Sunday, July 21, 2013

Reid Weingarten... Haven't Heard About Lunch? If You'd Like We Could Do Shawarma.. I Know It's a Favorite of Iranian Sympathizers. Actually It's Quite Tasty & In America You Can Have a Beer with Your Shawarma.... Yummy!!!!

Sharyn Bovat has been ABUSED by powerful people connected to businesses that "fuel" the Iranian economy.  Both NISSAN and Pilot Flying J do business with their partners in IRAN.  Both NISSAN and Pilot Flying J economically support Russian President Putin. 

In reference to NISSAN The State Dept allowed a "rumber stamp of approval" for the 1.4 Billion dollar Dept. of Energy loan -via Glenn Smith's office at the DTCC.  The Treasury FUNDED the NISSAN loan when "normal" banks would not.  They allowed for the Federal Financing bank backed by the taxpayers to fuel a company that fuels our enemies.  The Treasury & the Dept. of Energy allowed for the collateral of the NISSAN loan to be a 2 Billion dollar  taxpayer backed IDB bond.   
In reference to Pilot Flying J - A big shareholder is CVC Capital partners and they do buseinss in IRAN. Evonik is a company they own.  They make the chemical that was used to kill the jews in the holocaust.  THey renamed that company to Evonik from Degussa ... In Iran they still use the Degussa name becuase of the "positive" branding associated with killing jews... WOW!!!  Makes a resonible person want to vomit.   The Haslam family is also linked to Vitol a company that fuels Putin's personal bank account.  It's "rumored" to be connected to the Russian Mafia.  

To add more fun facts the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn ALSO fuels Putin's bank account.  NISSAN does LOT of business with America's enemy list... Why did the Treasury fund the 1 billion+ loan.  Oops Timothy Geithner the former head of the Treasury "used to work" for Kissinger and Associates.  Henry Kissinger is the "Fashionable" bad boy of American foreign policy.  Wanna know HOW I know... google me:):) 

Sharyn Bovat has been bullied, jailed and harassed for exposing this corruption.  Sharyn is just a mom who needs someone to stop the insanity happening in Washington DC.   Sharyn Bovat reached out to the Tea Party and to Freedomworks to help.  She can prove she told people at the Franklin Center of Public Integrity and they did NOTHING.  Why were they silent.  It's the CRONYISM.   American is struggling and it's time for the true patriots to unite around reality.  The reality is that Washington DC is broken and it take a COUNTRY to Save a Planet.   God Bless America

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