Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Message for Al Gore - It was recently confirmed that had the Haslam family NOT intervened in Tennessee YOU would have been President. FYI- I'm a Republican and did not vote for you... BUT I believe in Global Warming and I HATE Haslam. The Global good Ole Boy Network is Dangerous to Society.

To the left is a picture of the NISSAN Whistleblower  during a time when she experienced random bouts of vomiting & diarrhea the right is a picture of Sharyn Bovat prior.  The whistleblower was hospitalized twice- the 1st time was in 2008 and this is when an effort was made to silence those that "might know the Lockerbie Truth"....  Sharyn knows a LOT of people that have died "early" in life and mysteriously.  Sharyn has been judged "sane" her fears might seem like paranoia BUT they're "justified".....    

YES!!! I know I put a lot of pictures of me on my blogs... it's part of a strategy. The Franklin police NEVER protected me.  In Tennessee the police bullied me. I had a state trooper follow me. Recently a warning that my life is in danger in the state of Tennessee has TERRIFIED me.  My goal is to make people aware of my existence and "if" I'm killed I hope someone will ask questions          Sharyn was told that when attending the RNC convention to NOT leave her drink alone.  This was done by someone connected to former  Secretary of State Colin Powell. To that person THANK YOU!!!

I have cloths that are size 14 and size 0.  Today I'm a 4 and if I keep eating the pizza in Chicago I'll be a 6.   To the people that helped me leave Tennessee THANK YOU!!   I'm a person that keeps her promises and that is "when I get my reputation back I'm gonna help SAVE THE PLANET"......  
it's strange that the woman who whistle blew about EV fraud... is gonna help communicate WHY that technology and other "low carb solutions" need to succeed.  Every-time I spout American Energy Independence and Air Qualiy matters - Mike Loya, Jimmy Haslam, Bill Haslam & Carlos Ghosn please "take it" like a **** you:):) Click Here to See Blog Post from August 7th the Day After Cyber Attack


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