Monday, October 28, 2013

Reid Weingarten - Wanna Have a Double Date? I'll Reach Out to the Saudi's to See If They'll Put Me Back Into the SaudiDate Program... I Just Don't Want Another Quail Hunter. Sir Can YOU Tell Tom Ingram That "If" America Forgives Iran for the Lockerbie Bombing Then They Can STILL Get Their CHEAP Most Likely Iranian/Russian Based Oil From Mike Loya (Vitol) Whose KNOWN to Skirt Iranian Sanctions. This Weekend I Stood UP Against the Words of Jeffrey Toobin of CNN & the New Yorker: In Reference to Edward Snowden. Tell Eric Holder to Give the NSA Contractor IMMUNITY & Have Him Come Home... Does AMERICA Really Need to Have Him KEEP Talking... OMG!!!! THe FACT is the FRENCH Sent Someone to SPY on ME... He Was "Overdressed" in Tennessee .... He Actually Showed UP at a Community "Pictures with Santa" Christmas Party- How Do YOU THink I Felt Being SPIED on WIth My Child Present. Seriously... The "Frogs" Should Apologize. In Defense of the Well Groomed Parisian... He Was LESS Offense than the Tennessee State Troops that Stalked Me... Tom Ingram Tell Governor Bill Haslam They Can Apologize to Me Too...

The DOD Whistleblower Says the French Spied on Her and the Global Leaders that are Whining should STOP Their activities or Shut Up....  Sharyn Bovat for YEARS was subjected to being monitored by foreign agents.... Most likely Including Mossad.

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Look at who I "tweeted" Yesterday

Click link below to read more About the Senator Dianne Feinstein Knows About Me Issue:

Clink link for post about Rhori... More on his "vampire" comment closer to Halloween.

Haslam Elite YOU Tell Me & the TROOPS the issue is NOT important?

Nissan Whistleblower: DOD Whistleblower Says Stop Carlos Ghosn ...

.Oct 6, 2013 - DOD Whistleblower Says Stop 
Carlos Ghosn From SharingTechnology with IRAN 
& Putin.... 

The PRESS seems to be the Guardian of the Emerald City Gates: 

Orders are nobody can see the 

Great Oz! Not nobody, not nohow!

America is "waking up" and they don't trust you... that could be WHY Gannett's ad revenue is sinking faster than the titanic?

Maybe ya'll are dancing the Haslam Hustle?

Clarification*** MITT ROMNEY Does Business with IRAN Via His

Aug 5, 2013 - Clarification*** MITT ROMNEY Does Business with IRAN Via His HaslamConnections.... I'm Glad He LOST!!!! Pilo

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