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***UPDATE*** Reid Weingarten- Do You Know Bob Dickey from Gannett. I Just Had a Text Fight with Mark Silverman the Former Editor of the Tennessean. He Almost Became the Editor of the Washington Times.... I've Been Vetted as Being 90% Accurate on My Blogs If I'm Wrong About Anything Tell Me.. I'm Scared Because I Think Howard Baker is Behind Some of the Bullying I Received for Being the DOD Whistleblower.

The former Gannett Editor who was supposed to write a book to restore my reputation is NOW delayed.  I learned that "some" want him to NOT write my book.  How do I get my reputation back?   Did John Seigenthaler have ANYTHING to do with it: He's friends with Howard Baker. 

FYI- Mark Silverman and I this morning had a "text fight"....  he's my friend & call me 3+ times a week... People at the DOD warned be to NOT trust him.  Because of that I don't tell him everything...
I like him "as a friend" BUT he's lied to me a lot and I was told he's probably linked to the John Seigenthaler group that's connected to Howard Baker.... OMG!!! with friends like him I'm lucky to be alive.

Mark Silverman "if" you read this.  I really do like you BUT you need to RESPECT me and that means "follow through on your promises".... seriously that's what a true friend is SUPPOSED to do.   YOU get 1 more chance.....

PLEASE prove to me that what people have said about you and GANNETT is wrong.  Hey - tell Gannett to hire me & give me health insurance?  I'm sure Bob Dickey would like me silent.

  1. Mark Silverman: To

    June 1st: After 2 days of emails & voice mails the Gannett/Tennessean editor Mark Silverman & Sharyn Bovat talked and Mr.Silverman respectfully understands ...
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  2. DC Pillow Talk - Voice of a Moderate

    Gannett has a monopoly on the printed media in Middle Tennessee. At the meeting in Nashville Tennessee Sharyn Bovat and Mark Silverman became friends .
Below I sent asking for the FBI to investigate: 

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharynbovat <>
Subject: New Haslam Link to Hate Crime Done to DOD/NISSAN Whistleblower: Connected to A-Game Sportsplex & Figure Skating Mom Who NOW Works for Pilot Needs to Be Questions. PLEASE FBI Investigate - A Child Was Harmed. A Company Bullied a Child Because They Do Business with IRAN
Date: October 4, 2013 8:31:40 AM CDT

"...When I Found Out the Woman that Told My Future Ex Husband That I Was Sleeping with the Editor of the Tennessean -Was the Same Woman That Had a 'Manage a Trios' with Two (1/2 Her Age) Figure Skating Coaches I Thought That Was A Great Way to Define Hypocrisy..."    Sharyn Bovat

 NOW She's working at Pilot Flying J.. I want the FEDS to question her to see if she was part of the whisper campaign that DESTROYED 4 years of my daughters childhood.   Then I want ERIC HOLDER to prosecute her and others that slandered me for a HATE CRIME, death threats & for the Bullying done to me and my child.   

To show how bad the bullying was to Sharyn and her daughter: 

While driving to a figure skating competition in 2011 I was severely bullied by trucks on the road .  I was driving from Franklin to Carmel Indiana.   During that time I had death threats and was TERRIFIED- My daughter drove with her coach Laura Sanders and some other skaters during that time driving with my daughter made me nervous and Laura Sanders knew and kindly helped by driving my child:  .Previously NISSAN Titan truck followed me "way to closely"  and my child was in the car.  I could NOT get the plate # because in Tennessee front plates are not required.  I learned from others that those in the Good Ole Boy network terrorize others in the same way.   The drive to Carmel was terrifying… I did NOT have NISSAN Titan trucks following me I had BIG SEMI's and they would surround me and cut in front of me.   

Earlier I learned someone from the Florida Trucking Industry was investigating me and I told that to Mark Silverman - At that time It was assumed to be Governor Haslam link.  Anyway…. I ended up driving on the right lane about 40 miles per hour crying and it took me 10 hours to get there and arrived about 1am.  

Laura Sanders and the other skaters will remember because I had about 6 Zuca bags with their skates and they feared they would not be able to compete or do practice ice without there skates.. Laura was mad at me for being so late… she'll remember.  I've got MORE horror stories too & people KNOW this really happened. I will take a lie detector test to - anything to expose what has happened - happened. 

Knoxville FBI please question Susan Vincler - thank you!!! 

FYI- Some in DC thought the attacks on me coming from the A-Game sportsplex in Franklin Tennessee were coming from a skating mom who worked for full time for Booz Allan Hamilton (that never seemed to work much).

Later it was thought it could have been  UK mom (United Kingdom NOT University of Kentucky) the ex wife of Ben Fold's  whose dad a QC lawyer that helped do the cover up of the the truth abut he Lockerbie Bombing. The fact is Fleur Fold's Stanbrook came to the scene WAY to LATE - she did seem to have a heart of gold and she was kind to Sharyn (me)  and she really did try to help…..  Fleur attending the AP editor conference and even asked "if" Sharyn's story could break.. Fleur KNEW that editors embargoed my story of NISSAN fraud and that auto technology was aiding Iran. Fleur knew abut the Tennessee cronyism & she too was a victim in the courts in Tennessee.  

In reference to Barb Pagano (spy contractor mom) she "could not" have been monitoring me for if she did that would mean the NSA was violating a law.   Therefore the "most likely" candidate to have purposely assassinated the character of the NISSAN/DOD Whistleblower "could be" Susan Vincler.   

My blogs have been "vetted at 90% accurate & fI've said on my blogs that "if" I blog about anything and it's not factual I'll clarify   In 2009-2010 I learned that a video was made of Susan *****ing two male figure skating coaches and that upset me.  One of the coaches was the boyfriend of Janice Okamoto a skater and my childs "original" coach who I'm very protective of.  John the other coach was "just having a good time"  I do NOT fault John or Ryan for they were "just" acting their age.  

After this happened Laura Sanders was "pro active" and separated the areas that coaches were in from the younger skaters.  The problem Susan created could have hurt Laura's business and HOW Laura handled it was VERY professional.

Below was put on one of my blogs:The existence of the video was verified by another coach that worked for Laura Sanders.   It's my allegation that someone might have used "that" as a way to get Susan to work against me. I do not believe Susan is a bad person - she just got caught in a VERY compromising position - which she created by going to the apartment of two young guys.  For the record upon learning of the situation...I told a few people and shortly later BOTH of the male coaches involved got opportunities "out of the area" and moved and there was peace at the 

Senator Dianne Feinstein Remember Me?: James Clapper, Michael ...

Jul 16, 2013 - Sharyn freaked out. ... Nissan Whistleblower: Letter I just sent to theFigure Skating . ... 3- Frisky Hypocritical mom (see definition below)

You +1'd thisIn 2011 Sharyn was warned that someone at her child's ice rink was "working against her" & she received proof that she was slandered by someone at the rink in the summer of 2012.  Sharyn freaked out.  Out of desperation after hearing some gossip that was NOT true she sent an email to the ENTIRE Nashville Figure Skating club and put it on her blog.....

Nissan Whistleblower: Letter I just sent to the Figure Skating ...

Sports moms are "intense" and at A Game Sportsplex in Franklin several moms were put on the list of suspects. 

1- Church mom

2- Pageant mom

3- Frisky Hypocritical mom (see definition below)

4- UK mom Fleur Stanbrook daughter of a British QC lawyer that was appointed in 1989 (right after the Lockerbie bombing & is connected to the ex Turks and Caicos Prime Minister Michael Misick who took 180 Million from his people.

5-Booze Allen Hamilton mom.  A lady who was always at the rink but still worked FULL TIME.

6-NISSAN mom wife of a NISSAN Director - Oddly I'm the one that told her she should get her child to skate.   Her little girl was a gifted gymnast and has proven to be a gifted skater too. NOTE to Wendy Harris - if your child goes to National I expect you and Dave to get me tickets to watch and cheer her on:):)

7- A skater turned coach named Andrea Vickers - Is she related to Cal Vickers &/or Michael Vickers?

I still don't know which mom was out to get me....  Did someone just slander me because they were bored?  My gut says the BAH mom is not the one. 

  1. Nissan Whistleblower: Email Sent to Treasury Lawyers in Hopes ...

    "...When I Found Out the Woman that Told My Future Ex Husband That I Was Sleeping with the Editor of the Tennessean -Was the Same Woman That Had a 'Manage a Trios' with Two (1/2 Her Age) Figure Skating Coaches I Thought That Was A Great Way to Define Hypocrisy..."    Sharyn Bovat

    for the record upon learning of the situation...I told a few people and shortly later BOTH of the male coaches involved got opportunities "out of the area" and moved and there was peace at the ice rink....
One of my former friends HUSBANDS gave her a reference

Here name is Jennifer Cork his is STEVE CORKER

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