Sunday, November 24, 2013

Reid Weingarten- Can YOU Tell Your Buddy Eric Holder to Help Earley Story of Memphis... He Was a Deputy Sheriff That Whistle-blew About a MURDER That Involved "Special Interest".... It's a CIA Drug Cover Up and This Black Guy Was Abused By the Same People That Abuse Martin Luther King.... Hey I Should Tell James Comey to Get Some "Ethical" Memphis FBI on the Case.... It's About time They Helped Blacks.. I Was Told They People That Bullied MLK Were "immune" Because They Worked for the Govt. NOW There Linked to FedEx.... Creepy!!! How SICK is That?

Below is the FBI Report & the "Outside Interest" are most likely the CIA since the stuff was suppressed.... This needs to be investigated 

Begin forwarded message:
From: Sharyn Bovat <>
Date: November 24, 2013, 11:51:43 PM CST
To:, Mark Silverman <>, Blake Farmer <>,, "" <>, Jonathan Collegio <>, Arthur Brooks <>, "" <>, Anita Househam <>
Subject: Murder in Memphis Cover Up Could be Linked to DOD contractor FEdEx
Hello- New issue includes FedEx. Dod contractor & remnants of Martin Luther King Racism. I've been told FedEx "runs" Shelby County (Memphis). TN is #1 in Violent Crime too.

So I'm sent a package that includes an innocent black man who was a Sheriffs deputy who saw a murder and then was framed for drug charges- an FBI report that clears him. An FBI report that says a Shelby jailhouse murder happened - affidavits that were sealed an now unsealed - the case is 15 years old and I got a  tape recording that shows a guy whose BLACK has lost his constitutional rights & that southern judges treat black people like fesses.

The documents were sent to me by a man who wants his reputation back and of ALL the people he calls it's me- Yippie!!!!

The way for this man to get JUSTICE is for the FBI to probe the Tennessee courts on HOW he was abused for so long and not vindicated- they might want to see if MORE murders in the prisons in TN like this happen?

FYI - i was told they wanted to "stage" a suicide with me and I told this to Mark Silverman in 2011 & i was TERRIFIED back then & i'm still terrified in  Tennessee- Mark even looked for warrants in the system prior to me traveling just this Oct. it was HORRIBLE - I never want to go back!!!
For the innocent black people that can eacape Tennessee maybe Eleanor Holmes Norton & Oprah figure out HOW to give dignity back to the black people abused by TN judges that are DIRECTLY linked to the Good Ole Boy network that currently is run by Tom Ingram & Haslam's its the SAME group that bullied Martin Luther King and Haley Barbour's Brother Jeppie is a member.  I was told directly Governor Haslam promotes KKK linked judges.

This issue is connected to the Military Industrial Complex - HOW? The FBI statements/Information was suppressed by the most likely CIA & I'm not over reaching saying its a DOD  issue due to the CIA is protecting FedEx a TOP DOD client who helps in drug trafficking- some say even today-how could that be?  Didn't Afghanistan stop the poppy field stuff? People tell me weird things about FedEx and it can't be true.

The fact is ethical people in TN are bullied and Earley Story has lost 15 years of his life to the SAME people that bullied Martin Luther King and if the Memphis FBI followed up Mr. Story would have had his reputation back a decade ago.

Please Investigate FedEx

After the trumped up drug charge Earley Story lost his job at the Sheriffs office even after proven to be innocent !!!

Worse he was bullied in the courts for two reasons

1. He's a Whistleblower

2. He's BLACK

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