Thursday, October 10, 2013

Reid Weingarten & Daniel Howes of the Detroit News the Cleveland Scene Give Good Insight Into Jimmy Haslam and His Mindset: I Was Told By a Guy from Knoxville Haslam is Defiant and Thinks He Already "Paid Off" the Right People.... Sir, I Thnink He Was Talking About Eric Holder... Maybe YOU Should Be a Good Friend to Mr. Holder the US Attorney General and Tell Him that People Are Slandering Him.. Maybe Eric Holder Needs to Be More Hands On in the Pilot Flying J - Haslam Family Fraud. He Can Help Society By Riding America of the Most Evil Good Ole Boy Network EVER!!!!

One of the more telling moments in Merrill's (Cleveland Scene) piece comes when a Knoxville attorney characterizes the family mentality:
"They are not used to anybody ever questioning them on any level at any time. That's probably part of their problem. Every business, every organization, every family, every relationship needs somebody to tell you no. No one ever questioned anything they did. Ever."  The Cleveland Scene Weekly

Reid Weingarten I just sent an email to Daniel Howes of the Detroit News  The Haslam connected Tennessee the courts are corrupt and people that work for companies that "fuel" the Haslam's like NISSAN have a "License to Bully" in the State

Tennessee is #1 in Violent Crime according to the FBI and #1 in corruption according to the Daily Beast. Here's the beginning part of my email... The Haslam family using their policital clout to profit and seem to not give a damn humanity.... My name is Sharyn Bovat and I want "that" to change. 

Read About Tennessee Judicial Corruption:  

Haslam Family Business FBI & IRS Raid Commentary: Reid ...

2 days ago - Reid Weingarten - Another Haslam Conflict of Interest. Is It Gonna Be in ...To: "" <>, ...

The man that leads the reviews for Judges works for a trucking company that's a NISSAN Vendor...
How is Sharyn Bovat gonna get Justice?

Daniel Howes,

If you can come to Tennessee to hear my case and report on it… you'll get an education on HOW Nissan and Tennessee treats whistle blowers. I'm asking the UAW to help with security and will be seining a request to the UN to insist on a "real" investigation "if" I'm murdered. At NISSAN in Smyrna one of the factory deaths was a MURDER and the local police "ignored it"… I do not know why. 

FYI- people connected to NISSAN have told me of "staged suicides of others that spoke out against humanity. Do you want the details? Sir - my allegations are leads from good sources 
so maybe I can give you details & YOU can provide justice to those that have been bullied & murdered - simply because the Good Ole Boy culture in TN is "out of control.

State AG gives Haslam go-ahead to fill judge vacancies

Chattanooga Times Free Press-1 hour ago
NASHVILLE — Tennessee Attorney General Robert Cooper gave Gov. Bill Haslam the legal go-ahead Wednesday to fill judicial vacancies, ..

.The prosecutors' most difficult choice will be what to do with Haslam. Most of the lawyers involved in the investigation refuse to discuss the situation, but four lawyers who agreed to speak about it as long as their names were not revealed during the investigation agreed that they expect the government to charge Haslam and Hazelwood.
The prosecutors may also consider the idea of charging Pilot as a corporate entity and not charging Haslam or Hazelwood individually. A charge against the company would give both sides opportunities to negotiate a settlement to what Haslam has admitted is a "humiliating and embarrassing" setback for his family business and what for the government is a massive and daunting investigation.
What appeared to be recession-related difficulties for companies like Western Express have now resulted in 27 lawsuits against Pilot and a massive FBI probe with millions of documents, seven pleas of guilty and four immunity agreements for people who sold fuel for Pilot and are now offering evidence against Pilot, an embarrassing series of recordings of Pilot sales meetings, and the possibility of the most serious criminal charge against an owner of a professional sports team in a generation.

In other Browns' legal snafus, executive Jon Sandusky — son of Penn State child abuser Jerry — was arrested in Frago last night with a DUI.
But we're 3-2, so there's that  Here's an In-Depth Profile of the Haslam Family
Cleveland Scene Weekly-6 hours ago

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