Sunday, August 4, 2013

Message to Mike Loya (Vitol) a Pilot Flying J Board-member & to Those in the Latvian Money Laundering Industry .... PLEASE Tell Your Haslam Allies That I Want NISSAN TO Mediate...Tell Them I Don't Want Money- I Want My Reputation Back So I Can Get A Job. I Know The Russian Mafia Controls Some at the CIA..The CIA is Protecting IRAN Too.... . It's Unstoppable.... OMG!!! I Was Told Stinger Missiles From The 80's are Being Sold By Iranian Brokers and One Was Discoverd in MEXICO.... Most Likely a Drug Cartel Bought It.... It's INSANE... A Globe Groups of Business People Linked to Drugs, Gun Running and Oil Deals Controls The World and NOBODY Can Stop It.... That Said. OK I'll Just Get a Job and NOT Worry About The Moral Destruction of America - I'm Just One Person That Wants to Live a Long Life.... Let the Haslam Family Profit From Those Linked to The Russian Mafia - It's OK.. The Boston Bombing Was Most Likely A "Warning" That If We Fight Em We'll Lose. I Get IT... There Too Powerful....The NFL Has THREE OWNERS MINIMUM Linked to These Sleazy People that the Haslam People are Linked With... They Have Won the War .... ALL We Can Do Is Let Them Be the Victors... I Bet Soon the Haslam Family and Putin WIll Make EVERY Football Player Drive NISSAN. .

Looks Like Mike Loya a board member of Pilot Flying J and runs a company called Vitol An oil trading middleman -fuels Putin and the Russian mafia by laundering it's money in Latvia.

That would explain WHY so many from Latvia read this blog....,66328588-ART

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