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Reid Weingarten - Did You Get the Email? I Know the Good Ole Boys Are Fuming at My Blogs... A Guy From NISSAN Bragged That Carlos Ghosn Has Had Executives Spend Over 1 Million on Lawyers to Read My Blog... I Guess a Lot of the Legal Eagle are From Baker Donelson? This is Official Notice to Aaron Conklin: Howard Baker - Reid Weingarten - Tom Ingram - Kline Preston - Buck Revell I make clarifications when people tell me I'm wrong.

On Oct 12, 2013, at 4:23 PM, Sharynbovat <> wrote:

Aaron Conklin: Howard Baker - Reid Weingarten - Tom Ingram - Kline Preston - Buck Revell  I make clarifications when people tell me I'm wrong.  My blog was "vetted" as 90% accurate +/- 5%
If anything is wrong call me 615-944-7599 and tell me.  Others do and that is why  my blogs have been up for over 4 years…   

FYI-I told Kline Preston that as soon as he sends me a notorized statement that he's not related to Stephen Preston of the CIA or connected to the CIA I'll take town my posts..  I had never blogged about him UNTIL he texted me the conflict of interest. You see I told Kline Preston in 2010 that Iran was "also" responsible for the Lockerbie Bombing and It's my allegation he did NOT do his job to the best of his ability because of "that".  Now I learned he had a "conflict of Interest with Haslam $$$ and with the Russian government.  Kline Preston could have "easily" had my blog post taken down "had" they NOT been somewhat factual.  I'm sincere…had he done the notarized document last December NONE of what I wrote about him would have been on the web.  

Anybody that sees anything wrong… Call Me Sharyn Bovat 615-944-7599 or email me or send me a notarized letter saying my facts are wrong:  
Sharyn Bovat PO Box 3631 Oak Brook,  IL  60522   

Sirs - I want my blogs to be "the truth" and their a tool to get it. Once we have truth then I can get my reputation back.  Too many wanted me discredited and they have destroyed my child's childhood.  I'm angry and I'm not after money I want RESPECT.  Also if I'm harmed in anyway ALL of you and more I hope will be investigated by the FBI..I've already talked to congressional staffers who have told me they will "issue" the request. Did you people know that years ago before I met my future ex husband I dated an FBI guy that "monitored" Bin Laden.  He was a GREAT guy.  to him Thank You!!!

Do any of you want to meet for coffee?  How about YOU Aaron Conklin-    Explain to me how you leading judicial reviews  and working for a trucking company that is a vendor of NISSAN is NO conflict of interest.  You still get money from the state?  I would like to understand the "rational"…..  call me 615-944-7599.

I've got to be in Tennessee next Friday for an Appeal oral argument.   I'm letting the world know that I had a death threats.that the Franklin police ignored. I've asked the UAW to protect me since the Federal government is shut down. I'm preparing a letter for the United Nations too. I'm going to see if they'll issue a statement saying it's NOT safe to travel to TN… it's #1 in Violent crime and #1 in corruption… Without an FBI that 100% on duty I do not think traveling there is wise..

Sirs, I'm terrified about having to go to Tennessee - I do NOT trust the police in Tennessee or the TBI…. I use to be followed "stalked"  by a State Trooper… It was terrifying..
Yet the woman accused  of stalking NISSAN was in fact STALKED by Tennessee troopers.  Boys NISSAN is NOT an individual it's a corporation and I was jailed 2 times for that….  NISSAN got to hire a lawyer to help the DA and quash my subpoenas - I get to speak about ALL that at the State court… It will be "taped" & I was told it's guaranteed to be in the states archives forever….

under the rule that "victims" get legal representation.   NISSAN is NOT an individual and TWICE that was dropped.. Still I was bullied. On the other lowest level misdemeanor I 
learned that documents were altered and/or missing.  Also I had a lawyer that had a "conflict of interest with NISSAN"… luckily I was given the heads up and represented myself
Why did the judges that put me through the judicial hell get good reviews?   I know people in Tennessee know about me… Just give me an answer.  ALL I want is the truth.    

Anyway I was recently told that the Good Ole Boy network elite KNOWS not to harm me… :Federal Time is 85% served. I was told the issue with the Russian mafia is real….. Read Below… Kline Preston If I'm wrong You send me a notarized statement or call me.  I will immediately issue an apology "if" my allegations are wrong. In no way am I saying your directly linked to the Russian mafia.  

Boys - ALL I want is RESPECT  I have it documented that I've offered you the opportunity to have me "take down" my blog posts  Kline Preston - If you file that motion that slanders me then Sir- I will file a response… You know I sent the FBI a letter about it. The fact is if you people "keep" slandering me sooner or later it will "bite you in the butt"… I'm tired of Tennessee it's a state I hope to NEVER go back to.  I'm tired of fighting for my reputation.  I'm tired of fearing I'll be murdered. I know a LOT of people that died way to early in life.  Because of them I'm fighting hard.  I want humanity. Some of my sources are connected to the company formally known as Blackwater- I heard that new whistleblower are emerging… it's gonna be ugly.

Good News Aaron Conklin - When I googled the name of the new FBI director you came in at #1 for the WHOLE week…. How cool is that?

Anyway - Ya'll have a great weekend!!!

Remember that humanity starts with getting to the "root" of a problem.. It's time for the Good Ole Boy network to STOP.. it's time for RESPECT for ALL People.


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