Thursday, May 30, 2013

Gannett Owned Tennessean Ignores the Jimmy Haslam Story. Bill Haslam the Tennessee Governor Gets "Puff Pieces"... By Reading the Local Paper You'd Think the Haslam Family is Fast Tracked for Sainthood. Seems Like Tennessee Will Remain #1 in Corruption Without a REAL Newspaper.. Maria De Varenne Go Back To California Your Useless. Laura Hollingsworth - Maybe Gannett Won't Hire Me Cause i Don't LIke the Balls of Corrupt People......

Gannett Shows Interest In Hiring Sharyn Bovat.... 

Other Companies Can't Get Past Her Conviction for a 1st Time Misdemeanor That Was "Trumped UP" To Discredit Her"... A Crime with a Maximum $50 Penalty - One That NEVER Should Have Been Brought to Trial. Bovat Sent Email to Access Justice Committee of the Tennessee Bar Association and CC'd the CIA. Sharyn Wanted to Work at the George Bush Center of Intelligence in Virginia BUT Sequester Hinders Govt Employment (Or Her Link to Iran Contra - Which Should Have NO Impact Since CURRENT Intelligence Leaders Ran Gun Running Operations in the 80's That are Linked to Bovat's Family & NISSAN executives). 

Sharyn Hopes Gannett Gives Her a Job ...She's NOW Considered the NISSAN Whistleblower, a CIA Whistleblower & the Tennessee Whistleblower. It's a LOT to digest. 

The Good News for Humanity is Sharyn Has LOTS of Time to Blog & Expose FRAUD (Until Her Image is Restored by NISSAN). Sharyn Will Join Toastmasters and Start Public Speeches About Continued Abuse of Taxpayer Money & The USA Funding a Company That Deals with IRAN.


Sharyn Bovat Can't Get a Job Due to NISSAN BULLYING

Maybe "if" someone explained WHY he needs to be in jail and OTHERS do NOT then I'd understand BUT as of NOW I and a LOT of other people do NOT understand WHY John Kiriakou is in jail?

  1. Op-Ed: Obama refuses to pardon or commute sentence of CIA ... hours ago
    Washington - Obama has not punished anyone for the torture practices revealed by the CIA whistle-blower John Kiriakou. Indeed, Obama has ...


Stephen Preston Cia


Michael Vickers CIA

OMG!!!  Stephen Preston Was Quash the Benghazi Talking Points....

Sunday, May 26, 2013

John Caniglia of the Plain Dealer Shares Info of Federal Prosecutors: Changing the Corrupt Culture in Tennessee STARTS with the Haslam Family Getting Indicted. Benchmark Indictments Took a While... People Have to Wait.

"Without Memorial Day - we wouldn't be able to celebrate other holidays"  Actor Joe Mantegna to CNN while being interviewed by Candy Crowley

Yesterday a lady that I blogged about earlier contacted me "hoping" to hear the Haslam family & their unethical allies would soon be going to jail for what people connected to them did to her - she desperately wants the feds to deal with the issues of cronyism and corruption in the Tennessee courts that have let the Haslam family dictate the laws of the state.  
That lady showed my LOTS of documents & proved to me that she was abused by Tennessee judges (some of them I heard will no longer judges:):)   They will have to answer questions during an "evaluation" and if they do NOT want to answer the questions they will NOT be allowed to run for re- election.  That means Tennesseans ONLY have to deal with the cronyism until their terms expire.  It's better than nothing.  OK- it's sad. 

Anyway this lady wants to see justice. NOW!!!

Recently she was just given a court date for her divorce that "started" her judicial nightmare, she was/is married to a Good Ole Boy whose family history is linked to the KKK.  The date the courts gave her was August 2014 and the system is going to abuse her for at "least" another year.

Sadly her child is abused in the process.  She has transcripts that show her child was violently spanked by the grandma who the little girl was forced live with (ordered by a TN judge).  It looks like the judge had a "conflict of interest" worse  the KKK rooted grandma told the police her 'yankee daughter in law' did things and the mom from Michigan was jailed 3 times.  LOT of court appearances & 2 of charges were dropped but a trespass charge still exists YEARS later. She was accused of trespassing on the marital home.  (Kindof like Mark Sanford).  It's my belief the charge is "trumped up" and that is what happened to me.  Bottom-line the trespass charge is a "he said -she said" and since were in the South... Kim Helper's office (The Williamson County DA) agrees with the Good Ole Boy.  The DA knows that the child was given custody to a family that "likes" the word NIGGER.  Justice is NOT fair in Tennessee. Both this mom & me were charged with the same crime as Occupy Nashville protestors.  The exception is BOTH of us did not get proper notice that we were trespassing.  Her court documents were tampered with (we have proof) and I believe mine were too.  Gannett knows about this and reported NOTHING.  The Tennessean newspaper is protecting the TN politicians .

Odd fact the dad has a lawyer as so does the grandma.... The lawyers last name is "Hood"  kindof appropriate for a lawyer with KKK connected clients?

So in Tennessee college educated carpool mom from Michigan was forced to live in a shelter.  She learned about me from the internet & read my blog from a public library near that haven for abused women.  On Christmas day in 2012 she sent me an email and we later met at Starbucks. That day she showed up for a 11 x 14 framed picture of her little girl.   OMG!!!!  

The man that abused her is NOW being investigated by the IRS. For years the man that has denied her money for support and more important denied her - her child told the IRS he makes about 20k a year but MILLIONS are funneled in his checking account each year (this has gone on for a while).  She has an audio of him saying he did 2&1/2 million in sales.  

 His company books show that his liquor is paid for by the company... and his company pays BUILD a BEAR on a monthly bases.  He owns a "tractor" company.  Prior to a court hearing I called a couple of companies that bought tractors from him to ask about "odd invoices" and one owner told me he QUIT doing business with him due to the "sleaze" factor.  When they asked WHY I was calling I was honest - I said his wife is trying to prove that he made more that 20k a year because he does NOT want to pay to support her.  One guy told me
THANK YOU & said he makes OVER 20k a years.  People have told me they "pray" for the lady I'm writing about.  She was recently granted in the courts $500 a month for living expenses.   This lady is the "face of poverty" and she KNOWS that people connected to the Tea Party, Marsha Blackburn, State Senator Jack Johnson, Governor Haslam & Beth Harwell (some last name as Aubrey Harwell?) know that she's & her child have suffered and are STILL suffering and they're STILL not forcing her "future ex" to treat her humanly.

So the good news is things are happening and she's comforted that he will someday be accountable.  She has connected to her "not yet ex" to the Haslam family ....  Sadly UNTIL justice happens her child is at risk.   I'm writing this because she told me she wants to "go viral".... the wait is HORRIBLE.  so "if" your a reporter that does domestic issues and wants the "5 year Tennessee Divorce from Hell" story call me Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599 & I'll connect you to what could be one of your greatest stories EVER. 

The audio transcripts SHOW the issues are real... the racism is real... the problems in TN are real.

Today corrupt people STILL run the courts in Tennessee.  I told her to be calm & to put her documents in a safe place and to be patient - progress is happening.  Telling her the reality that her issues cannot be address UNTIL they get the "big fish" ... To fix a society you have to "get to the root of the problem"....  She now gets to see her little girl "every-other week" this is after the mom had a year of isolation.  She knows the Good Ole Boys are scared and the network is going down.  She knows that her visitation was allowed because of her courage to FIGHT.   She knows that the internet has granted her the opportunity to tell her story.   NOW we need a BIGGER outlet than mine to share her story.  Her story NEEDS to be told.  She like me fears for her life.  She like me knows that ONLY when people see the inhumanity will her situation change.  She is the face of Haslam Values. My goal is to get her on National TV.  

FYI- This lady did reach out to the Tennessean BUT they refused to listen- the paper that's owned by Gannett does NOT step on the toes of those in power politically ESPECIALLY the Haslam family.

Please Read:

The Benchmark Indictments Took OVER a Year.... 

"The scheme unraveled early last year following the suicide of Benchmark Capital, Inc.’s owner, Charles Candler, in March 2012 just days before agents from the Internal Revenue Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Postal Inspection Service swarmed his offices in Knoxville and Greenville, S.C.
This indictment is the result of an investigation conducted by the aforementioned agencies. Assistant U.S. Attorney Frank M. Dale, Jr. is representing the United States in the case.....In March, seven individuals hailing from Knoxville, Powell and Corryton filed a joint multi-million dollar lawsuit in Blount County Chancery Court against Allen, Thomas, Benchmark Capital, Inc., and Candler..."

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Is a Rutherford County Trucking Company Getting Ready to Sue Haslam Too....

I pitched on a different blog the name of a movie called "Operation Airhead"   NOW I'm thinking of a movie based on the Haslam deception and their deals with Ex Nazi... Maybe Spielberg could do a movie called "Jimmy's List"....

The fact that Jewish leaders KNOW about this and have stayed silent is DISGUSTING!!!!

Below was just posted on my blog to Senator Dianne Feinstein...  It shows that the people connected to the Haslam family are linked to Terrorism.  The NISSAN CEO needs to testify under oath to the congressional "intel" committee.  He knows about Lockerbie and other acts of Terrorism.  Maybe 9-11 too....  Come one the world deserves the TRUTH!!!

Note to Michael Vickers - Maybe you can tell your "Hollywood Friends" I want to go to law school & need to fund it.  I can't get a job because NISSAN keeps bullying me for whistle blowing.    Maybe I'll sell my story as the SEQUAL to Charlie's War?   

Also - if you have access to Tom Hanks tell him a few years ago he made a comment on Inside the Actors Studio, he told the guy with the index cards that he went to a "crappy college"  then he said it was Sacramento State (in California) I went there and his comments pissed me off.  Tell Mr. Hanks he was my favorite actor UNTIL he said that.  It's NOT nice to insult someone.  Thank you,  Sharyn Bovat  

PS... Please Tell Stephen Preston to call me 615-944-7599.  This guy told me he was his brother BUT the dude support Assad... it makes NO SENSE? 
Years ago my grandfather told me that ONLY the people that "make" the messes can clean them up.  

They know WHO the players are.... So maybe Michael Vickers was needed. 

Still I did NOT need to be TERRORIZED.  A guy connected to Blackwater communicated to me that CIA "helped create Al Qaeda".... it was better for the MIC to have a "roaming enemy".... No more targeting individual nations and the need for the war toys would be INDEFINITE  The guys that make the weapons are SMART.

So this stinger missile thing is intriguing.  I got a call OVER a year ago about one in Mexico that was sold from IRAN to a cartel.  The question is WAS Benghazi part of a stinger "buy back"...

We really should put a few military bases "on the border".....  

Seriously, Lets keep a BIG and STRONG military and "cut bank" on 200k a year contractors.  

YES!!!  I know their talented BUT the military needs to have the BEST and too many after service flee to the private sector and NOW too many young people.

Diversity means "age" too...  

Note to John Brennan: How's my application? 

Sir, I hear the CIA is going back to "old school"... Lets face it the techniques of relationship building and building of trust are NOT ones that people like Ryan Fogle are good at.  I have great sources that KNOW I'm a person of character... One that has values that RESPECT all people.... 

When I was in DC someone working on the sexual assault issue listened to the issues I blogged about. OMG!!! It was impressive seeing that Chuck Hagel "really does" have people working to stop it.  

"...Hanks’s movie (based on George Crile’s book) might have taken some 
liberties with Vickers’ character. But his background in covert action is unparalleled for a public figure. He served over a decade in Special Forces in the 1970s before joining the CIA. In the 1980s, Vickers hunted terrorists in Lebanon with a CIA “operational task force” and played a leading role for the agency in the 1983 invasion of Grenada. That was all before he became the “principal strategist” for what he later described to Congress (PDF) as “the largest and most successful covert action program in the CIA’s history”: the U.S.-supported Afghan insurgency against the Soviets. During that time, he became tight with a certain senior CIA official named Robert Gates...."