Monday, July 22, 2013

Reid Weingarten.... The Dots are Connecting..... I Just Emailed Your Associate....I'm Scared. Can You Refer Me to a Lawyer. One That is ALSO Connected to Eric Holder - I Want James Comey the NEW FBI Director to Investigate Too.

Begin forwarded message:

***** - In the last 4 years went from a size 12 to almost a "0"... NOT on a diet most likely due to ARSENIC poisoning or something similar.  I'm not being paranoid & have a valid reason to believe this.  I'm willing to undergo testing if it can prove what was done to me "really" happened.  my goal is to have a long life and see my child grow up. My hope is someday the FBI will investigate what happened to me in the state of Tennessee.  

Now that I'm out of Tennessee i can digest ALL that happened. 3 times I was jailed on "trumped up" charges. I had frequent  mysterious illnesses.  Although it was "easier" than Jenny Craig it has been a strain on my body. Also something else happened that's connected to people that profited by the Haslam family and "that" PROVES that the cover up of Pan Am Flight 103 is REAL. Due to a confidentiality agreement I can't go into details UNLESS I'm asked to testify in a sealed hearing. I have sent that to the CIA IGO and US Senator Dianne Feinstein's office. 

I think they have not responded because ALL I can prove is that there was a "cover up" and it seems like EVERYONE knows that. I do NOT know WHO did the bombing. So my knowledge is useless. STILL most Americans think Libya did it.  I was told that at the 20 year mark the TRUTH was supposed to be told and "someone" stopped it from happening..... Why?

OK back to the "allege arsenic issue" a little over a year ago someone told me they thought I was being poisoned.    After I was told that I ate just nuts, wrapped food, ate from buffets and drank from beverages that were sealed. That act of prevention stopped the reoccurring bouts of violent vomiting.  I was even sent to the hospital once.There I  kept asking at the hospital "what I had" and nobody told me. On 2 occasions I has to have IV's of liquids pumped into me.  

The sad part is while that was happening I was terrified because I believed people working in the current administration were doing it to me. I believe in my heart they are no longer in power. I say that because I'm alive. My gut tells me they were connected to Leon Panetta. That former CIA Director and DOD Secretary belongs to the same country club as my mom. The Monterey Peninsula Country Club in Pebble Beach.  I was recently told that when my mom goes their for dinner the general manage "hovers" over her table (She likes the extra attention). 

The membership was originally my grandfathers Also Kennedy's CIA director belonged their too.  My grandfather did work that was connected to Henry Kissinger.  I called my grandfather Papa and Papa did work that was connected to Operation Condor.   He was a triple dipper DOD lawyer. 

When I was 14 years old I was sent to boarding school to be the roommate of a girl whose families led death squads in El Salvador. Remember the whacked priest?  I remember my roommate crying.  Her mom always had new clothes. He mom lived at the Grand Hyatt and used artwork & jewelry to pay her room tab & for her Gucci purses.  I learned from my grandfather that the jewelry she showed me to pay for her lifestyle "most likely" belonged to Jews that were killed in the Holocaust.   In the late 70's my Aunt dated an Argentinian man and my grandma said Papa was gonna make him President of Argentina.  He did not become President... just a prominent banker in Argentina and Switzerland.  Evidently Papa was part of the post WW2 Nazi protection and Latin America Dictator recruitment program.  YES!!! American made ex Nazi'e leaders of South American countries.

The head of membership at the club used/still is the former personal assistant to CIA Director Bill Casey. Last year when I was in DC a man started walking alongside of me "out of the blue" he told me that Casey was "whacked"....  I had a DOD contractor locate me via my iPhone- I had stopped at a Starbucks in Glen Ellen Virginia - he spent almost 3 hours telling me how NISSAN car parts are used in Iranian weapons systems.  On that same trip I learned the Carlos Ghosn the CEO of NISSAN/Renault and Chairman of the Board of Putin's Autovaz dad was a player in Operation Condor.  A retired guy from Boeing told me.  Also a Boeing exec told me that the TWA flight was brought down by a missile. Still I have not direct knowledge of a TWA cover up.  Just "hearsay" Pan Am flight 103 was a "cover up".... 100%.

When I went to the RNC convention in Tampa I got a call and told of a hotel change.  My new hotel housed ALL the out of town police from other parts of Florida. I was told to never leave my drinks unattended. Even at the "wheels up" Journey concert. i was NOT welcome by the Tennessee delegation.  Mitt Romney's Bain Capital was originally funded by the people that led death squads in El Salvador connected to the CIA.   

In Tennessee Haslam helped his friend in the coal industry.  Haslam is part of the Haley Barbour Good Ole Boy Network and that is one that know my family well.... in the mid 80's my mom "took" on cigarettes.   A person connected to Haley Barbour told me that they "feared" me cause I came for a family PROVEN to go all 8 rounds.

Personally I think poisoning someone is hitting BELOW the BELT.  Tonight I can't stop crying - I just wish I could trust that my county will protect me and respect me as much as I love my country.

More soon....  

Sharyn Bovat

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