Saturday, October 19, 2013

Reid Weingarten YOU Should Take Your Sweetie to the Disco and Do the HASLAM HUSTLE


FBI & Treasury ELITE: Tell Leslie Caldwell the SAME Players in Enron are Linked to Haslam Fraud:   Lets Keep Reid Weingarten BUSY... He Might Need to Hire Me to Help with RESEARCH on his "independent" Investigation....

Mr. Weingarten:  Unlike jaded Haslam victims I've got FAITH in you.... I just think that your not an evil twisted human being....  Sir don't let me down....  All I want is for your investigation to include the things I brought to your office.  Call me if you want to meet... or have WIll Drake call.... 615-944-7599
I'm working on a SURPRISE for Jimmy and Bill.... :):) 

Have a great night!  Sharyn

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