Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reid Weingarten- After the Jesse Jackson Jr. Sentencing Call Me & I'll Tell YOU More Information for YOUR Independent Investigation. Maybe Well Get the Son of a Civil Rights Icon a Nice Bunkmate. The Haslam's LOVE the Color Orange.. Which is Great for Crocked People that Should Be in Jumpsuits. Maybe Mitt Romney Will Get the "Free" Federally Funded Housing He Wanted... OK NOT the Kind He Wanted:):)

Sharyn Bovat exposes a Global Good Ole Boy Network that Fuels the Iranian Economy.  

Members include the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn, The Haslam Family via Pilot Flying J.  Mike Loya & Vitol Energy & Mitt and Tagg Romney.  It's easy to make money when YOU don't have to follow the rules of society.  

The Haslams became rich by dealing with countries that "most" people in America are NOT allowed to invest or do business in.  The same can be said for Mitt and Tagg Romney and the NISSAN CEO Carlos Ghosn is a facilitator, that is "what" the Christian Lebanese "do" I learned that from the great people that served the American military. 

There is NO Other reason WHY NISSAN should have gotten 1.4 Billion US tax dollars to build a car with "outdated technology"... One that people know will eventually FAIL.  The Leaf really cost over 60k to make... Which is better than it cost 2 years ago.  in 2011 it cost almost 80K.   The fact is NISSAN lied to congress to get the money and people in the Obama Administration "let it happen"...

 God Bless my county.  I love America and it's time for the "scum" to be sanctioned or spanked (that means "call" the Dept. of Energy Loan).    

It's time to let the hardworking taxpayers succeed.  Stop the Global Good Ole Boys...  Thank you!!!


Ni Hao  means 'Hello' in Chinese.
"...Vitol Energy, one of the world's largest independent oil traders, has made a surprise sale of half its holding in Fortune Oil, the London-listed Chinese oil infrastructure and petrol station group...."  in article dated july 2012.  

It was said that ROMNEY needed "out" of his China deals...  How could he "bash" China when he makes to much money from China?  

Tagg Romney and Mitt profit from Iran- Russia-China-Kazacastan and many nations that are "not" grade A American allies.  NISSAN also "profits" from those nations.

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