Monday, August 26, 2013

Reid Weingarten: Did You Have a Good Weekend? I Had Fun in Chicago... FYI- Global Energy Scandal Emerging.. I Hope Leslie Caldwell is Resting Up.... The Haslam's Linked to the "Cause" of the Pending Storm.... The Hardworking American Taxpayers Deserve RESPECT That Means.... RICO... Jamie Dimon- Tagg and Mitt Romney Ya'll Need to Be Investigated for Conspiracy to Fraud .... Using Bond Gaurentees at Collateral is WRONG... Everyone Who Knew that the NISSAN Dept. Of Energy Loan Was Backed by a Rutherford County IDB 2 Billion Dollar Bond Guarantee Should Be Jailed....

Look at the giant chia pet head?

A Former Bank of America VP See's Worst Recession Based on Bad Banking Practices... Said Could Be a DEPRESSION.  

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