Tuesday, August 12, 2014

James Comey Tell the FBI I've Got Temp Housing in Pentagon City Can Ya'll Do RICO Now? Also I GOT the Cheney-Chalabi Alliance Puzzle Figured Out & Know WHY the Haslam Family Via Howard Baker Was Able to Profit From IRAN... Got a Tip About WHY Ted Stevens the Alaskan Senator was Abused in the Bush-Clinton Appointee Controlled Courts Too... Thanks to the Help of Sardar Pishdare a Kurd Living in Exile in the UK. Get This *** Ahmed Chalabi Was a CIA "Iranian" Asset from the "Get Rid of Carter Deal" in 1979 *** Because I Remember the Ex DOD Secretary From My Childhood I Bet Donald Rumsfeld Will Know the Details & Please Thank People Connected to Al Gore & Colin Powell

It's All Making Sense......

The Scoop

Gore To Rebels: We're With You, Maybe

Last August, when Saddam Hussein's tanks crushed the Iraqi National Congress and blew apart a CIA support operation, embarrassed U.S. officials blamed INC infighting. True, a Kurdish INC faction did invite the dictator back into northern Iraq's no-go zone. But documents obtained by TIME suggest that by failing to match tough words with tough deeds, the U.S. helped bring on the rout.
Vice President Al Gore wrote to INC president Ahmed Chalabi on Aug. 4, 1993. He called INC leaders "spokespersons for millions," affirmed Washington's "solid commitment" to "your struggle" and pledged that U.S. officials "will not turn our backs." Chalabi used Gore's letter to rally anti-Saddam forces, only to have the U.S. refuse backing for an INC guerrilla offensive in March 1995. Such mixed signals, Chalabi believes, caused fatal disillusionment and dissension. In the month before Saddam's assault, the Kurdistan Democratic Party wrote four letters to State Department and National Security Council officials asking Washington to condemn an Iranian incursion and attacks by a Kurdish rival faction. In its final missive, the K.D.P. warned of the "only option" left: turning to Saddam.

I was told by my grandfather (in the 90's he died 1998) that Al Gore was the nominee "for a reason"  to protect the Lockerbie cover-up. Think about it he was from neighboring state to Clinton, was about the same age and racially/gender wise it made "no sense."  I think what papa told me was true & blogged about it   http://jonromanofixthedebt.blogspot.com/2013/01/jon-romano-im-republican-because-i-was.html


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