Sunday, October 13, 2013

James Comey of the FBI the DOD Whistleblower Feels Like a Ping Pong Ball....It's NOT Fair to Society

James Comey - Maybe since Tennessee is 1 state with 1 Governor there should just be 1 FBI office that oversees the WHOLE state.... I feel like a "ping pong ball".... All I want is RESPECT- Please Read "what" the Knoxville FBI told me and my response.... FYI- my issues are NATIONAL SECURITY....  

On Oct 13, 2013, at 6:24 AM, Knoxville <> wrote:

Please note that the Knoxville Division does not support the Nashville (Franklin) area.  Kindly remove Knoxville from your email address list and redirect your concerns to the Memphis Division ( who services your area.
FBI Knoxville
1501 Dowell Springs Blvd.
Knoxville, TN 37909
Main: (865) 544-0751
Fax: (865) 602-7212
On Oct 13, 2013, at 12:01 PM, Sharynbovat <> wrote:

Knoxville FBI, DOD IGO, & others that  i hope will "want" the FBI to investigate National Security Issues. 

Hello - Memphis FBI  Although my issues is National Security  looks like the ball is passed back to you - Please don't ignore me this time. 

Knoxville - Thank you for the reply I will include the Memphis FBI Please understand that my issues Are national security related and & people in a statewide Good Ole Boy network profit & use taxpayer money to help Putin & Khomeini get American technology. To say you have no Concern about the problem scares Me.  Also nobody has answered "this" question   Is there any truth to the Boston Bombing Being a Diversion for Haslam FBI Raid? It was on the same day. please just quash that theory…. 

A fews years ago DOD contractor explained to me How  auto parts are used in weapons systems. It's on your website YOU investigate this
-If it's not accurate then take it off. I've been told by State Dept. lawyers that YES!!!  I'm right.  They too see a problem. I've been told by Treasury lawyers that YES I'm right - NOW I would like the issue to be respectfully looked at by the FBI and I've been given some names &email address of DOJ people to communicate the concern I have in Tennessee. 

My ex lawyer Kline Preston Made Pro Assad tweets - he told Me Iran "was not that bad" & that he was "connected to the FBI - I will take  A lie detector test.

Governor Haslam From YOUR area has a board member In his family business - Mike Loya Whose skirted Iranian sanctions. 

Respectfully - I contacted the Memphis FBI in 2010 and they transferred  Me to Nashville. - the agent was kind And I could tell understood what I was talking about - I was told the FBI  Had no interest in investigating The Good Ole Boys- even after I explained how the financial transactions crossed state lines - the fraud- and  ramped discrimination.

It's my understanding the Nashville FBI knows I Was abused for whistle blowing & harassed as a perceived gay (the way I was bullied was a Hate Crime).  I guess since it was "most likely" done by politically connected people it's OK that I suffered?    Please understand I've been around those in the FBI and I know that "most" want to do what's best for society.  I was also around those that helped in cover ups. It "that" why I'm being ignored?   I'm gonna send this email to staffers of the Senate Judiciary subcommittee.  They said they would help if needed.  Still I'm going through the appropriate channels to get help.  I do understand that for my last request I do need the help of Memphis.  

What's most upsetting Is the fact I have lived in fear for a long time and during the last few year I’ve had millions of hits- hundreds of thousand of page views on by websites and blogs and  many people have served America in the military  reached out to me
  • I've talked to men that sacrificed their limbs in service to uur nation - they see that their benefits cut  YET know that taxpayer money keeps going to foreign companies that fuel the economies of the nations that harmed them. Foreign companies are hiring American scientist to create better technologies that can be used in cars BUT also weapons.  Look at NISSAN’s driverless technologies... soon weapons can be “more” accurate when they hit Israel- Look at NISSAN’s EV technology with the help of American scientist soon those weapons will go farther.... People that used to work at NASA reached out to me.. They feel frustrated that the American government is “outsourcing” too many jobs and worse the globalization corporate partnerships are giving our enemies “easy” access to technology.  
Sir - respectfully when you tell me you do not want to hear about issues that are directly related to the FBI National Security mission & are linked to people from Tennessee that live in YOUR jurisdiction you are not denying the request of just me - the whistleblower  YOU are telling all  Americans that your passing the ball....on something that’s REAL. 

Anyway- I read that Memphis has new management so maybe NOW they will help me.   To be candid my goal is to not ever have to travel ti Tennessee again.  Now that I see the FBI is as helpful to me as the TBI and local police It seems like that state has NO accountability to humanity - maybe that is how they became #1 in Violent crime and #1 in corruption.  It’s just sad.

All I want is Simply RESPECT , to feel safe & it's my opinion Average America wants that too. 

Have a great day!!!

Sharyn Bovat

PS.... I'm going to send Knoxville contact information from a man who communicated an issue pertaining to HR comp. Tom Ingram and Bill Haslam. This is 100% your jurisdiction. He’s been trying to get help and has told me that he’s been ignored. If you could help him that would be great.

 Thank you to those connected to Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell & General Schwarzkopf your allies helped me EXPOSE the Racist element of the GOP and I hope America Listens or at least the NEW FBI.... :):) Sharyn

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