Monday, October 7, 2013

Reid Weingarten-Do You Know Bob Dickey or John Seigenthaler? Looks Like the Mainstream Media is Protecting Haslam. Some of My Blogs Viewers Are Mad.

 Have a Happy Monday.   If YOU Know Bob Dickey From Gnnnett Tell Him that I know he's one of T"them".... So is John Seigenthaler.  Yesterday I GOT a lot of hits on my blog reaching out to the Senate Intelligence community.... wow!!!! 

I'm Updating my blog and Will Include "What" the Mainstream Media Ignores.

This comment is similar to the comments I get about the FBI letting Haslam "run" the investigation with Reid Weingarten- I keep telling them the Feds are not corrupt but then people see no action. A lot of people in TN have suffered because of the Good Ole Boy Network - 

Even the esteemed Ben Bradlee winner admitted it was true and the network exist. 

This is the former editor of the Tennessean- NOW tell me my life is not in danger in Tennessee - I'm terrified if I'm murdered NOBODY will investigate and NOBODY will report it. Sadly just that had happened A LOT in TN - it's # 1 in corruption 

I'm gonna make sure People all over the world know HOW corrupt TN is and if I'm murdered when I go to court in a few weeks I want the world to Boycott Tennessee.   That is my strategy - now that the government is shutdown -I'm TERRIFIED that the Feds won't be able to protect me.

It's sad - I have a child and want to see her as an adult

God Bless America

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