Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jimmy Haslam... Lets Play Poker and I'm CALLING: Show Me Your Cards and How Much Liquid Cash You/Pilot Has "On Hand"....

Respectfully I ask this question... 

IF Pilot has LOTS of cash Why do they NOT report it and Why is Governor Haslam so "secretive" about his finances?
In the sake of providing "peace of mind" to the Cleveland Browns fans the Haslam family should disclose their "cash on hand" and how liquid they are.

WKYC spoke to a financial planner about what the debt may mean for the company and Haslam's ownership of the Cleveland Browns.
"They may be sitting on $6 billion in cash, and $4 billion of debt which isn't a big deal. There's a slew of reasons why companies would take on debt in these historically low interest rates. That's the positive scenario," explained Kevin Myeroff, NCA financial planner. "The negative scenario is maybe they are in debt, and if they are, could the Browns be collateral for some of that debt, nobody knows, and nobody will know until it comes out in court, if it even goes that far."

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