Friday, February 21, 2014

The DOD Whistleblower Thanks ‏@msholmes2U For the ReTweet- Together We'll BRING DOWN Chris Christie and His Tennessee Friends the Haslam's

Below is a letter to one of my viewers... who give me advice.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat 
Subject: Thank you
Date: February 21, 2014 at 12:28:35 PM CST


Thanks for the advice… What’s going on is complicated and
my hope is that some of the corruption will end. I know that a lot of what I put on my
blogs is being investigated.  I’m just one person and can’t bring down the entire Good Ole Boy network
&Tom Ingram all by myself.  If the FBI has not already started investigating them after
ALL I‘ve shared with them their corrupt too..............Then it’s just up to the people of Tennessee to decide and I think they’re just going to “go along to get along”… it’s sad.

I think I’ll focus on the 1st amendment issues, National Security Issues & my "Voice of a Moderate” blog -
My DOD sources have been pretty good to me.  Tennessee  is on the Feds radar and that is why some wanted me to keep blogging. NISSAN would not have been corrupt - had Tennessee not been corrupt.

The Good Ole Boy network has been around for hundreds of years… Lamar Alexander is going to get reelected and so is Haslam - the people in the state are too dumb to “get” that they’ve screwed them with all the cronyism & all the bond stuff…  Being from California I see the writing on the wall.. People have told me many Tennessee counties and cities will go bankrupt but that’s years away.. I’m going to make sure he Federal agencies don’t let the loans be written off.   If NISSAN thinks that they can get away with not paying back their 6 BILLION + in bond debt- then they’re wrong… I was told to suggest having “stock” be issued as a way to have the loan repaid.  Could work… American did own GM for a while.  All I know is I’m just one woman who immigrated to the state from California & was totally abused.....whose gonna fight for justice- I can’t stop those guys…  I do think I’ve dented him:):)

Have a great day!!


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

James Comey Please Tell the FBI to Look into Austin Powder & the NEW US Nitrogen LLC as Part of RICO Investigation.... I've Got a Feeling....There's Something Fishy - Look One of the Contractors for US Nitrogen / Austin Powder is Linked to a NEW Judge Named Paul Summers...He Worked at a Law Firm That BULLIED Me... It's Linked to Gannett.... Maria De Varenne the Editor of the Tennessean LOST a Big Chunk of Her Job Cause She Was Identified for Being Linked to CORRUPT People.... Call Me If I'm Wrong 615-944-7599 . Grant Summers Got Some Work Too.. What's REALLY Odd is ONE of My Swedish Views GOT a BIG Part of the Contract...

Region 5 News Release: 13-1097-CHI
June 6, 2013
Contact: Scott Allen      Rhonda Burke
Phone:       312-353-6976
US Labor Department's OSHA fines Austin Powder Co. $258,000 for
multiple safety and health violations at McArthur, Ohio, explosives factory

US Nitrogen LLC, a newly-formed subsidiary of Austin Powder, Inc., says the finished facility will provide 80 jobs at an estimated annual payroll of more than $4 million. Austin Powder, Inc., headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, has been operating since 1833.

Weatherly is really a FOREIGN COMPANY...
Bill Hagerty HOW much ECD $$$ did you give for that turn key operation? 

Austin Powder has a reputation for POLLUTING!!


December 26, 2012
Incoming Senior Judge Paul Summers will be sworn in Monday, December 31 in Nashville.
Supreme Court Justice Cornelia A. Clark will administer the oath at 9:30 a.m. at the Supreme Court building, 401 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville.
Summers most recently was a partner in the Nashville law firm of Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis. Prior to that, Summers served as Attorney General for the State of Tennessee and was a judge on the Tennessee Court of Criminal Appeals.
“I am excited about serving again in the judiciary,” Summers said.
The Supreme Court appointed Summers to a four-year term.
Barbara is survived by: her husband Don Squibb, of the home; one son, Jim Richardson, and his wife Kimberly, Johnson City; one daughter, Deborah Richardson Noe, and her husband Paul, Knoxville; one brother, Robert “Rab” Taylor Summers, and his wife Nita, Johnson City; three stepchildren, Sharon Squibb, Jonesborough, Brad Squibb, and his wife Bonnie, Oak Ridge, and David Squibb, Boston, MA; four grandchildren, Lauren and Jamie Richardson, both of Johnson City, and Matthew and Sarah Noe, both of Knoxville; one nephew, Grant Summers, Johnson City; one niece, Lena Summers Benisch, and her husband John, Golden, CO; and special friends of the family, Renee Boswell Bready, Tyrone, GA, and Mary Shade, Jonesborough.

  1. De Varenne Tennessean

    De Varenne Tennessean. This web site is NOT a Gannett web site: It's NOT done byMaria De Varenne it's just a woman reaching out to the mainstream media ...
    You've visited this page many times. Last visit: 2/19/14

The courts in Tennessee are CORRUPT!!!

There are usually about four Supreme Court-appointed special judges at one time, and Summers replaces former Davidson County Circuit Court Judge Walter C. Kurtz as a special judge on Jan. 1. Since stepping down as state attorney general, he has worked as an attorney in private practice at the Nashville based Waller law firm.
"As a former district attorney, appellate judge and our immediate past state attorney general and reporter, Judge Summers has spent the greater part of his career in public service," said Chief Justice Gary Wade of the state Supreme Court. "He possesses the skill and versatility which uniquely qualify him for the challenge.
"While Paul brings stature and prestige to his new job, he has earned my respect for his 'countrified' good judgment and his connection with everyday people. That will place him in good stead as he travels from the courtrooms of Memphis to Bristol, stopping at all the places in between and presiding over every manner of litigation," Wade said.

Maybe it's cause people linked to the Good Ole Boy Network get appointed and the Mainstream media is SILENT!!!!

Reid Weingarten - A Tea Partier is Being Mean to Me.... Will YOU Help?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

***UPDATE+++ UAW Invited to the Party to Plan to "Get Rid of Lamar" I Think Sal Russo of the Tea Party Express is Gonna Feel PROUD:):) You to Karl Rove I Learned Politics From the BEST.... All That Ed Gillespie Ever Talked About Was the Constitution.....

  1. This is Fun.... Good Ole Boys 

    Your Going Down!!!

    The Complications of Tennessee's Primary Voting System » Metro ...

    Metro Pulse
    Aug 4, 2010 - Tennessee is an “open primary” state, meaning voters can choose to vote in any primary they want—unless your party affiliation is challenged if ...

From: Sharyn Bovat 
Subject: The KEY to getting rid of Lamar Alexander is building a coalition with the Tea Party 
Date: February 18, 2014 at 5:35:52 PM CST\

This is how to get rid of lamar… & gives the democrats a chance of winning the seat…

It’a a gamble….  BUT Lamar is corrupt and when he’s reelected I heard he might resign JUST so Haslam will get the seat…. Is that possible?

the Senate seat needs to go to a not corrupt person… Lamar controls ENERGY….  Having him in the Senate hurts America.Look at corruption with TVA?

A democrat could beat a Tea Partier…  You do run the risk of having a right wing senator…  I don’t know anything about either candidate BUT floated the idea…
It’s the ONLY way to stop the runaway train… It will stress them out too if they think it’s happening 

Think about it… I’m an environmentalist WHAT Lamar did with TVA is beyond scary!


posted to Joe Carr and message sent to Larry Crim 

I have access to 3 democratic county chairman   well need a bunch more to make it work…  Just have to see the maps…

**UPDATE** Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam Floated as GOP Presidential Candidate - Guess Haley Barbour "Gave Up" on Chris Christie?

Politico floats Haslam for president in 2016

WBIR-TV-43 minutes ago
Haslam on a shortlist of potential aspirants for the presidency in two years. Loading… Post to Facebook. Politico floats Haslam for president in ...

Tennessee is #1 in Corruption & #1 in Violent Crime-Makes the GOP Moderate want 2 vote 4 Hillary

Monday, February 17, 2014

*** UPDATE*** James Comey Tell the Knoxville FBI to Investigate Denark Construction as Part of RGA RICO... Look at "Bonds" Used for Some of Their Projects... ALSO "IF" Denark Used FEREAL GRANTS Linked to NRG Solar Then Paul Fishman Take out the Prescription to Fix Humanity Pad and Subpoena ALL the Records.... It's My Allegation That There's a Link to New Jersey and Chris Christie... The Good Ole Boys in the Dixie Mafia are SCARED and People are Telling Me WHO Should Be Targeted.... I'm SCARED But Told I'm OK... Just NOT To Travel to Tennessee. That Place SCARES ME..... NOW Denark is Trying to Control the Courts with Jack Johnson's Pinnacle Financial

You should see the webstats…. :):) The Cartel Knoxville construction team….meant to write Tennessee State Senator Jack Johnson…oops

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Subject: Denark Construction Has Ties to Bond/Grant Money Linked to Iran Sanction Breakers.... Also Linked to Rockefeller Group Connected Political Donors
Date: February 17, 2014 at 2:45:57 PM CST

i always tell people “if I’m wrong” to contact me and I’ll apologize…  I was SILENT about construction companies cause they scare me… that’s why I have not ranted about Yates construction in Mississippi for being corrupt….  Sadly Denark is trying to “control the courts”  or keep control of the courts…  By Denark doing that… I’m fighting. PLUS Tennessee* State Senator Jack Johnson is “dirty”  I can prove it… he’s with Pinnacle (i think that’s an ally of Denark?)   Bo Watson is CORRUPT and I’m telling the UAW to fight
& organized the south… in a way that will make humanity happen.   Do you people know HOW MANY NISSAN employees still get FOOD STAMPS? 

You people intimidated the autoworkers and I’ve got audio of bullying happening “on the line” at the NISSAN plant..  Also a friend of the “late” Marvin Runyon talked to me… he told me “how” the Dixie mafia intimidates people.  I’ve already told the feds this so DON’t Kill me…  That’s why I always CC people… I learned from my “Bush Dirty Tricks” days (actually it was Sal Russo’s dirty tricks- he’s a genius and blamed Bush) i learned from those CIA/political operatives HOW to succeed… I’ve already to the US Attorney about what I did & said that a LOT of corruption is linked to Haley Barbour… FYI- I directly worked for Henry Barbour in 1992.    

FYI- you people judge people on “who their daddy is”…. Before YOU attacked me for being a whistleblower you should have asked.  FYI- My “real” daddy was an easy going pilot for World Airways..he respected ALL people… My “bio” daddy was probably his boss and he was the mentor for Donald Rumsfeld and Fred Smith….    Ya'll tried to jail YOUR “cousin”…. the only difference is I chose years ago to emancipate myself from the corruption.

Have a great day!

Sharyn Bovat

call me if you want to chat
*  accidentally wrote US Senator in email 

The LINK has got to be with those connected to Haley Barbour’s network….. Tom Ingram probably has spun off his own network but it’s all related… I’ve got a friend in France that has sent me the EU 27 report that shows that the Energy policies that they profited from they knew would FAIL. America STILL needs dirty energy because too much money was wasted on poorly run clean energy programs… The Democrats can blame Joe Biden (that is my opinion) I was told the White House KNEW about the fraud and it was not Obama then it was Biden. 

  In March 2004, a grand jury returned a six-count indictment against Reliant Energy Services, Inc. and four of its officers—Jackie Thomas, a former vice president of Reliant's Power Trading Division; Reggie Howard, a former director of Reliant's West Power Trading Division; Lisa Flowers, a term trader for Reliant's West Power Trading Division; and Kevin Frankeny, Reliant's manager of western operations—for their alleged role in the California electricity crisis. All of the defendants are residents of Texas.

The defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and commodities manipulation and wire fraud, as well as manipulation and attempted manipulation of the price of a commodity in interstate commerce.[6] The indictments were filed on April 8, 2004.[7] On August 15, 2005, Reliant announced that it had reached a $445 million settlement with the states of California, Oregon and Washington, resolving civil litigation claims against the company related to the sale of electricity in the California electricity crisis of 2000 and 2001. In March 2007, Reliant agreed to pay a $22.2 million penalty in addition to a $13.8 million credit provided in a previous settlement with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.[8]
NRG - is part of the EV charger SCAM that the feds are waking up to…  a city Attorney from Washington called me cause he was made his was lied to..I’ve sent Paul Fishman the US Attorney 3 packets already linking Haley Barbour to Chris Christie…. part of a Syndicate…
 That is why that Unknown light rail station in Hoboken is such a big deal

  1. Rockefeller Group, NJ Transit agreed to build new light rail station ...

    The Jersey Journal-Feb 4, 2014
    HOBOKEN — NJ Transit and the developer at the center of allegations against Gov. Chris Christie reportedly agreed to build a new light rail station in the city ...
  2. Readers rail at NJ Transit's controversial secret agreement to build ...

    The Jersey Journal-Feb 14, 2014
    HOBOKEN — The law firm headed by a top Port Authority official and NJ Transit ... Wolff & Samson, representing the Rockefeller Group at the time, and NJ Transit ... 2sickofit There's a planned light rail station for the town, and the mayor ...
  3. Report: NJ Transit and law firm linked to Christie secretly agreed to ...

    The Jersey Journal-Feb 13, 2014
    HOBOKEN — NJ Transit and the law firm headed by Port Authority chairman ... newlight rail station near the Rockefeller Group's property in northern Hoboken.
  Linked to Yakuza (Rockefeller Group)…. These guys have got to get busted… I was told that GLOBALLY there is over 600 Billion in bad bond debt and well have another recession: NISSAN is just 3.4 Billion  The world is gonna have another crisis. The Japanese are making a fortune on these deals BEFORE the money is deemed bad debt. 

Ninemsn-Feb 3, 2014
Japan 's biggest bank Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group says its nine-month net ... million of dollars in loans for the country's notoriousyakuza crime syndicates, ...
Mitsubishi UFJ leads Japanese banks' profit surge
Business Recorder-Feb 3, 2014
Explore in depth (43 more articles)
below was part of an FBI press release from Valentines Day!!
One of the people that bullied me was from Bridgestone so it made me smiled... 

More than two dozen Japanese automotive suppliers have now agreed to plead guilty to conspiring to fix the prices of parts sold to automakers in the United States and abroad, in a three-year inquiry that has quietly become the largest criminal investigation ever pursued by the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division.
The investigation into the automotive supply chain has yielded more than $2 billion in criminal fines so far and is the division’s largest both in scope and potential volume of commerce affected by the illegal conduct, the department said.
The scope of the investigation is especially notable because international cartels “are remarkably hard to prosecute, taking a massive effort and great deal of cooperation” across jurisdictions, according to Christopher S. Yoo, an antitrust professor at University of Pennsylvania Law School.

Pinnacle chairman helps organize Tennessee Business Partnership

  1. The Tennessean-31 minutes ago
    Tennessee is on the move, but we should never take our success for ... ballot to clarify the selection process of the state's appellate court judges. ... said Raja Jubran, chief executive officer of Denark Construction in Knoxville.
Look at YATES Construction in Mississippi too...

Summary Profile

Denark Construction is a full-service general contractor/design-builder/construction manager with over a half billion dollars in public, institutional, commercial, and industrial contracts since its launch in 1985. As evidence of our growth, we have been named four times as one of the 25 fastest growing companies in East Tennessee. Due to our significant net worth and working capital, our clients enjoy the security of a strong financial base, in addition to bond rates among the lowest in the industry. We are a very customer-oriented company, evidenced by our recent honor of receiving The East Tennessee Business Ethics Award and over 70% repeat client rate over the past years. We also believe that the 75 professionals working at Denark are the firm’s greatest assets and have fueled our success

The Tennessee courts are ALREADY Corrupt and NOW Denark wants to preserve that.... This is scary!!!