Friday, July 12, 2013

Tennessean Sports Reporter David Climer Brings Up NFL Vetting and the Possible Demise of the Cleveland Browns Owner Jimmy Haslam & NFL Grand Pooh Bah Roger Goodell: NFL Vetting is Something Sharyn Bovat Can Comment On Her Mentor Dora Kingsley is World Class When it Comes to "Vetting"...THOUGHT - Condoleezza Rice Should Contact Dr. Dora "If" She Gets Roger Goodell's Job to Head the NFL (This is Just a "Concept"...ONLY Meant to Start a Rumor That Could Lead to the 1st Woman NFL Commissioner).

"... Dr. Kingsley has written columns for Campaigns and Elections Magazine’s Campaign Insider on today’s tactics and strategies and appeared in interviews on NBC, PBS, BBC and New York One. She is an oft requested keynote speaker and provider of seminars nationwide for elected officials, staff and volunteers in opposition research, targeting and strategic campaign management...."  

Above is a quote from Dr Dora's USC bio to read more : 

Dora Kingsley's Website & Bio:  

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The writer of this blog knows a "little" about good vetting.  Learning that people are products of their environment. 

Luckily for me (Sharyn Bovat) I had some great mentors in life.  In the early 90's Dora Kingsley taught me about politics & was one of the people that exposed me to opposition research.  

She UNLIKE Sal Russo's people were "ethical" and to her for teaching me that following the rules is EXPECTED in life..... Thank you!!!!   

it seems like this Tennessean journalist is worth spending the time to read  

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Below is an excerpt of his recent Haslam reality article:  

With their combined 29-35 record and no playoff appearances in the last four seasons, many of us are displeased with the Titans’ current direction. And it goes straight to the top — right into the lap of the owner, Bud Adams. But it could be worse. The Titans could be owned by Jimmy Haslam.............Haslam’s worthiness as an NFL owner has been called into question since the FBI raided the company headquarters in Knoxville on April 15.....

For now, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the other 31 franchise owners are backing him. That’s standard operating procedure. They look out for their own.....Still, there’s no doubt the investigation at Pilot Flying J has many around the league concerned......, Goodell could find himself with quite a quandary. ......Goodell has only himself and his associates to blame for this potentially explosive situation. When Haslam initiated negotiations to buy the Browns, the league went through its customary vetting process but failed to note an FBI investigation that began in May 2011..........

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