Friday, November 15, 2013

Reid Weingarten Did You Get the Email? Howard Baker of Baker Donelson is Trying to Destroy My Image Can YOU Tel Tom Ingram to Make Him STOP?

FBI- RICO NEEDED….& If Mitt Romney NEVER apologizes - WHY do I have to?  I Will to Get Jimmy Carter to Help Me find a Lawyer.  That is the NEW Strategy - Created After Court Ruled against me on "technical" reason… YES!!!  My Due Process right violated BUT in Tennessee that does NOT matter. So NOW I have to Communicate WHY the courts abused me and the reason is IRAN CONTRA and sleazy CIA deals 

On Nov 15, 2013, at 10:58 AM, Sharynbovat <> wrote:

I just talked to SEVERAL people that said due to courts NEW ruling I need to work hard to EXPOSE Nissan, Romney & Haslam for Iran dealings - NOW people will listen with Iran being in the news!!!

All I want is a job and a NORMAL life.  - why is this happening to me? NOW I have to spend my holiday season applying to have my case heard at the TN Supreme court.  This Scalia linked guy told me I had a perfect DUE PROCESS case but the TN courts have an "invitation only" rule to the Supreme court. the Chief Justice is a "Friend of Haslam"… they used to own a minor league baseball team… the Knoxville Smokies.  What are my odds of those people letting me present the facts? 

Tennessee is a CESSPOOL of corruption and I can prove it:  for my appeal to lose because My ex lawyer who lied to me did NOT respond to NISSAN's motion. and for them to say that even after I did not YET my motion to give me more time to get a lawyer or learn the  law was NEVER heard-something is really WRONG. 

To fix Tennessee the FBI needs to do a RICO case.  PLEASE!!!

YES!!! I will take a lie detector test about all my memories from my childhood. BUT I've decided not to seek help in remembering new ones since my goal is to just have this "drama" over.

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