Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Reid Weingarten- HAPPY Tuesday - I'm Planning My Next Trip to DC.... Lets Get Will Drake and Have Happy Hour.... Put It On Jimmy Haslam's Tab:):) I'm Sure It's a BIG One? How's the INDEPENDENT Investigation Going? When is it Going to Be Made Public? You Can Tell Me Over Wings and Beer.... Have a Great Day!!!

Reid & Will-Where do lawyers at Steptoe & Johnson like to go in your neighborhood? 

When you lost the Jesse Jackson Jr. Case did you go to ANGRY HOUR?   

 I saw some great places when I dropped of my last packet of INFO:  During drinks I can tell you HOW America won the Cold War... Persistence!!!!

"....Also last week, ESPN Legal Analyst Lester Munson weighed in on the matter facing Haslam, who is also the owner of the Cleveland Browns football team. He wrote that recent guilty pleas show “federal agents are working their way up the ladder of Pilot management” and “three lawyers involved in the investigation, speaking anonymously because of their obligations to their clients, told ESPN.com that they expect Haslam to be charged.”.....According to Munson, the FBI investigation continues with agents and prosecutors sifting through millions of pages of emails and other documents...."  TruckingInfo.com

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