Monday, November 11, 2013

FBI Memphis, James Comey & Reid Weingarten: I'm Reading Emails From Those Abused By Elitist Cronyism Happing at NISSAN and in Tennessee- It's Haslam Sponsored Too....

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Hi Sharyn,

Just read the article.  Exactly the type of thing we suspected was going on.  The good ole boys moved company money and state money offshore to muddy up the waters and then "redistribute" to themselves.  I hope it gets to the personal level.

I already had one bit of good Karma this year.  A jerk I worked with as a contractor to Falken didn't get his multi-million dollar contract renewed for this season.  I hope it continues!

James Comey - Lets Investigate the "off shore" money and ask NISSAN for an AUDIT.  Scott Becker, Bill Krueger, David Reuter & Erich Marx should be JAILED.   Abuse to a whistleblower happened!!!

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