Wednesday, November 20, 2013

***JFK Romney/Haslam Link***Reid Weingarten Please Tell Eric Holder of the DOJ and James Comey of the FBI That I'm Ranting About Buck Revell BUT Have NOTHING to Say About Fmr. FBI Chief Robert Mueller EXCEPT This "Can He Help Get Me Into Georgetown Law?" I'm Impressed with Professor Laura Donohue is Impressive - Someone Linked to Her KNOWS What the Haslam's Did By Working with Mike Loya of Vitol is ILLEGAL!!! They KNOW that Congress is Giving Technology to Putin.... STOP GLONASS GPS !!!

 the JFK Assassination Records Review Board voted to authorize the withholding of each piece of information that was postponed under Section 6 of the JFK Act. Under the Act, no information can be closed after 2017 unless approved by the President of the United States.

Yes!!! If Mitt Romney won he would have SUPPRESSED the JFK truth - The NISSAN CEO is linked to the Lockerbie crash in 1988 & Governor Haslam & his Cleveland Browns owning Brother Jimmy profits from Iran.  IT"S COMPLICATED!!!

Professor Donahue will KNOW the SOURCE that told  me what Carlos Ghosn of NISSAN & Haslam did is ILLEGAL

Profile Laura Donohue — Georgetown

Laura K. Donohue is a Professor of Law at Georgetown Law and the Director ofGeorgetown's Center on National Security and the Law. She writes on.'

 I will try to tell EVERY Senator about the Russian GPS Thing- 

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