Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Reader Mail..... Maybe James Comey and the Knoxville FBI Should Read My Emails:):) Hey Gary Wade Call Me I Wanna Know Why?

 These come from articles about HRcomp that mention them and something connected to HRcomp and or usually some sort of corruption. Hopefully you can follow this:

1.      Seems Andrea Ball Rudd also hired Mark Padgett for sales. He owns eGovernmet solutions and far over stated the capabilities of his software and his company in general. Three was an article where one of the few counties that use his software also was missing money that went to his campaign. This article shows how he is not only connected to HRcomp but Mike Ragsdale and his partner. http://www.metropulse.com/news/2011/jan/26/mayoral-candidate-mark-padgett-lines-support-fundi/
2.      Mike Ragsdale http://www.tennesseestrategies.com/ragsdale.html who was connected to many other corrupt people.
3.      Mike Arms, partner to Mike Ragesdale (both of which were an payroll of HRcomp and lobbyist with strong ties to Tom Ingram, the Chamber and sit on the board of the Knoxville Art non-profit that Bill Haslam’s wife sits on, go figure.
4.      Tom Ingram hired as lobbyist and to help with marketing strategies.
5.      Her in-house attorney who was the Knox county attorney.
6.      Honorable Gary R. Wade Chief Justice of the Tennessee Supreme court  I thought you might be able to use this one in your blog post http://www.hrcomp.com/andrea-ball-ceo-of-hr-comp-sponsors-tremont-foundation-fundraiser
7.      http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2013/jun/15/gay-lyons-weather-spares-cobbles-fundraiser-for/?print=1 (in the Tremont event Jim Haslam is on the same list with Andrea Ball and later to become husband (while she was still married) Rudd.

And the list continues. I think the previous attorney was the attorney for Powell, TN too.

Funny how all these Republicans and Democrats working toward .......... 

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