Sunday, December 1, 2013

Reid Weingarten I'm Gonna Tell James Comey of the FBI that "if" the Haslam's are NOT Charged Criminally Then I want the Haslam Family to Adopt Me. I'll Ask Tom Ingram to Lobby for Me. Diane Black the Congresswoman Who Get LOTS of Taxpayer Money Via Her Husband and DHS Government Contracts Can Be My New Aunt Too.....OR I Could Marry Mike Loya - I Met His Dad Before He Died... We Had Coffee He Was VERY Nice & KNEW Iran Ordered Lockerbie Bombing: Good Ole Boy Elite I'm Tired of Being a Whistleblower.... I Want RESPECT - Guess That Means I Have to Become "One of Them"..... OK... I Get It...

I would also consider have Mike Loya MARRY Me... BUT I want a Pre Nup so the corrupt courts do not screw me like his "last" wife.  Also tell Mike that his dad was a "good guy"  I had coffee with him in 2012 after a GOP strategy meeting that included 10 white guys (including a Tea Partier, ex top staffer for Ron Paul) Miguel represented the Hispanics and I represented women.  He asked me to spend time with him before he went to a party w/Chinese diplomats. He told me "your lucky your alive-it's your DNA..."   so I would "think" that would make me desirable to the Haslam family?  I like Mike's dad so he can't be a "total" prick? 

A $100 million mistake? Houston woman alleges legal screw-up in ... › City Life

Jun 20, 2012 - Mike Loya, Miguel Loya Leticia Loya, Harry Tindall ... in her divorce from " extraordinarily wealthy" husband Miguel Loya, the CEO of Vitol, Inc.

New Source verifies Congresswoman Diane Black given "favors" from the Dept. of Homeland Security ... the FBI needs to investigate....  Contracts should be given to the MOST qualified... Not those "related" to friends of the Haslams...   Another source verifies the Haslam family "takes advantage of grants & Lamar Alexander linked


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