Monday, July 22, 2013

Reid Weingarten - Your Associate Tells Me Your Too Busy for Drinks:(:(

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From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Part of Haslam concern
Date: July 22, 2013 4:51:02 PM CDT
To: *****" ********>

Here's a link to a bio:

-  google the name of the 
Top lawyer at the CIA 
"Stephen Preston CIA" and do an image search -

Haslam family is part if a Global
Good Ole Boy network linked 
To Russian mafia and allies of Iran.

I know this Because of my family - I was around pilots that were Gun Runners during Operation Cyclone & my relatives 
Were involved with CIA drug trafficking and Iran
Contra. In the 80's I did work for operatives
Connected to Sal Russo (I did the research
Used to help restore Oliver North's
Image). My uncle was chief pilot for 
Pan Am- I was part of the Lockerbie
Cover up team. I did low level research
And went to embassy's - I spent
Time with the Palestinian currency
Broker who did the money 
Laundering for the Iranian National
Guard who ordered the bombing.  

Also- I traveled to Leningrad
& knew about illegal activities
Being done by the CIA.  I could not
Talk about it and did not.  UNTIL
I whistleblew at NISSAN and then
They "outed" me. Because their linked
To the illegal stuff.  All my family 
Did was fly planes where they 
We're told to go.  Because of my
DNA people in the Haslam administration
Bullied me.

More soon- it's complicated but
I have good sources and was told
The Boston Bombings were a diversion
Done to help the Haslam family.
I want that investigated.
It's linked to People that profited 
From Operation Cyclone and drug
Trafficking ALL connected to the Russian
Mafia. Putin profits from Pilot
Flyjng J board member - Vitol 
Mike Loya.  I'll make a chart if 
You want?

Sharyn Bovat

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