Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Reid Weingarten & Aubrey Harwell: YOU Might Have a NEW Client & It's NOT a Good Day to Be Tagg Romney. Jimmy Haslam's Company Fuels IRAN and So Does Mitt Romney. Someone Really Should Tell Eric Holder... Hey Maybe Reid YOU Can Tell Your Friend?

Someone sould talk to Mike Loya about HOW loyal he is to his "friends"  Seems like Governor Bill Haslam is "loyal" to Loya?  Tom Ingram... Have anything to say?

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>
Subject: Not a Good Day to Be Tagg Romney… Thank You to Those Linked to Condoleezza Rice - Colin Powell.. Thank you!!!!
Date: August 6, 2013 11:33:07 AM CDT
To: Jonathan Collegio <jacollegio@americancrossroads.org>, "will.swaim@franklincenterhq.org" <will.swaim@franklincenterhq.org>, Andrea Uckele <andreau@edgillespiestrategies.com>, "luke.frans@resurgentrepublic.com" <luke.frans@resurgentrepublic.com>, paul.chesser@atinstitute.org, cj@dailycaller.com, Amelia Chasse <achasse@hynescommunications.com>, Arthur Brooks <arthur.c.brooks@aei.org>, Brandon Howell <BHowell@hynescommunications.com>, Patrick Hynes <phynes@hynescommunications.com>
Cc: Sharyn Bovat <sharynbovat@aol.com>

It was verified to me that people linked to NISSAN & Sal Russo "most likely" have done the terrorizing of me...They are people that PROFIT from Iran, Arms Sales, & "used" to do drug trafficking.  A person that I trust directly verified that people linked to Jeb Bush want & have had NOTHING to do with that element of the GOP. It's those linked to Sal Russo. Thank you to those people that warned me about "what" was happening to me.  :):) Sharyn


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