Tuesday, July 9, 2013

James Clapper, Michael Vickers and Stephen Preston: Look How Nice I AM ... I Sent an Email Sent to Ingram Group Offering a Meeting Between the NISSAN Whistleblower and Jimmy &/or Bill Haslam. If Anything is NOT Accurate on This Blog the Haslam Family Can Comment.

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>
Subject: NISSAN Whistleblower Asks Ingram Group to Clarify Issue of Haslam Family Business Dealing with Iran. Wants Jewish Leaders to Get Responses 
Date: July 9, 2013 3:47:13 PM CDT
To: "rachel@ingramgroup.com" <rachel@ingramgroup.com>, "tom.ingram@ingramgroup.com" <tom.ingram@ingramgroup.com>, "sam.reed@ingramgroup.com" <sam.reed@ingramgroup.com>, "marcille@ingramgroup.com" <marcille@ingramgroup.com>, "janet.murphy@ingramgroup.com" <janet.murphy@ingramgroup.com>, "verag@jafi.org" <verag@jafi.org>, "bosmatc@jafi.org" <bosmatc@jafi.org>, "ariea@jafi.org" <ariea@jafi.org>, "natansh@jafi.org" <natansh@jafi.org>, "alanh@jafi.org" <alanh@jafi.org>, "Mishag@jafi.org" <Mishag@jafi.org>, "ranyt@jafi.org" <ranyt@jafi.org>, "jimt@jafi.org" <jimt@jafi.org>, "joshs@jafi.org" <joshs@jafi.org>, "GerdaF@jafi.org" <GerdaF@jafi.org>
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>


This is Sharyn Bovat I'm a BIG freedom of speecher and I want you to know that my blog is my opinions and I have made a point in ALL my blogs to let the readers "clarify" anything they see and not accurate.  My opinions are accurate to me BUT I have an open mind and if you know of anything that might change it then OK.

I'm also will to sit down with the Governor & or Jimmy Haslam to discuss the issues that I blog about.  It would be fantastic for me and society to get important questions like:

Has Governor Haslam or Jimmy Haslam read my blog?

Why does Pilot Flying J do business in Iran via CVC Capital Partners?  

Does Governor Haslam know that NISSAN North America got 50-100 times more ECD money then most corporations of the same size o relocate it's HQ to Tennessee?  

Does Governor Haslam know that NISSAN does business with Iran?

Why did Governor Haslam appoint Jeff Bivins to the Court of Appeals?

Is Governor Haslam aware that he was a judge that let "faultly" allegations against Sharyn Bovat continue?

Is Governor Haslam aware that police hunted Sharyn Bovat trying to arrest her a 4th time - the day after Sharyn Bovat spoke out against discrimination happening in the Williamson County Schools?  

Haslam Appointed Judge Jeff Bivins was in the the "same" meeting as Bovat the night before the "faulty warrant" sent a police man to her child's neighborhood?  

Has Governor Haslam & or Jimmy Haslam ever Googled the top

lawyer at the CIA

Anyway that's just a sample of about 80 questions.  Please contact me and lets set up a meeting for me to interview the Haslam's directly.  It seems from the press reports that their too "quiet"....  The Ingram group MUST know that too much silence is a sign of guilt.  Actually that is WHY so many people know that I'm innocent of what Tennessee and NISSAN accused me of: You see I won't shut up UNTIl I've got my reputation back and have been vindicated. 

I will be VERY happy to add any comments to my blog from the Ingram Group & of the Haslam family.

My goal is for the taxpayer, America and for me the NISSAN Whistleblower to get RESPECT.

Thank You and have a great day!!!

Sharyn Bovat

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