Friday, August 23, 2013

Reid Weingarten: When Others Said Eric Holder Was Corrupt and Jimmy Haslam Would NOT Be Indicted Because He Hired Eric's Best Friend I Said NO That Can't Be True- If It Is Then There's NO HOPE for America. The Haslam Family Business Has Committed Fraud and RICO is REAL... Please Show Me That My Faith in the Feds is Accurate.

I believe that owners of companies being investigated by the FBI should NOT hire the "best friend" of the United States Attorney General to be the independent investigator.  Can Mr. Weingarten PLEASE explain his role?      Thank you!!!  Sharyn Bovat

Holder meeting: More substance than charm?

Washington (CNN) - Embattled Attorney General Eric Holder's long-time friend Reid Weingarten, the high-powered Washington attorney, came to his defense Thursday telling CNN that off-the-record sessions with media executives were not meant as a mea culpa.

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