Monday, August 5, 2013

Tom Ingram Did You Know That Bill Haslam Allies Led the Tennessee Congressional Redistricting? Looks Like Those on "Team Haslam" Got BETTER Lines Drawn. It's Just CRONYISM... Diane Black the Congresswoman from District 6 Is NOW Worth An Estimated 40 Million. She Was a Nurse for 40 Years... Is Being a Haslam Supporter is A Great Pension Program?

Jimmy Haslam and Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam had to know about the Rebate fraud.The "plane" story is too good of a story NOT to tell your brother.

A guy in the Aviation business in Tennessee told me "YES" the Haslam family is corrupt..

Just YESTERDAY a corporate pilot CONFIRMED suspicions about Diane Black being 'not too transparent' and the feds NEED to investigate.  My opinion is an audit of all flight to/from the Smyrna airport and more than random searcher of planes needs to happen.  Stuff is coming in.

  Over a month ago I got the tip on US Congresswoman Diane Black from Rutherford County.  She's building a 16,000 square foot home in a prestigious lake area (using 3 lots).  Her husband who "was" in the pharmacy business got a BIG no bid Homeland Security contract.  She was a nurse for 40 years? She's linked to Haslam profiteers.  There's nothing wrong being successful in life but when financial reward come to just a "few" at the expense of a healthy society.

.  She needs to talk to feds about "what she knows"  she represents the county that the NISSAN plant is that got 1.4 Billion.  She KNOWS NISSAN fraud is happening.

When I was in DC I learned that during "redistricting" NISSAN was "drawn out" of Diane Blacks district.  When you look at the District of Scott Desjarlais and how it was drawn you have to ask.. Was this done on purpose?

Who oversees the redistricting in Tennessee?

She is silent as the whistleblower is abused.   Again - She votes on HOW she's told..... Can someone Investigate?  Hello FBI PLEASE keep working on cleaning the corruption in Tennessee.  Yes!! I know it's a lot of work... America needs the FBI to succeed in stopping Tennessee fraud that hurts EVERYONE.  Please look into Diane Black's donors that are connected to NISSAN.

This is the "Old" map of congressional districts....

This is the NEW Map.....
You'll see that Diane Black "loses" NISSAN....
The lines for the "other" state districts look to be "politically drawn too.....

whats "really weird" is ALL the photos of Scott Desjarlais at NISSAN are now "off the web"....

I told ya Scott Desjarlais has a "smart staff".... Richard Vaughn is smart.

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