God the James Comey Led FBI, IRS and Others Busted One of the Guys..... The Issue is the Culture of Corruption in Tennessee That Jimmy Haslam's Brother Fosters.... I'm Talking Foster as in "Nurture" NOT the Beer..... The UK Dude Seems Like a "Piece of Work"..... I Was Paid to Work at HP for a While in the 80's.... I Didn't Do Anything.... I Can Tell YOU and Will Drake About My HP Experience at Lunch? Lsst Thing... I Officially Am Endorsing Mark Coonrippy Brown... Unless He's a Good Ole Boy Racist - Actually I Don't Live in Tennessee Anymore.. For That i Say THANK YOU JESUS... or Possibly THANK YOU OPRAH..... Happy New Year Mr Weingarten... I'm Serious About Lunch.. You Can Pay for It ... Charge It to Jimmy Haslam :):)

Reid Weingarten- Wanna Have lunch next week?

This is Money ‎- 4 hours ago
Last year the Mail revealed Lynch has hired Reid Weingarten, who previously defended film-maker Roman Polanski and Enron executive Richard Causey, ...

Tennessee man caught by stealing from General Motors: - I Knew About the Fraud and Reported it a While ago... Tennessee is a "Cesspool" of corruption... The American taxpayers are harmed by the Good Ole boy Network...