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Reid Weingarten: UBS Was Part of the Al D' Amato NAZI Gold Recovery Thing & That Senator Became PART of the Scandal - Years Ago I Was Told UBS Was a Good Company.....By People That Were Protecting Nazis and Trying to Make Them South American Dictators..... Odd Thing... Tagg Romney & Mitt Romney Hired a COO from UBS to Do Finances for Solamere: Governor Haslam Recruited UBS to Tennessee Using Jones Lang LaSalle... I Was Told It's "Cover"... UBS Has Said in the Past They Were Creating Jobs in Tennessee and That Did NOT Happen. The Commercial Real Estate Agent for UBS is Jones Lang LaSalle... Hey Didn't They Get the Tennessee State Leasing Job? I Think Rhori Johnston Did a Story on the Possible "Conflict of Interest"...How Much Taxpayer Money is Given to UBS? Did They Get a Cushy Deal Like NISSAN? NISSAN Got 50-100 Times MORE Than Most Companies to Relocate to Tennessee - It's Cause the NISSAN CEO is in the "Club"... The Club is a Select Group of Global Power Brokers That are Linked to Henry Kissinger. Haslam is PART of the "Club"..... The Club Protects the Assets of the Nazis.... FYI- D' Amato's hearing were a "false flag".....At least that's what I was told. Maybe i was "dreaming"......

"So go into your local branch of UBS, and say "I'd like to open an account please.", and when they say "What with?" take out a loud hailer and say "NAZI GOLD! Just like you did!..."  Bill Bailey

His disclosure of his 2010 account omitted information about his Swiss bank account at the Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS). Why is the press not asking for this form? UBS was fined $760 million for putting Americans into abusive tax shelters and forced to reveal more than 4000 Americans who banked with them under numbered accounts.
The 4000+ Americans who were exposed by UBS were offered amnesty from criminal prosecution for tax evasion if they closed their Swiss Account, recalculated and paid all back taxes and paid a 25 percent penalty on the largest amount.
Romney closed his UBS account in the time required. He did not close his other foreign accounts.  What was in Mitt's UBS account?   Why did he feel like he had to close that one?  

if your "in the club" you make a lot of $$$   Here's a LaSalle deal that includes NISSAN

Yes!!! NISSAN. 

Jones Lang LaSalle sell TRW unit for £3.33 million after securing ...

Henry Barbour in 1992 at the RNC convention told me that Hitler was his "strategic idol"... I told former President Ford I did NOT like what was happening in the RNC.  He told me to "Always know whose controlling the ball.....and to be a team player"

Henry Barbour - I'm at 95% that Your Uncle is Connected to Ex CIA ...


Haley Barbour Connected to Sal Russo Connected to National ...


Barbour’s family and Yazoo City network could be vulnerable to charges of influence peddlling.  Henry Barbour (who I worked for at the 1992 RNC convention), the governor’s nephew and a rising national powerbroker in his own right, collected nearly $750,000 in lobbying fees in 2009 working for the Jackson-based lobbying firm Capitol Resources — located only a block from the governor’s mansion (they have an office in Nashville NOW too). The issue of Barbour’s lobbying activities came under scrutiny on "Fox News Sunday," when he was asked about BGR’s work for Kazakhstan (oops I blogged about "sleazy deals there too). ....  Barbour did indeed lobby for Switzerland, but it was for representation during congressional investigations into Nazi gold seized during the Holocaust. BGR was paid $160,000 by the Swiss government.
Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0211/49485.html#ixzz2dqRm6LsR

Jones Lang LaSalles is the Real Estate Broker for UBS and Haslam Gave them A "cushy" Contract.  Oddly UBS previously said they were going to create jobs in Nashville then "slowed down"...  How much Tennessee taxpayer money is bing giving to UBS?

Remember Wacker and Hemlock.....
How about Haslam tries recruiting companies that are "not' ethcially challenged....  Oops maybe their the only ones  that will listen to him. A very good source said "this deal wreaks".....  Lets hope someone watches out for the taxpayer.

FYI- a LOT of good people work for Jones Lang LaSalle and UBS...  Just because you work or have worked for an organization known for "sleazy things" does not make that worker sleazy.    

On the eastern side of Switzerland, another 
organisation was developing. Bank in Winterthur, formed in 1862, made a fortune lending to industry, and in particular speculating on cotton during the American Civil War. By the First World War, it had emerged as the Zurich-based Union Bank of Switzerland. During the Second World War, it traded in gold and other assets stolen by the Nazis, but this only came to light in the 1990s.


At about 350,000 square feet, UBS would be cutting its space about 23% compared to its current lease. But the cutback may not be as severe, with UBS ultimately taking a little under 400,000 square feet.
Jack Keenan of Jones Lang LaSalle Inc., which represents UBS, declines to comment.

UBS was a key tenant at 1 N. Wacker when the 50-story tower was competed in 2001, the first skyscraper in a downtown building boom that has only ended this year. Hines has owned UBS Tower since 2008, when it paid $540 million for the building.  Thomas A. Corf

Around the same time, the Swiss and other Europeans were also talking about a British Foreign Office report entitled “Nazi Gold: Information from the British Archives.” The 23-page report accuses Swiss banks of accepting Nazi-tainted gold expropriated from persecuted Jews during World War II. It reinforces information contained in US documents released earlier that indicated collaboration between Swiss bankers and the Third Reich in a type of money laundering plot.

Germany | The German Past and Nazi Gold in Switzerland | The ...


Fifty years after the fact, the Nazi gold scandal just adds substance to Switzerland's dark little secret — namely that the “neutral” Swiss cooperated with the Nazis ..

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