Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Reid Weingarten - Guess Prices are Cheaper in Tennessee. Maybe the Haslam Run State is the TJ Maxx of Hits.... Tell Eric Holder to Look at the Gary Webb Case and He Can Tie Those Responsible to Tennessee

Sir, I was told that a  "normal" hit in TN could cost as little as 10K  & that due to my presence on the internet a hit on me would be about 50K....  Police officers and the TBI in Tennessee would "not do much" to investigate my death too....  

Look in California a "hit" ordered by people connected to drug trafficking is 80K- Do they give "coupons" in Tennessee or what?

Anyway ask Jimmy Haslam about Gary Webb....  He'll know details...  I'm 95% on "that"......


Recently I learned Sonny Bono's death is linked to BLACKWATER.....   & so was Margaret Lesher's. Evidently both were independently wealthy and "those in the know" did not want them messing up their "new deal".... the deal was made to let Bob Dole be a sacrifice..... the reward was Dole's people got to do the IC stuff....  

Mary Bono Mack's dad Clay told me some "stuff" about the Carolina's that proved to be true & also former NC Governor Martin.   Blackwater taking over the IC was PLANNED!!!!

The theory is Basically "unknown" people linked to Newt Gingrich blackmailed Clinton to "let" their people set up the IC stuff.. I'm sure the FBI can figure it all out.  On the plus side Clinton got America "out of debt"... & it seems like nobody cares that  a couple of innocent human beings were whacked.... I know I'm "somewhat" accurate. and to be candid the people that destroyed my life are too powerful.  They are connected to TONY BLAIR.  They are Most likely responsible for the deaths of Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings too.... When I had the cyber attack that wiped out my HARD DRIVE and Apple time machine back ups I was told that "some" worried about what info I had & the new FBI Director was coming on board...that scares me.


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