Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Reid Weingarten- Tell James Comey of the FBI That I Think Haslam Linked Mossad are Following Me... I Already Told the DOD IGO.... Since I'm the DOD Whistleblower Sir, I'm Scared of Sheldon Aldelson. Did you See My Photo with Dianne Feinstein....I'll Be Back in DC in Two Weeks- Coffee? We Can Talk About Jimmy Haslam's Independent Investigation & the Role of Mike Loya of Vitol and How They Skirt Iranian Sanctions.

Sharyn Bovat at the National Security Legal conference at the Ritz Carlton... She met the TOP lawyers of the NSA, CIA & Stephen Preston of the DOD was a no show- WHY?
Robert Eatinger of the CIA was nice. Maybe he can look into the Mossad issue?

Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharynbovat <>
Subject: Man Connected to Sheldon Adelson Who Spoke to DOD Whistleblower in the Concierge Lounge of the Mayflower Hotel Reminded Her of Man Connected to Mossad She Dated in 1992. Someone Needs to See if Sheldon Adelson is Linked to Bullying of Whistleblower.
Date: November 6, 2013 1:53:37 PM EST
To: "" <>, "Richard.Leatherman@DODIG.MIL" <Richard.Leatherman@DODIG.MIL>, "" <>, Jonathan Collegio <>, "" <>, "" <>, "" <>, Mark Silverman <>, Blake Farmer <>, Anita Househam <>, "" <>, Arthur Brooks <>

I think 1 of 3 people that I spoke to in the Marriott Mayflower lounge was linked to Mossad…. Is that illegal?   

He's most likely connected to the Sheldon Adelson Anti Israel- Still secretly funding IRAN crowd.  Please tell these people to STOP!!!!

History - In December 1992 a man who was a partner of the law firm Pillsbury Madison and Sutro who about the same time Clinton was elected was "forced out" of the law firm for an unknown reason- he was starting a private practice (dealing with China) and he had a LOT of cash - he asked me out on cool dates - This was in December 1992.  We went to his private banks Christmas party in San Francisco and even drank "real" French champagne int the vault.   He was a big donor to the GOP and belonged to the the Lincoln club.   He knew I was going to Bahrain/Kuwait to visit friends at the embassy and he wanted to know EVERY detail.  I was told he was "probably" mossad. I was told to not tell him anything.  His name was **** ******  ( i do not know if I spelled it right?).  Is HE the reason WHY I've had people linked to Mossad watching me.  I'm convinced they are.  If I'm wrong someone let me know?  I'm tired of living in fear.  

Yesterday  in the lounge of the Marriott Mayflower i had conversations with 3 people…     Can the Marriott pull the surveillance tapes?  

One was Mark Silverman- we were talking about my health,  another was an Egyption born IBM computer programmer whose working on a government contract -He's from Dallas- 49 years old has a gap in his teeth. He seemed like a decent guy (not a spy) and was VERY happy with the coup that Michael Vickers "most likely" organized.  FYI  I only talk to people about things on my blogs.  This guy spoke to me 2 nights in a row and watched me "bark" at the third guy who I think is linked to Seldon Adelson/Mossad.   That man go really frustrated with me when I would not answer his questions and it reminded me of the guy from 1992.   This man wanted to know "who was funding me" he would not tell me who he worked for and some of his answers to questions proved he did not work in the field he said he did.

Baker Donelson is linked to Newt Gingrich and so is Sheldeon Adelson - Las Vegas billionaire Sheldon Adelson, who kept Newt Gingrich's presidential campaign afloat, gave $250,000.
I had death threats that "most likely" are linked to Sal Russo people.   

My ex lawyer Kline Preston told me that in Tennessee this woman that I met at a dinner party was Mossad . Oddly when I researched her she was connected to an Egyptian oil company and she too lied about her past to me.   Maybe Mossad needs to train their people better?  

Anyway I'm tired and learned today that my brain cyst is only the size of a big grape and in the same area that people with ADHD tend to have cysts.  The medical report shows that  I have microvascular ischemia which is "most likely" from my high blood pressure that  ONLY started after I whistle blew (from the stress)…..  

In 2012 my blood pressure was over 180 from ALL the stress.... 

 was told that was "part" of the reason for the accident.

at the RNC conventions my blood pressure was taken by Untied Health Care in the VIP tent area... it was in the 160's 

Only after i was told that I PROVED I was bullied in the courts did my blood pressure go down... NOW I learned that the damage has hurt my health.... It's sad.

This is my new bruise from last week.... I'm really sore....  I was told I looked too beaten up to have simply fallen on uneven pavement.... 

It happened just a few hours after I told Robert Eatinger I did work for CIA operatives in the 80's.   It was REALLY Uneven pavement.  No Cover up.  The Lockerbie Bombing is a cover up... My bruises are REALLY uneven pavement... an accident.

Congresswoman Eleanor Norton Holmes is going to "fix" the pavement.

Thank you Congresswoman- your staff was VERY kind.

& I want "my life back"...its time to treat whistleblowers with RESPECT.

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