Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Reid Weingarten: This Lane Kidd Character is Linked to Haslam Allies.... Call Me & i"ll Give YOU Details for YOUR Independent Investigation. Also Bill Haslam Appointed Charles Traughber to the Ethics Commission to Hear an Ethics Complaint Against Him? Huh? It's Like Totally Tennessee..... CORRUPT!!!!

NASHVILLE — Gov. Bill Haslam has appointed Charles Traughber, who recently retired as chairman of the state Board of Paroles, to a seat on the Tennessee Ethics Commission, which will hear a complaint filed against Haslam in October.
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Reid: You can't "make up" this shit!!!
It's almost as wacky as the Haslam family naming an "independent investigator" of the Rebate Fraud whose the "long time friend" of the US Attorney General - The man who in America decides WHAT to prosecute.

Remember the Haslam's "understand" how to play the Bond Game.....
the "next" financial crisis is due to FRAUD in energy deals.....

Pilot Flying J's debt doubled over a two-year period, per Pluto's report:
The company's debt nearly doubled to $4 billion in a two-year period through last year, as its owners paid themselves two payments totaling $1.7 billion from it, according to Moody's.

Someone tell Lane Kidd the "little guy" is the one usually that "does the time"....  

Despite his company's financial issues, Haslam doesn't seem to believe that he will be crippled by the debt, reportedly claiming that the debt can be paid down quickly. 

The timeline starts April 15 when the FBI raided Pilot Flying J headquarters.  On April 18, the FBI released the affidavit that accuses Pilot of a rebate rip-off scheme.  Then on April 22, Arkansas Trucking Association (ATA) president Lane Kidd filed paperwork to form National Trucking, registered at the same address as the ATA in Little Rock. On April 24, the two-day-old company National Trucking sued Pilot for rebate fraud.  On July 16 a judge in Arkansas gave preliminary approval to a class action settlement between Pilot Flying J, National Trucking, and seven other plaintiffs that had filed federal lawsuits.

Plaintiff settling with Pilot denies being 'shell' company

WBIR-TV-Aug 26, 2013
The timeline starts April 15 when the FBI raided Pilot Flying J ... "I have never met Mr. Jimmy Haslamand do not personally know him.".

A New Chapter in the Pilot Flying J Saga: Meet Lane Kidd | Pith in ...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Message for Al Gore - It was recently confirmed that had the Haslam family NOT intervened in Tennessee YOU would have been President. FYI- I'm a Republican and did not vote for you... BUT I believe in Global Warming and I HATE Haslam. The Global good Ole Boy Network is Dangerous to Society.

To the left is a picture of the NISSAN Whistleblower  during a time when she experienced random bouts of vomiting & diarrhea the right is a picture of Sharyn Bovat prior.  The whistleblower was hospitalized twice- the 1st time was in 2008 and this is when an effort was made to silence those that "might know the Lockerbie Truth"....  Sharyn knows a LOT of people that have died "early" in life and mysteriously.  Sharyn has been judged "sane" her fears might seem like paranoia BUT they're "justified".....    

YES!!! I know I put a lot of pictures of me on my blogs... it's part of a strategy. The Franklin police NEVER protected me.  In Tennessee the police bullied me. I had a state trooper follow me. Recently a warning that my life is in danger in the state of Tennessee has TERRIFIED me.  My goal is to make people aware of my existence and "if" I'm killed I hope someone will ask questions          Sharyn was told that when attending the RNC convention to NOT leave her drink alone.  This was done by someone connected to former  Secretary of State Colin Powell. To that person THANK YOU!!!

I have cloths that are size 14 and size 0.  Today I'm a 4 and if I keep eating the pizza in Chicago I'll be a 6.   To the people that helped me leave Tennessee THANK YOU!!   I'm a person that keeps her promises and that is "when I get my reputation back I'm gonna help SAVE THE PLANET"......  
it's strange that the woman who whistle blew about EV fraud... is gonna help communicate WHY that technology and other "low carb solutions" need to succeed.  Every-time I spout American Energy Independence and Air Qualiy matters - Mike Loya, Jimmy Haslam, Bill Haslam & Carlos Ghosn please "take it" like a **** you:):) Click Here to See Blog Post from August 7th the Day After Cyber Attack


Racketeering Charges Can Happen Against Jimmy Haslam, Bill Haslam and NISSAN Executives "if" a Conspiracy Exists..... What Happened DIRECTLY to Sharyn Bovat was A Conspiracy to Silence a Whistleblower..... I Can PROVE People From the Campaign of Mitt Romney Were Involved To.... Tagg Romney.... Do YOU Like the Color Orange?

"...I don't care that "Bill" left to do politics.  He's still a shareholder he did NOT disclose financial information regarding Pilot.  He's allowed for corruption in the State of Tennessee to continue.  If Pilot is corrupt then Gov. Haslam is partly responsible.  His ethics matter & those of Pilot are indirectly and directly a reflection on him.  Who do you think funded his campaign  The people that have profit from Pilot.  I said years ago some guy in the Florida Trucking industry was bullying me and it was relayed to me they were "most likely" connected to the then candidate for governor.    One of  the people that he and he appointed one of my judges to be an APPEALS judge. The same judge that told me in court he "jail me for a year" and that was for a crime that does NOT exist.  The ADA in that case has LIED under oath and NOBODY cares.  Why? ..."  from my Kim Helper blog

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act - Wikipedia, the ...
Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly referred to as theRICO Act or simply RICO, is a United States federal law that provides for ...

Oops forgot....Vitol and IRAN!!!!

Reid Weingarten- If It's Tuesday It's Tacos for Dinner:):) Haslam's False Flag Operation Being Exposed. Looks Like The Gannett Owned Tennessean Did Something Right? Tagg Romney- Wanna Be the Bunkmate of John Kiriakou? If Hypocrisy Were a Crime You' & Your Dad Mitt Romney Would Be Serial Offenders- The RICO is Real and Those That Read My Blogs See The Dots Will Connect to a MASSIVE Fraud Against the American Taxpayers.

Jimmy and Bill Haslam Have a LOT of POWERFUL Friends!

I wonder "if" Tom Ingram interacts with execs from the "shell" company? 

The connection is a little too cozy for some trucking companies, who argue in court filings that Kidd’s firm is a “shell” company, “hastily conjured in Arkansas” for resolving the civil cases against Pilot. - 

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False flag - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Jump to Pseudo-operations - [edit source | edit]. Pseudo-operations are those in which forces of one power disguise themselves as enemy forces.

Company's ties to Pilot Flying J questioned in deal

USA TODAY-Aug 20, 2013
"Following the unsealing of the FBI affidavit and the execution of the search ... with the heading, "We're glad that Mr. Haslam stepped up and did the right thing.