Saturday, August 17, 2013

Reid Weingarten Even People Educated in 47th or 48th Ranked Tennessee are GETTING the High Level of Corruption the Haslam Family is Linked Too: The Daily Beast Ranked Tennessee as #1 in Corruption & Oddly It's Connected to Mitt Romney. ***Private Equity*** Looks Like "If" you Do Business with Iran & Putin You Can Be RICH.... Both the Haslam Family Business and the Romney's Through Private Euity Companies Fuel Khomeini and Those Linked to the Russian Mafia. Is Sharyn Bovat the FIRST to Figure it Out? Or Am I Just Dumb. If the Feds Don't Take Action Then I'm Scared. The Issue is REAL.... RICO is REAL... Lets Replace Kiriakou with a Member of the Romney Family & Give Them a Bunkmate from Tennessee.

Tagg Romney Did YOU Get My Tweet? - Voice of a Moderate

Reid Weingarten.... Something New to Chew On - Haslam Family ...
Jun 18, 2013 - I wonder WHY Bill Haslam has kept his business dealings a "secret" guess he's in bed with those linked to PUTIN..... That Russian President is ...

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