Friday, November 22, 2013

Reid Weingarten - Did You Get the Email Linking Haslam to the JFK Cover Up... Saying Mitt Romney is Linked to Ex Johnson Era CIA Linked to Kennedy Murder/Cover Up.... No MITT Romney Did NOT Kill JFK - BUT He Will Know Who Did..

Mitt Romney named his company after LBJ


Iran Contra Good Ole Boys 
I've got MORE fun facts 

 Nov 22, 2013, at 12:32 PM, Sharynbovat <> wrote:

I sent this to Marriott execs & FBI DODIGO + Silverman & another reporter + 3 political operatives read the last paragraph….. JFK

The link between those and the JFK and abuse of Martin Luther King is BIG… I got a call… MORE tapes of "racist" comments linked to Haslam & Marsha Blackburn supporters.OUCH!!! 

My new strategy for judicial fairness in Tennessee knowing Gary Wade is almost a relative of Haslam is to get Oprah on my side and she HATES racist:):)  

How can Eric Holder NOT prosecute Jimmy Haslam when poor blacks have audio of HIS families allies using the word nigger?    I smell an indictment:):)  

America needs JUSTICE from the bigitod Good Ole Boy network that runs Tennessee… Maybe THAT would make JFK smile in his grave:):)

Howard Baker the Iran Contra era is OVER…. & someday Baker Donelson won't OWN as many judges in TN … It might be a while but eventually "it" will happen. I'm not singling out that law firm a LOT of others are corrupt too.. Baker is the ONLY one that I can prove "with probable" cause abused me -   the problem is I can't find an ethical lawyer in TN willing to take on the Good Ole Boys….. That's WHY I want a FBI RICO case….. I think I'll put this on my website….   Any company that relocated to TN is stupid.  I "used to be" the top relocation consultant used for the HIGHEST level NISSAN execs? strange?

Have a Great Weekend!!!


Begin forwarded message:

From: Sharynbovat <>
Subject: Marriott- Westin Tampa Romney Island at RNC convention Surveillance Question? 
Date: November 22, 2013 11:24:50 AM CST]

Just wanted to show you this…below

FYI- there are some fun Marriott stories… i had one just last summer at the RNC convention I parked at the Tampa Club (private building where American Crossroads had it's secret meetings) and walked toward the Marriott and a taxi  stopped & a girl in the car said "come in" 25ish, blonde, looked dressed in Hermes she took me to what I call Romney Island the Westin & there i talked to a DOD contractor… weird?   

Memory- I was told Sal Russo of the Tea Party was at the Marriott in Tampa in 2012…. in the "old days" he didn't use Marriott… In the 90's when the current head of the Tea Party Express had an operative hire a gay college prostitute to put Ariana Huffington's husband in a compromising position it was NOT Marriott.  

Anyway- I would like to know that there is NO video of me in the Marriott system?   

Think of "this" as a Foia.  Are you going to tell me NO again? 

Thanks & have a great weekend!


Mitt Romney would have STOPPED the JFK truth from being exposed…. NOW "most likely" it will be told in 2017.   I would like to be able to get a job and healthcare BEFORE that… FYI- my grandfather was a lawyer that did the cover up stuff…I was told the CIA/FBI used lawyers  as "ethical/legal advisors" in cover up issues so  I'm 95% it was JFK plus I was told it will take 14 agencies to declassify "what" he did and the JFK deal seems to be the ONLY issue still hidden.  OUCH!!! 

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