Sunday, November 10, 2013

James Clapper,Michael Vicker & Stephen Preston: My Sources are Grade - Time to Treat America and Whistleblowers with RESPECT - FREE JOHN KIRIAKOU ...... PLEASE

Iran Tweeted me DIRECTLY.... 

I know that the Haslam's have done some sleazy oil deals....

My "bio" dad could have done the deal in the late 70's with the "same" people- Get this: he helped make Reagan president & it's ALL linked to team Haslam......   SMALL WORLD. 

Boys: I've been held "hostage" for longer that 444 days.  I want my life back- NOW!!!!

Stop Bullying me: The documents are "well" distributed. The cover up is OVER so quit sending people linked to Mossad to spy on me-
I'm tired of SPIES.  

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